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October 17, 2018

This 'Conspiracy Theory' Is Mainstream Now And The Left's Descent Into Madness Is The Result As It 'Red-Pills' America

-  Their sacred ritual is child sacrifice in the form of abortion


By William B Stoecker - All News Pipeline

A fair number of us conspiracy researchers (not “theorists”) have for decades had at least a rough idea about what has really been going on in the world and who is behind it. Ancient mystery cults and perhaps a faction of the ancient Egyptian priesthood went underground and resurfaced in medieval and modern times as Templars and Knights of Malta, and, later, Masons and Rosicrucians and the Illuminati.

They gained control of the banking industry and used fiat money (legalized counterfeiting) to amass vast wealth, which they have used to gain control of universities, the media, and most political parties. Although the cults are undoubtedly divided into warring factions, they share common goals: the creation of a global fascist dictatorship, the return of feudalism, and the eradication of Judaism, Christianity, and Judeo-Christian morality.

They were behind the French Revolution and Karl Marx and communism, and also Hitler and Nazism. They have fomented wars and depressions and acts of democide (mass murder by governments). Their sacred ritual is child sacrifice in the form of abortion, and, ultimately, they worship a “god” they call “Lucifer,” meaning “light bearer.” But the thing they serve brings no light…only darkness.


To those of us who have been watching them, everything they do or say has become obvious. We knew right away that Waco was a deliberate act of child sacrifice and that the Clintons had murdered Vince Foster. The false flag of 9/11 was obvious as soon as we saw the videos of the controlled demolition of three buildings.

Las Vegas and the recent school shootings are obvious, and the murder of Antonin Scalia, Seth Rich, and others, and the alleged chemical warfare attacks in Syria. Yet we have long been mocked as conspiracy “theorists,” a term some say was coined by the CIA, and our mental health has been questioned. In the country of the blind, the sighted man is suspect.

Yet, at long last, attitudes are beginning to change, and more and more people are waking up and opening their eyes. I can remember when people like Joseph Farah of WND and conservative columnist Ann Coulter were mainstream Republicans who still retained some faith in the party leaders.

As I have watched, they and others like them have become disillusioned with the RINO leadership and the cowardice of rank and file Republican politicians and have realized that, at the top, both of America’s major political parties are controlled by the same global elites. In fact, I can remember when, some years ago, Fox’s Lou Dobbs first used the term “elites,” a concept long familiar to many of us, to refer to the behind-the-scenes movers and shakers who are leading the world to ruin.


We conspiracy researchers had long written of what we called the “shadow government,” and now a number of people on Fox News speak openly of the “Deep State, “ that collection of high level bureaucrats, federal police and intelligence officials, and military officers who do the bidding of the New World Order elites, and who largely control the federal government.

Tucker Carlson, though he avoids the dreaded C word, has openly described the global conspiracy. Of course, he and the others still do not dare to speak of the false flag operations like 9/11 or the mass shootings in Vegas and elsewhere.

We have been aided greatly by the leftists, who have come out of the closet and revealed their true nature. They are spoiled and vicious children with the bodies and passions of adults, and they are motivated by bigotry, envy, and a lust for power. They have obligingly divided themselves into mutually hostile factions: women who hate men, perverts who hate straights, Blacks and Hispanics who hate Whites (and each other), and Muslims who hate everything that breathes.

Add to this the ever-expanding category of sexually self-mutilating Glibetts (GLBTs), and the increasing violence of BM (Black Lives Matter) and Antifa, and the Kavanaugh circus. The left has become an infuriating freak show.


Patriots like Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, have now come right out and stated the horrifying truth: leading leftists appear to be literally demon-possessed and are arguably no longer human beings.

With all this in play we are approaching the vital mid-term elections. We patriots need to remember that there can be no fair and free election if one side (the left) controls most of the campaign funding, the indoc centers (formerly known as “schools” and “universities”), both parties, and the major mass media outlets.

If this is not enough to ensure their victory, count on the leftists to engage, as usual, in massive, blatant vote fraud, with hacked voting machines and dead illegal aliens voting ten times each. And the spineless Republicans will not demand recounts.

If the leftists gain control of the House there will be endless investigations of everyone who is not guilty, and an attempt to impeach Trump because he is Trump. Meanwhile, leftist street violence will continue and even get worse. If the left should lose the elections, mobs of hysterical girlies and girly men will riot in the streets. But, either way, this time we patriots will stand and fight. There will be blood.

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