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June 12, 2017

Rare Look At US Government's 'End Of The World Plans' Show Conspiracy Theories Confirmed, So Brace For Impact! 

- Have No Fear, If America Is Nuked, John McCain, Maxine Waters And Nancy Pelosi Will Be Tucked Safely Away Inside Their Bunkers

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this new story over at the Daily Mail that was linked to on Steve Quayle's website this morning we get confirmation of numerous different 'conspiracy theories' along with a huge warning to every day, ordinary Americans: Brace for impact!

While most 'independent news' readers had already known much of what the Daily Mail story reports, we get confirmation in a new book called "Raven Rock: The Story Of The US Government's Plan To Save Itself While The Rest Of Us Die" that while America burns, partially due to decisions made by the likes of John McCain, Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi, those same 'elite' will be whisked away to bunkers underneath mountains while America is wiped out. And long called 'conspiracy theory', we get confirmation within their story that 'dissidents' would be 'rounded up' in such a disastrous scenario, 'red-listed away', likely never to be heard from again. 

And while this new book specifically talks about nuclear war and the 'deep state' plans to save itself should nuclear bombs come raining down upon Washington DC and America, the premise of the book could apply to any 'apocalyptic' event here in America that gives the 'scum of the Earth' a few moments to prepare themselves to live by being whisked off to their hideaways underground while chaos breaks out nationwide and America burns like charcoal to the ground.


Journalist Garrett Graff wrote "Raven Rock" and brings to light many cold war era precautions still in place today in 2017 that helps to show us why dirt such as McCain, Lindsey Graham and Hillary Clinton were so heavily pushing for war with Russia - they knew that such a war would 'eliminate the masses' who are sick and tired of them and their crimes upon humanity while allowing them to live on, remaking the Earth in their own sickening likeness and images after we're all gone.
  Reporting also that a massive series of underground bunkers has been built up across America over many years to allow 'the elite' to live in relative peace while the planet above them is swallowed in flames, the fact that even more conspiracy theories have been proven to be true tells us that 'the big one' is still coming so those who are paying attention better get ready because whatever sinister plans 'they' might have dreamed up over the years, they likely still have in store for us.

While the DM story references nuclear war, today The Sun put out a story linked to by the Drudge Report reporting North Korea is only "one step away" from launching a nuclear missile that could hit the US according to experts. Meanwhile, a cyber attack or an EMP attack that takes down our power grid would likely see the rats scurrying off to their bunkers as well. With a possible 4th turn approaching along with what many are warning could turn into a 'summer of rage', does anyone believe that should 'economic calamity' strike  in the next few months, the vermin who helped cause the mess America is in won't be slinking away from the sinking ship?


As this new story from Zero Hedge reports, the ongoing 'tech wreck' is dragging global markets along with it while former Ronald Reagan insider Paul Craig Roberts warns future events "Will Complete The Economic Destruction Of America And The World". With financial expert Egon von Greyerz warning the world could be plunged into financial chaos sometime in the next 6 months, we see no better time to prepare than now for whatever the future brings us. The 'elite' within the US govt have been doing it for decades. 

In the first video below we hear an entire breakdown of the Daily Mail story and the book "Raven Rock" while in the 2nd video below, we meet up with Jay Stang, a US Marine who is one of the founders of Oathkeepers who was attending one of the anti-sharia law rallies in Texas. Stang warns us that there is still a very real chance that civil war will one day break out in this country, certainly such a war giving dregs like Pelosi, Waters and McCain ample time to 'get out of dodge' and scamper away to their underground bunkers.  

According to Stang, a massive "Kudos" should go out to the Texas police attending the protests: "If it wasn't for them, 'There'd already be a street war and bodies in the streets'". Is civil war ahead for America? Despite President Trump being voted into office, militias across America aren't quite ready to lay down their arms according to this new Daily Mail story


With more and more evidence now emerging that the American middle class is dying, this final story from Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan helps to explain why we're so concerned, especially considering everything else we're now witnessing around us: A series of crop failures is now happening that experts warn could turn apocalyptic. We've warned time and again on ANP that food has long been used as a weapon so in this excellent story from M.D. Creekmore we get "The Ultimate Prepper’s Survival Guide – Survive When Disaster Strikes". Creekmore's story is a 'must bookmark' and a comprehensive guide to home storage, bartering, bugging out, weapons, and self-defense for every-day Americans who haven't been 'invited underground'. 

In the final video below, James Wesley Rawles from Survival Blog joins Dave from the X22Report and warns the financial crisis that we've been preparing for will take down currencies and governments and there's really nothing that can be done now to stop the crisis that awaits - it's just a matter of time. And while we're quite sure there are those who believe that a seat inside of an underground bunker like the one seen above might be their 'golden ticket' to the 'next world' whatever crisis may await us, they'd also be very wise to remember Matthew 5:5: “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth”


Called by one reader 'a rare look at the government's end of the world plans' who also claims some of the book should still be secret, the book "Raven Rock" is now Amazon's #1 best seller in nuclear weapons and warfare history. 

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