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May 6, 2020

Sinister Signs That '9 Meals To Anarchy' Is Unfolding In America In 2020: Coronavirus Has Exposed The Perils Of America's 'Just Enough, Just In Time' Food System

- The Devils Who Want Us All Dead Have Some Explaining To Do

The story over at Yahoo Finance that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website Monday morning spoke volumes. With Yahoo reporting that Wendy's hamburger chain had left many of their customers scratching their heads and asking "Where's the beef?" after many Wendy's restaurants had removed their signature 'hamburger' item from their menus, as Steve mentioned in an SQnote while linking to that story, "WATCH 14 DAY COUNTDOWN TO UNIMAGINABLE LACK OF FOOD!"

With tempers across America already flaring up due to the lockdown, the requirement of wearing masks and the worst unemployment in America since the Great Depression among other reasons, and warnings that all-out civil unrest may soon be about to erupt across the country, imagine what might happen should all the warning signs we've been witnessing and reporting upon of a collapsed food chain also fully come to fruition!

With it long being warned that only 9 meals separate a civilized society from total anarchy and America sadly but rapidly moving in that direction this very moment, the videos we've embedded at the bottom of this story show us what the mainstream media never will. Showing miles long lines for food at different food banks all across the world and food banks warning they're rapidly running out of it, as this story over at The Conversation had pointed out, coronavirus has completely exposed the flaws in our 'just in time' food system that is now being ripped apart. Yet if we think that what we're witnessing now is bad, take a look at the final video at the bottom of this story to see what 'bad' is. From this story at The Conversation titled "Coronavirus: The perils of our ‘just enough, just in time’ food system"
Toilet paper shortages, profiteering from hand sanitizer and empty shelves in grocery stores. Thanks to COVID-19, governments in most industrialized nations are preparing for shortages of life’s necessities. If they fail, riots over food may be inevitable. 
Some wonder if we are responding appropriately to COVID-19, and it’s clear that recent events expose a fundamental flaw in the global systems that bring us our daily bread. We live in a wondrous age when global supply chains seamlessly link farmers and consumers using the principles of “just enough, just in time.” 
For years, companies have worked hard to keep inventories low, timing shipments to balance supply and demand using knife-edge accuracy. In many ways, this system is a miracle. Low-cost food is one outcome. And if there’s a problem in one part of the supply chain, the global system is good at finding alternatives. (Mangoes from Asia gone bad? Try the mangoes from Central America!) 
But with this abundance — and convenience — comes a hidden cost that COVID-19 has exposed: a loss of resilience. Our global food system depends on the tendrils of international trade to wrap the world in an ever more complex system of buyers, sellers, processors and retailers, all of whom are motivated to keep costs low and operations lean.
So we'll go ahead and explore in the rest of this story more of the warning signs that we've been witnessing across America and the world of trouble ahead and getting prepared for it in this day and age we're living in. 

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The following excerpt comes to us from this new story over at the Organic Prepper by Daisy Luther. 
Across the nation, tempers are flaring over the continued lockdowns in many parts of America, and also on the requirement to wear masks in public. I wrote previously about the possibility of civil unrest over the lockdowns, and unfortunately, it appears that’s where we’re headed. The longer the lockdowns are continued, the more likely it is that we are going to see violence erupt. 
People seem unable or unwilling to respect the opinions of others with regard to COVID19, which has affected every family differently. Some are devastated by the loss of or risk to loved ones, while others are struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. Others are rightfully concerned about the losses of liberty that we’re seeing. All of these concerns are valid, and not mutually exclusive.
And that story also pointed out why large parts of America could soon bubble over into rage.

A lot of people still don’t have the money they were promised. Back when the lockdowns began and President Trump announced a “two-week plan” to flatten the curve, a lot of promises were made by the federal government to help people weather the economic disaster caused by shutting down businesses. 30 million Americans have become unemployed since the middle of March. Unfortunately, many of those promises have not been kept. 
Whether it’s due to antiquated application processes or shady business practices by large banks and publicly held corporations, the money just has not arrived for many people – and those folks are beginning to become desperate. People in many states, including New Jersey, Maine, and Pennsylvania report they haven’t yet gotten a dime from unemployment. In fact, a whopping 71% of jobless Americans haven’t gotten their unemployment payments from March. Lines at food banks are literally miles long in some areas. Rents and mortgages are not being paid. 
Anger is increasing. Soon it’s going to bubble over into rage and when it does, we could see unrest and crime like we haven’t seen in this country in centuries.
So while at the moment, we continue to urge that our readers continue to prepare for all of this still unfolding mess by stocking up on foods, water and supplies and paying close attention to your surroundings, we'll also stress again and again to be ready for absolutely anything.

And while we don't quite see us going to the extremes expressed in the image above of a shopper fully decked out in a biohazard suit while armed to the teeth while in their grocery store, sadly, we're beginning to read more and more stories like the one excerpted below from Yahoo News that hint of danger ahead. 
With meat shortages roiling the U.S., some Wendy’s Co. restaurants have taken burgers -- their hallmark item -- off the menu. 
Customers have taken to Twitter to complain they couldn’t order burgers from the restaurant, which touts its beef as fresh and never frozen in its marketing. 
A check on Wendy’s app showed that only chicken items were available for takeout or delivery orders from at least some of its stores in California. The situation has prompted a number of customers to ask “Where’s the beef?” on social media, invoking a Wendy’s catch phrase from the 1980s that poked fun of the small burgers sold by other chains. 
North America’s meat-supply chain has fallen apart as outbreaks shutter slaughterhouses, heightening the prospect that pork, beef and chicken may go missing from grocery shelves and restaurant menus. About a dozen slaughterhouses shut last month because of infections among employees jammed together on processing lines.
Both of the first two videos below take a look at the unfolding food lines here in America, something that we had hoped just years ago we'd never see in America and we'd only see in Venezuela, while the 3rd video below shows something that we pray we never see in America now in Africa where those food lines go on and on, seemingly forever.

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