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July 11, 2016

Dallas 'Lone Gunman' Narrative Falls Apart - Multiple Shooter Reports, Misidentified Weapon, Eyewitness Accounts, All Point To A Massive Cover-Up


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While the Hell Stream Media aka MSM continues to hammer the official narrative of a "lone gunman," shooting 12 Dallas law enforcement officers, killing five, highlighting a man by the name of Micah Johnson, a veteran, detailing his life, anger and ideological leanings, dozens of reports the night of, and morning after, the shooting tell a different tale.




The Dallas Morning News reported the following on July 7, and updated July 8, 2016:

Amateur video captured the chaos from many angles Thursday night when snipers opened fire on police in downtown Dallas on Thursday.

In one video a hidden gunman emerged from behind the pillars of a building and firing on officers. In another, officers take cover behind their squad cars as gunfire rings out.

When the killers were done, five officers were dead, seven more were wounded, and witnesses began sharing the bloodshed over social media.

PJ MEDIA, July 7, 2016:

Three Dallas Police Department officers have been killed, Fox News 4 is reporting. Two police officers are in surgery, and three are in critical condition. Two snipers reportedly shot ten officers from elevated positions during the protest rally, which was hosted by a faith group.

Fuurther proof of multiple shooters, highly detailed, comes on page 2 of that report as an Update at 1:50 am ETS, sirectly quoting Dallas Police Chief Brown from an early morning press conference where he noted that "the snipers were "working together with rifles, triangulated at elevated positions in different points in the downtown area where the march ended up going, the route of the march." 

NBC News highlights that initial news conference as well, describing brown's statement as "We believe that these suspects were positioning themselves in a way to triangulate on these officers from two different perches in garages in the downtown area, and planned to injure and kill as many law enforcement officers as they could."

Washington Post reported at the time that Brown confirmed four suspects: "Dallas Police Chief David Brown...believes the four suspects worked together with rifles...."

13WHOTV highlights "Previously, authorities had said three people were in custody, and that multiple shooters were involved in the attack."

Listen to Chief Brown below speak about the triangulating and being set up in "two different" perches in the CBS News clip below.

Tweets from the official Fox and Friends Twitter account confirm more than one shooter as well:


That is a very small sample of what is found in a search for "Dallas Multiple Snipers," yet now some of those same sources are busy reporting a "lone gunman."


Videographer Wolves And Sheeple interviewed Clarissa Pyles , a protester that attended the #blacklivesmatter protest in Dallas, where she states that she was less than a block away, close enough to see the "sparks" from the rapid gunfire, saying she heard at least 30 shots and when asked if there was any break, perhaps to reload, she stated there "wasn't a break until it ended."

That is crucial here because according to Clay Jenkins, Dallas County’s chief executive and director of homeland security and emergency management, via New York Times, the weapons used were "semiautomatic SKS rifle and a high-capacity handgun."  CBS News also reports the rifle used was a SKS.

Controversial Times explains the following in order to prove that Obama's gun control argument has no merit if the weapon used was a SKS:

However, the rifle used by the suspect in the Dallas murders wasn’t an AR-15 variant rifle as many people originally thought. No, in fact the gun used was a 70+ year old relic that would not meet the definition of an “assault weapon” under most state laws. CBS News is reporting that the firearm used was an SKS rifle.

Unlike the Sig Sauer MCX rifle used in the Orlando terror attacks, which had similar features, controls and magazine to AR-15 style rifles, the SKS rifle used in Dallas couldn’t be more different.

The rifle has a non removeable 10 round magazine and uses a heavy, traditional wood stock. None of the features that states such as California, Massachusetts, and New York use to classify so called “assault weapons” such as a pistol grip, forward vertical grip, removable magazine or other cosmetic features.

(SKS Rifle - Source Wikipedia)

No "official" follow up reports have even addressed whether the weapon was modified.... and there is a reason for that but first listen to Ms. Pyles assertion that there wasn't a break in the rapid firing until it ended, which comes at approximately the 5 minute mark in the interview below.


The Daily Mail, Danger and Play, The Arms Guide, Law and multiple other sources are reporting leaked images of not only Micah Johnson after he was killed by the robot bomb, but also of the weapon he was supposedly using.



The weapon shown above, allegedly the actual rifle used taken after the explosive device went off, is not a SKS as Jenkins, the Dallas County’s chief executive and director of homeland security and emergency management asserted, but is a Saiga AK-74 style semiautomatic according to The Arms Guide, which has a 30 round magazine, single point sling, Magpul folding stock and a rail system with a Primary Arms 5 power scope.

The reason ANP chose to show the supposed death image of Mr. Jenkins, is because there also seems to be some confusion about the clothing he is wearing seen above and the clothing captured on video at the time of the shooting, explained and shown by Wolves And Sheeple in the video below.


We are left with more questions than answers as to how almost every news agency that reported at the time of the attacks on the Dallas police were given information from authorities that there were multiple shooters, along with the Dallas police chief confirming a triangulation in the attacks from different perches, all of a sudden becoming an official narrative of a "lone gunman."

We also question how the Dallas County’s chief executive and director of homeland security and emergency management could mistake a SKS with an AR-74? Was the "leaked" image of the weapon shown above nothing more than a set-up in order to push Obama's gun-grabbing narrative when it was determined that the real weapon used didn't fit the parameters of his gun-grabbing tendency and gun control agenda?

Are the differences in the weapons more proof that there were, indeed, multiple shooters?

If so, where are the others shooters, and even more importantly who were they? Could they have been government assets, used to promote a race war to further a socialist agenda of disarming Americans, raising the level of violence over the summer in order to push for martial law, and once Micah Johnson was killed, he was scapegoated as a "lone gunman" in order for the other assets to be used again?

The lone gunman narrative has fallen apart and we have to wonder why the MSM is not asking any of the aforementioned questions.

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