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April 1, 2019

Countdown To Chaos: Media Receives Liberal Marching Orders After Mueller Report: This Is 'Just The Beginning' As Tables Turn On Russia Collusion Hoaxers


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

It took a few days for the shock to wear off for liberals, including the MSM, after special counsel Robert Mueller turned over his report to Attorney General William Barr, finding that as part of  Mueller's "principal conclusions," the investigation "did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities."

Unable to let go of the "collusion hoax," the media, the Democrat party, and liberals (yes, I know, all the same), have finally coordinated their response to the death of their collusion delusion, by claiming, this is "Just the beginning," and "it's not over!."

Figured I would give you the entertaining portion first, before we provided an update on the Democrat antics, and President Trump, and Lindsey Graham's plans which turns the tables on the collusion hoaxers.

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Democrats are making a big deal about issuing subpoenas in order to force the entire Mueller report to be released, despite the fact that the AG has already informed them, and the public, the report, minus grand jury testimony, which is forbidden by law to be released without a court order according to Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 6(e), and anything that could jeopardize national security, along with anything that could affect a case from another AG's office, would be released by mid-April. Democrats in Congress are quite aware of the laws governing grand jury testimony, but some simply cannot let go of the collusion hoax they have been perpetuating for the last two-three years.

A number of legal experts have indicated the subpoena route "Likely won't succeed" but certain Democrat politicians that were caught flatfooted by the Mueller release, and his "principle conclusions" not reflecting what they have been asserting in public for the past years, are desperate to do anything to keep the "story" alive, despite the fact that now that the initial summary of Mueller's principle conclusions are out, the majority of the general public believe the whole "Russia collusion" investigation was politically motivated, rather than justified.

When asked whether they believed the Russia investigation was “politically motivated,” 54% of all participants believed the probe was political in nature. Only 37% of respondents felt it was “justified.” It’s worth noting that in January – prior to the Mueller report’s completion – only 45% of participants believed the investigation was motivated by politics and 50% believed it was “justified.”

Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz, a self-identiified "proud" Hillary Clinton voter, is calling the subpoena plan by Democrats "completely political," while asserting there is "no legal basis" to force AG Barr to release the report.

"The special counsel, under the rules, has an obligation to file a report with the attorney general. There’s nothing in the rules that requires the attorney general to make the report public, particularly if it contains information critical of people who were not indicted."

Dershowitz provides more legal analysis below.

The bottom line for democrats, liberals and the media is that they put all their eggs in one "Mueller basket," having started to believe their own Russia collusion hoax,  convinced that Robert Mueller and his team, which included 19 lawyers assisted by a team of approximately 40 FBI agents, intelligence analysts, forensic accountants and other professional staff,  after issuing more than 2,800 subpoenas and executing nearly 500 search warrants, and interviewing over 500 witnesses,  would conclude the President colluded with Russia, which was the exact opposite of what Mueller concluded.

They have nothing else, they were all counting on Mueller to bring down the President, or at least offering enough fodder for democrats to capitalize on heading into the 2020 presidential campaign cycle and election.



Now that the Mueller team has disbanded and are no longer investigating, both president Trump and Senate Judiciary Committee chair, Lindsey Graham, have informed the public of what their next moves are going to be, and the "investigation" tables have turned to focus on the FISA warrants, and how the entire Russian collusion hoax started, and who was behind it all.

President Trump & FISA Docs: Months ago President Trump said he was going to declassify the FISA warrant applications, but on advice from his legal counsel and Republican advisers, who told him releasing them before the Mueller report was written and submitted, could be construed as "obstruction" into the ongoing special counsel investigation, he delayed authorizing the declassification  and public release of the documents.

This is how President Trump explained it to Sean Hannity during a telephone interview recently, in response to Hannity asking him if he plans to release those FISA applications, Gang of Eight information, the 302s of Bruce Ohr and other documents used to obtain the FISA warrants on Carter page, using the unverified Steele Dossier, as a basis to spy on the Trump campaign.

I do, I have plans to declassify and release. I have plans to absolutely release. But I have some very talented people working for me, lawyers. And they really didn't want me to do it early on.

Devin Nunes, by the way, and Meadows, you look at Jim Jordan, and all of the people, they worked so hard. And a lot of people wanted me to do it a long time ago. I’m glad I didn't do it. We got a great result without having to do it but we will.

One of the reasons that my lawyers didn't want me to do it is they said, if I do it, they will call it a form of obstruction, so they will say, oh, you released these documents so we would make all of this information transparent. You know, and politics you always hear transparency. It would make it transparent. And then they call it obstruction, knowing the people we are dealing with.

So, frankly, I thought it would be better if we held it to the end. No, but at the right time, we will be absolutely releasing it. I did the right thing by not doing it so far.

But you understand, they would call it something that it wouldn't be. It's the only time you would be transparent where they would say bad things about transparency.

Emphasis mine.

Many believe the "right time" would have been the second the Mueller report was concluded, but the initial chaos of reporting, the media attempting to justify their lies of collusion they spread for the last three years and the Democrats reacting to the principle conclusions highlighted in the first Barr letter to Congress informing them the Mueller report was submitted to him, would have distracted from the information that would be garnered from the declassification of the documents.

While President Trump most likely has his "right time," already chosen, personally, I would love to see him declassify and publicly release all those documents on the same exact day that AG Barr released the Mueller report to Congress and the public.

Then let the battling narratives commence.

Lindsey Graham To Investigate Deep State: Senate Judiciary Committee chair, Lindsey Graham has been quite vocal in his calls for another special counsel to investigate the Obama-era, DOJ, FBI and the Russia collusion hoax, as he laid out his next steps:

But Graham said he would also be asking Barr to appoint a special counsel to determine whether the Obama administration’s Department of Justice unlawfully obtained a warrant to spy on a Trump associate as a way to help bolster Clinton, Trump’s 2016 Democratic challenger. That special counsel, Graham said, might also look into the Obama-era FBI’s handling of an investigation into Clinton’s use of private emails.

Graham signaled he was prepared to hold Judiciary Committee hearings on these topics, too.

“What makes no sense to me is that all of the abuse by the Department of Justice and the FBI, the unprofessional conduct, the shady behavior — nobody seems to think that’s much important,” Graham said. “Well, that’s gonna change, I hope.”

Graham also states he intends to pull former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, James Comey and others involved before his committee to demand answers.

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With liberals, democrats and the media still reeling from Mueller's conclusion that there was no collusion between President Trump and Russia, and their claims that "it isn't over," and that "this is just the beginning," in order to offer yet more false hope to their dwindling audiences, in a manner they are correct, the Mueller investigation is over, but the one into the deep state players that set up the entire Russia collusion hoax, is just beginning.

As Victor Davis Hanson writes in a must-read piece published on March 31, 2019, "The Tables Turn in Russian Collusion Hunt," and the countdown to chaos has begun.



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