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March 25, 2021

Communist Propaganda Alert: Media Seeks To Drive Final Nail In America's Coffin - Trump Withdrawal Syndrome Has Hit The Media Brutally Hard As Infighting Begins

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The media is flailing after they got exactly what they wanted, which is Joe Biden occupying the White House, but the expression "be careful what you ask for, you just might get it," seems more appropriate to the state of media in 2021, than at any other time in recent history.

Ratings are tanking for almost all major networks, more so for the liberal CNN, MSNBC than Fox News, but the numbers for all are down.

Journalists are actually arguing that Joe Biden's first press conference is not as much a test for him, but rather of the White House reporters, while whining that the press is collectively.....reporting the news about the border crisis.

That can't be right, can it?

My first reaction was shock that any MSM outlets reported actual news....then the more important and egregious part the argument clicked in my brain.

Liberal writer, Margaret Sullivan over at the Washington Post seems to be a tad upset that Media outlets are actually highlighting the border crisis, despite the fact that she personally argued that "somebody" had to expose border issues while Trump was President.

First let us highlight her recent complaints about how the media is reporting on the crisis present day:

• "So far, our political press corps has been treating the issue with far more heat than light. This past weekend, ABC News relocated its “Powerhouse Roundtable” — the panel discussion segment of its Sunday morning news show — to the Texas border. It was hard to say just what that accomplished other than declaring the subject Extremely Important."

• "Or witness the framing that NBC’s “Meet the Press” gave its coverage of the border situation — “a political crisis for the new president, with no easy way out,” Chuck Todd declared in his most serious voice."

• "The burgeoning number of migrants — including thousands of children — is a legitimate concern and a valid story. But much of the news media seems to be using it to show that they intend to present Biden in just as critical a light as they often did Trump — whether or not that’s deserved." link to the Wapo column is here.

Now a quick flashback to Sullivan's assertion that border news must be reported on during Trump's presidency:

Margaret Sullivan: A reporter at the White House decided to play the audio of children sobbing. Somebody had to.

The lack of compassion toward these kids at the Texas/Mexico border is central to President Donald Trump’s political strategy.

More Sullivan from 2018:

“Alien children” was the appalling way that Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, at Monday’s news briefing, kept labeling the thousands of youngsters who have been separated from their parents . They are being held - some in cages - as a result of the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy that treats illegal immigration as a crime that must be prosecuted actively.

She was really upset about illegal immigrants being held in cages, yet when the images were leaked from those kids in plastic boxes recently, because it is Biden occupying the White House, she argues that the media is overreacting, being too hard on Biden to "show all the MAGA people we can be just as tough on Biden as we were on Trump."

Sullivan appears to totally ignore the recent images, like the one below:

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Zip. Zilch. Nada. 

Silence from Sullivan other than to lecture the White House reporters on what they should not be doing.... meaning, actual journalism.

More from Sullivan back in 2018 before moving along:

She insisted that children were being treated well, as if that were even possible in this situation that pediatricians correctly see as a form of child abuse carrying long-lasting damage.

Sen. Kamala Harris, the rising-star California Democrat, later called for Nielsen’s resignation, saying she is “incapable of running the agency in a way that reflects Americans’ values.”

If one of those values is the importance of journalism that informs citizens of what their government is doing, Nielsen flunks that test, too.

Not sure which part of that is more pathetic, quoting HeelsUpHarris, when we now see the damage Biden has done regarding the border in just 2 months, or Sullivan's assertion then that "the importance of journalism that informs citizens of what their government is doing," while arguing now that tough questions and informing the public now of what the government is doing, is something to be criticized.

Do these people forget that everything they wrote during the Trump presidency, is still online???!!!??

Next up, another Washington Post writer, Jennifer Rubin, who claims she is a former conservative, but we haven't seen a conservative thought out of her in over 5 years, "coincidentally" makes the same argument.

The headline of her column actually made me laugh out loud: "Biden should fact-check the White House press corps."

Ummmmmm.... isn't that what Trump did for his entire term just for the media to claim it was an "attack on the media?"

The White House press corps, ginned up by Republican hype, has for weeks hounded White House press secretary Jen Psaki and anyone else from the Biden administration who comes into the briefing room about what is happening at the border. Don’t we have a crisis at the border? Why won’t you call it a crisis? Are Republicans right that we have an “open border”? (Spoiler: No.)

As my Post colleague Margaret Sullivan writes, “The burgeoning number of migrants — including thousands of children — is a legitimate concern and a valid story. But much of the news media seems to be using it to show that they intend to present [President] Biden in just as critical a light as they often did Trump — regardless of whether that’s deserved.” What’s more: The media storyline has been factually misleading.

Another quote that would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic:

But it also seems that reporters have not yet adjusted to the post-45th-president era. They continue to follow the former president’s goings-on despite a lack of relevance and newsworthiness. (Is it news that an ex-president who often announced plans that never happened — infrastructure week! — says he wants to create a social media platform in a couple of months? Arguably not.) Moreover, they seem determined to create the same level of emotion and conflict in an administration that is emotionally contained and de-escalates conflict. The administration is worried! No, it’s struggling! No, make that besieged!

Apparently the media's collective Trump Derangement Syndrome has morphed into a collective Trump withdrawal syndrome. They cannot give him up because they don't know what to do without him. 

CNN, unable to let Wapo push for propaganda reporting without joining in, let pundit Joe Lockhart, push the same theme as both Sullivan and Rubin:

PROPAGANDA ALERT: Trump was bad, Biden is good and honest. That is their propaganda and they are sticking with it.

In many ways, this first press conference is also a test for the media. After four years of Donald Trump, the media is used to lies and misstatements and attacks on what the former president called the "enemy of the people" -- the press.

Trump thrived on conflict and the media did too. Biden is no Trump. He tells the truth to the best of his ability; he believes the media is an essential part of our democracy and he believes that conflict is bad for the Presidency and the country.

The White House press corps needs to adjust to the new President. The rules that evolved around Trump should not be applied to Biden. Some in the White House press corps have figured that out. Some have not. The press conference will be a national event on how the press treats the new President.

Distrust of the media is very high in our country and an overly aggressive or obnoxious press corps may do more to damage journalism than the President. Asking tough questions in a respectful way, allowing the President to answer and not trying to make yourself the story instead of the President will be the standard I'll be watching for.

They aren't even trying to hide their bias anymore.

It is almost like they all colluded on a specific narrative in order to reign those reporters that want a real question answered.

Hot Air's headline pretty much says it all: "CNN Loses 45% Of Primetime Audience In Just Five Weeks."

There is no doubt that their is a correlation between no more Trump to obsess about every single hour of every single day, and tanking ratings.

Some can report real news about the Biden occupation, but others are pushing nothing more than sheer propaganda while lecturing their own colleagues for daring to "report" the news.


What we are witnessing now is no different than communist domestic propaganda, which thanks to the Obama regime is now legal to push on Americans.

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It is too late for the media, as a whole, to regain the trust and confidence of the majority of Americans, but the fact that the biggest propaganda pushers are decrying other outlets for "informing" the public what is going on at the border, indicates an internal war going on within the MSM collectively as to whether or not to report on Biden or protect him.

In most cases they will all try to protect Biden to a certain extent because they used their influence day after day to install him in the White House so they have a large stake in making him look good.

The only logical reason why some have acknowledged the border crisis under Biden, is because the information leaked has been so damning the media had no choice but to at least offer an obligatory report.

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