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November 16, 2019

The Democrat's Soviet-Style Fantasy Impeachment In Search Of A Crime Could Turn 'The Rule Of Law' On Its Head In America

- Impeachment Is An ATTACK Upon ALL Free Americans, Not Only President Donald Trump!


By John C. Velisek - US Navy, Retired - All News Pipeline

Day Two of the Impeachment Sham is now over. 

Yesterday was the second day of the Schiff impeachment scam. The effect so far has been a total nothing burger, with some of the more moderate Democrats experiencing buyer's remorse. Since the first day of this fiasco, many words have been uttered and printed for both sides of the argument.

The progressive socialist Democrats have already made proclamations that are just absurd. San Fran Nan Pelosi, in her rambling, disjointed way, has already claimed that in order to avoid impeachment, President Trump must prove his innocence. It is apparent that she does not understand the finer principles of the American Legal System.

This has been turned into a fantasy impeachment in search of a crime. Using unconstitutional means to obtain information, the House Intelligence Committee has crossed over to the realm of unconstitutionality to attempt to obtain any information they can use for impeachment. If there is a conflict between the Executive and Legislative branches, it is up to the Judicial branch to sort it out and not a cabal of progressive socialist hacks.

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There are questions from day one never answered.

One question which it appears will never be answered, is why did the Javelin missiles that were so needed for the security of Ukraine only become so important when Trump became President? Until President Trump took over, blankets and MRE’s seemed sufficient. That is all that President Obama sent. If the missiles were so important now, shouldn’t Obama be brought up to impeachment for dereliction of duty?

The progressive socialists continue to make the invalid point that President Trump is getting to the bottom of the election meddling in 2016 and that Joe Biden and his son made a sweetheart deal for the do-nothing job in Ukraine. There is an agreement between the United States and Ukraine to investigate corruption between the two countries. This longstanding agreement makes it mandatory that Biden is Investigated, as well as people like Alexandria Chalupa, who worked with the Ukraine embassy to dig up dirt on President Trump in the lead up to the election.

George Kent and William Taylor proved nothing.

George Kent and William Taylor have shown as disdain for President Trump that is obvious. Kent, a State Department official, and Taylor, the acting ambassador, seem to think that the President is the wrong person to be making any decision in foreign policy. They are upset that the President circumvented the system in place and used his attorney Rudy Giuliani to investigate the corruption in Ukraine. The primary purpose for Giuliani was to investigate was the corruption that has been proven to have taken place during the 2016 election. The secondary was the information gleaned from the Ukraine government about the actual quid pro quo performed by Joe and Hunter Biden. It was started to be used in defense of the Mueller witch hunt.

It was informative that these two "experts", when asked by Rep. Ratliffe what they impeachable offense may be, neither had an answer.

Not discussed was George Kent writing a letter where he asked for a case to be dismissed by Lutsenko in a lawsuit against a George Soros NGO called AntAC. AntAC worked with Fusion GPS to collect dirt on Trump before the election. He was in essence, the deputy of the Hillary Clinton and Fusion GPS dirty dossier that created so much turmoil in the country for close to three years. During that same time, George Kent set up two Ukraine anti-corruption bureaus that, in actuality, were protection bureaus set up for George Soros organizations.

William Taylor had a close relationship with the Atlantic Council, was Senior Advisor to the U.S. – Ukraine business council. A member of the Atlantic Council is none other than James Clapper. When returning to Kyiv on June 17, Taylor delivered an original letter from President Trump to President Zelensky, inviting him to a meeting in the Oval office. And yet, this was not mentioned during his testimony.

If nothing else, it proves that the Deep State bureaucrats get very upset when someone knocks over the secure rice bowl and starts asking questions. The opinions of Kent and Taylor are irrelevant to the foreign policy being set by the President. It needs to be understood that the only “expert” of President Trump's foreign policy is the President himself.


Friday's big question was whether Marie Yovanovitch would get emotional during the hearing.

Friday brought another Ukraine expert in Yovanovitch. There are emails discussing meetings and private conversations with the staff of Adam Schiff. These emails discuss the whistleblower informant and, more importantly, were sent BEFORE the whistleblower complaint was filed. She knows that the informant worked with Biden. The informant worked with Schiff on the complaint, and it was written by either Schiffs staff or lawyers recommended by Schiff.

It is very apparent that Adam Schiff is nothing more than an autocrat, steeped in ignorance. An egomaniac steeping in the power he has given himself to run roughshod over the President, and any supporters of the President who gets in his way. It will be his own deficits of character that will be his demise.

Schiff has shown himself to be nothing more than an ego-driven, power-hungry bully. He has badgered witnesses that did not agree with his view he has changed his view of investigating and questioning the informant when it was shown there was collaboration between the informant and Schiff’s staff. He has trampled over Article 2 of the Constitution to threaten those in the administration who would not comply with his demands. Using the non-compliance of the Trump Administration staff to write false articles on impeachment is contrary to the laws of Executive Privilege and would be thrown out of court.

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