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October 20, 2021

As Tyranny Is Imposed, Criminals Dictate The Terms Of Engagement And That's What's Happening Now - Law And Order Is Dead In America Because Of Leftist Leaders And Policies


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Before getting into the extreme lawlessness we are seeing  in liberally run cities in America with increasing frequency, a mention of the most recent example of how law and order has sadly become a concept and an idea with no enforcement, and in many cities run by radical liberals, the criminals now dictate the terms of engagement.


$500,000 in damages and no arrests - Welcome back to Portland Oregon, where Antifa "riots work," and a pre-planned night of "rage and anger" is allowed because the state leaders forced police to stand down by disallowing the riot control measures used to protect the public.

We know it was pre-planned because the riot was organized by the mother of an Antifa member, Sean Kealiher, who who was struck and killed by an SUV in October 2019.

The mothers Twitter organizing included statements like informing followers that this will "not be a peaceful event," "peace police will be kicked out, period," and "it's a night of rage and anger."

Not quite sure what form of English that is, but what I can say with a high level of confidence is, it is parents like these that create Antifa thugs and perpetrate their terrorism. 

She delivered on her promise as police say 35 separate locations were targeted - including banks, retail stores, coffee shops, and government buildings. 

Beginning at 10pm, the mob ran amok through the streets and shattered windows, setting fires, spraying graffiti messages like 'anarchy means attack,' 'riots work,' and 'breaking windows is good.'

'The reason that we did not intervene goes back to what we talked about last month with House Bill 2928 and the restrictions placed on us in a crowd control environment,' Portland Police Lt. Jake Jensen said in a Pearl District Neighborhood Association meeting, as reported by KOIN. 'That's the way the legislature said we need to operate in a crowd control environment so that's how we're going to act in a crowd control environment.' 

Does that mean we are now like a lawless city? Anybody could come in and just bash around and do all the damage that they want without any repercussions whatsoever?' Linda Witt asked during the meeting with police. 

Why yes, yes it does. 


Jumping from Oregon to Chicago, we note that as of July 2021, there over 2,000 shooting victims which was 164 more than in 2020.

The data compiled by Chicago Tribune "represents number of victims, not shooting incidents."

Data tracked by the Chicago Tribune crime desk

I specifically chose Chicago as the state is in the news right now because the Mayor, Lori Lightfoot aka Zombie Lady, is claiming the Chicago Police Union (Fraternal Order of Police) is attempting to "induce an insurrection" by pushing back against vaccine mandates.

"Insurrection" has apparently become the go-to word for anyone that disagrees with liberal ideology and tyranny.

First the city is filing a lawsuit, as can be heard below by Lightfoot herself, and officers refusing to get vaccinated are being threatened with suspension and/or firing, in a city that has one of the highest shooting rates in the country.

In the video below, Lightfoot talks about inducing an "insurrection," at about the 1:45 minute mark.

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Radical liberal logic: Dozens of shootings a week, and hey, lets suspend, sue, threaten and fire the law enforcement officers trying to keep up with the overwhelming crime statistics each day.

After alienating and threatening Chicago cops, reports now say that Chicago is requesting rural, suburban area police respond in Chicago to any "critical situations."

Via Chicago's WGN9:

WGN Investigates has learned a coordinator from the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS) sent an email to a dozen police officials from Kankakee to Barrington asking them to ask members of their specialized units whether they would be willing to respond to critical situations in Chicago – and how quickly they could get there.


However, Cook County only has 300 sworn officers so their presence wouldn’t come close to filling the void that could be created if Mayor Lightfoot follows through on her threat to suspend the thousands of Chicago officers who had still not reported their vaccination status as of Monday afternoon.  

Not all suburban departments are ready to answer the call for help in Chicago.

“I will not send my personnel to Chicago unless an officer is under direct duress because I cannot support this slanted agenda,” Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain told WGN Investigates. “I also will not allow my deputies to be subjected to use of force in the City and be under the prosecutorial jurisdiction of the Cook County State’s Attorney.”


The city supposedly "represented" by Nancy Pelosi, and run by Governor Gavin Newsom, has allowed crime to become almost legalized, or to be more accurate, "reclassified nonviolent thefts as misdemeanors if the stolen good were worth less than $950," which has embolden criminals.

In May, Walgreens closed 17 stores, citing "rampant theft," and more recently they have just announced five more closures, the reason being "organized retail crime."

Need we go on to see the pattern of power-hungry city/state leaders quite literally putting their own lawless agenda above the safety and comfort of their constituents.

What happens then is crimes such as robbery, burglary, car theft, battery, and anything not considered "critical," will largely be ignored, just like the Antifa thugs in Portland were allowed to run rampant.


Radical liberalism has destroyed most of America from the inside out.

Being a conservative, the argument against that statement by liberals would blame a difference in political ideology, so lets look quickly at some examples and data proving my point.

• The Top 10 Cities for Mass Shootings: All of Them are Run by Democrats

The American news media reports every “mass shooting” that fits its political narrative. But a check of the statistics for mass shootings shows that overwhelming majority are committed in Democrat-run cities, including those with strict gun control laws and “gun-free zones.”

• Democrats Run America’s Top 20 Crime-Ridden Cities

• As crime surges across the US, liberal cities are seeing the 'consequences' of Defund the Police

A recent Fox News Poll showed that 73% of Americans believe there is more crime in 2021 versus 2020, which Bratton was reacting to. 

"Nobody was particularly paying much attention to the surging crime in our country's major cities and indeed now even expanding into our suburban and rural areas."

• Reversing the Crime Spiral in Liberal Cities Is a Tall Order

• Portland Business Owner Says City Is ‘Not Safe’ as Liberal Policies Lead to Crime Surge

This is being seen in cities that have inarguably the most radical liberal leadership, many of which cut police budgets in the name of the "Defund The Police" mentality, which any rational and sane person would have understood that would cause crime to skyrocket.


The night of "rage and anger" organized for Portland, Oregon, that caused more than $500,000 in damages to businesses and buildings of people simply trying to earn a living, is the perfect example of  what liberals want for all of America.

A nation where law and order is dead because of liberals and Democrat politicians that would rather stand down, allow rampant theft, looting, arson and crime, than dare drop the hammer on Antifa, which many believe are being used as the military-like arm of the Democrat party. 

Make no mistake, this isn't just the results of bad policies, but the deliberate destruction of America.

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