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May 9, 2020

New Plans For Evil Are Ramping Up Daily & Are Getting Crazier By The Day! The 'Tyrannical Despots' Using Covid-19 To 'Crack Down' Upon America Forgot Americans Are FREE PEOPLE, Not Serfs!

- The Devils Pushing Communism For America Have A Hard Time Understanding That Fact

The freedom and liberty that we have enjoyed in our country have been done away with by a single stroke of a coronavirus that could not be foreseen. The American people are starting to understand that the reaction to the pandemic was overdone and in the numbers being shown, totally wrong.

As of May 1st, 2020, the total coronavirus deaths in the country were moved down to 37,308. The Center for Disease Control promulgated this number. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, by using false estimates, brought fear to this country and an unwanted, unneeded lockdown of all aspects of the American economy. If these correct numbers had been foreseen, we would not have to spend trillions of dollars to keep small businesses afloat and untold millions in unemployment.

Even a study done by the New England Journal of Medicine claimed in a paper that asymptomatic persons could spread the virus. But those who wrote the study never talked to the person who they claimed started the epidemic in Europe. They later admitted that they only had second and third-hand information, which was used to enforce a complete lockdown on Europe, much like the communist Chinese model. The Public Health Agency of Sweden also challenged the report and found it contained many flaws and errors. Was this used as a worldwide falsification of the fact to allow the governments to force an unnecessary lockdown?

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Even now, progressive socialist governors and mayors, using the totalitarian measures that they feel they can push through, continue to keep the draconian measures that they took upon themselves to retain the control they do not deserve. They let child molesters and career criminals out of jail, so they will have room for citizens like a mother in Wisconsin who arranged a "play date" for her daughter with a neighbor.

The condescending tone of the police on the video shows that they are superior to the people they serve. The KGB or East German Stasi of decades ago is still alive and well in various portions of our country and is being forced on the American people by the powers that they elected to protect them.

Of course, these limitations that the progressive socialists place on the American people they supposedly represent are not applicable to them. Lockdown orders were ignored by people such as Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker whose wife was allowed to fly to Florida to escape the orders of her own husband. Or Lori Lightfoot, mayor of Chicago who got a haircut during the lockdown. She claimed being the mayor, and a public figure, she didn’t need to follow the same orders that the little people do. The elites feel they are better than us, and lockdowns apply only to those inferior to them. Both of these reprobates felt offended to even be asked. How dare we question their decisions.

Or perhaps we should look to Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York, whose edict sent Chinese virus patients to nursing homes. Rampant infections and deaths follow, but to Cuomo it is no big deal because they were the little people that are of no concern to him. Nothing was done about the homeless on the subways until last week.

The entire coronavirus was an exaggeration of the facts on the ground. It is an abomination full of lies that have been forced on the American people. The leftists are using the fear being pushed by "experts" and the media to sell a crisis that is non-existent to force the American people to fear. Using falsified models to place fear in the American people, the progressive socialists will do the best they can to blame all of it on President Trump.

The American people have started asking where is the “factual” science that explains enforcing this lockdown? Many are waking to the fact that all that the elites have forced upon our citizens is an opportunity to change the norm in our country toward what they call the "new normal." Nobody will tell you what that means. They describe it as no more shaking hands and distancing into the forever future. It doesn't matter to them that it is destroying jobs, businesses, and even family relations.

Marie Harf on Fox News Sunday made it clear that the position of the progressive socialists is that any attempt to open small businesses was meaningless. She went on to talk about the people of the country without government regulations to stay at home can act responsibly. Remember, this is the same brain dead socialist hack that declared that terrorism would stop if the country gave them all jobs. She continues by saying that we don't have enough testing and tracking, commonly called spying mandated by the government. Putting off opening the economy is okay with Harf; after all, she is still getting paid to be a political hack for the progressive socialists. 

The crisis of the Chinese Virus has been overblown by the “experts, talking heads and media". With some estimating its a par with the annual flu, they have used it for a policy that is totally out of proportion. The politicians, in many cases, have never worked in a free market living in the cocoon of the federal government. They count on the ignorant and politically uneducated electorate to follow the orders, no questions asked.

The media has done its share in pushing the lies through to the American people. The exaggerations of the media and the constant drumbeat of fictional models continue to foster the fear to the American people. The elites like Pritzker, Newsom, Whitmer, who have no background in science, continue to use the fear of the unknown to spread fear throughout the people in order to keep control of the power they have given themselves.

It must be understood that the public health problem has been turned into a political issue by overzealous despots who tell us they will continue to do unconstitutional acts for what they term the "common good." These progressive socialists in both federal and local governments have taken it upon themselves to declare what work is essential and non-essential. The American people do not deserve to have the livelihoods that they use to feed their children and keep a roof over the heads as non-essential.

Shelley Luther is an example of a patriot who has always found a way to do for herself and place her liberty and family above unconstitutionality that is nothing more than attempting to force their control on the American people.

We have been told that the Chinese COVID-19 virus is different than anything we have seen before. The numbers for this epidemic have been massaged for maximum effect. There have been many fatalities that have been declared a COVID-19 death when underlying factors have been more pronounced. Many are dying with the virus- but not because of it.

The largest danger is not from the COVID-19 virus itself, but from the tyrannical despots running local and federal governments. The lockdown has turned into a virtual house arrest on the population. We see arrests for playing ball in the front yard with your children, for surfing in an empty ocean. We have seen people being beaten, pepper-sprayed, and arrested because of not social distancing.

The progressive socialists want to use the Chinese virus to implement changes in the people and the fabric of our country. The leftists will use it to implement the communist agenda they want and to keep the fear going. They feel that if they continue to blame President Trump for the spread, they will cause enough people to turn against the President. They can't foresee the pushback from the American people who can see what they are attempting. These leftists will start another investigation into President Trump, and the media will willingly spout the nonsense talking points. They think if they can get enough people to post on Facebook the lies, they must continue to push, that the American people will not be informed enough to see through their lies.

The American people are tired of seeing the talking heads and "experts" tell us that if we are good little boys and girls, they may give us some of our God-given liberties back. They say when we are given of talisman of the Bill Gates vaccine and carry little cards telling us we are good little boys and girls and can go where we like that everything will be fine. Of course, if you challenge their dictates, you are labeled racist, will be pilloried by those too afraid to think for themselves.

It will be left up to us, the American people, to push back hard. We are not serfs and will not accept those who think they are socially and morally superior to make the rules. What they are attempting to do has no valid constitutional or moral grounds, and patriots through this land will not accept it.

It is time to say no more, it is time to allow the American people to get back to work and back to life.

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