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May 22, 2016

Behold, The Death Cross - There Will Be Banker Blood - 407,000 Teamsters To Lose Their Pensions - Will There Soon Be 'Horses Heads In Bankster Beds?' The Real Financial Blood-Letting May Be About To Begin


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Hiding away in their little holes, completely devoid of caring souls, and as far away from the 'still-placated' masses as they can get, the banksters and corporate criminals who helped cause the massive financial crisis that the world is now sinking into are hoping that somehow, someway they can avoid the coming repercussions of their actions....'financial karma' if you will. 

Financial experts have long warned that when the global economy completes its collapse, and comes crashing down, millions could die because of the resulting repercussions such as mass poverty and social unrest. As Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente has also warned, when the economy fails, they'll bring us to war. As many experts now warn, they're preparing to bring us to war, a 'hybrid geo-financial war' between NATO and Russia which we're warned is 'dangerously escalating', as if just on cue. 

With stories breaking recently such as this one from Zero Hedge telling us that 407,000 private sector workers are about to lose most of their pensions after the pension fund proposed 60% cuts (and the treasury said THAT'S NOT ENOUGH), it's becoming more and more clear that something major and absolutely devastating is about to happen. As the ZH story also tells us, those workers are retired and still-employed Teamsters workers, union truck drivers, and the thought that some banksters might soon wake up with horses heads in their beds crossed our minds as one slightly possible outcome, though we pray that Americans remain peaceful, and go the way that Iceland did.


Another recent story from Zero Hedge that tells us what is unfolding across America this summer is called "There Will Be Banker Blood". In it we learn that banker bonuses are set to drop this year and all is not sunshine and roses on Wall Street. 

While 'main street' has known for years and years what Wall Street is getting just a little taste of in 2016, the truth of the matter is, millions of people around the world may die due to the countless and seemingly endless poor decisions made by central banksters around the world and those 'playing games' with 'invisible money' on Wall Street. Like millenials who can't quite understand that nothing is free, those making poor decisions with other people's money that they can't touch, simply to selfishly enrich themselves, are playing with a loaded bomb, one that could explode anywhere, at any moment. 

Do they not know that when people lose their jobs and their pensions and their life savings, due to decisions the banksters and Wall Street gamblers have made, there are very real repercussions in very real human lives on main street as was shared by Jerry Blake in this LinkedIn story that ANP will be following up upon? Is it simply the banksters robbing us blind THINK they are 'too big' for the rest of the world and do not care? Like Hitlery Clinton, do they think themselves 'above the law'? It's not uncommon to read stories of 'main street' workers losing their pensions then losing their homes, then taking their own lives and the lives of their families due to poor bankster decisions and poor decisions made on Wall Street. 

How long will it be until pensioners and others, who have been endlessly stabbed in the backs, 'go postal' on whomever did the 'stabbing', their companies or Wall Street/bankster criminals? Of course we pray that it never comes to that but it already has in America. 
Iceland held their financial criminals responsible for the financial carnage that they caused in their small island nation. Have Americans become so 'castrated' that we just continue to allow financial terrorists to walk all over us?


We've also long been warned by financial experts that when the derivatives collapse occurs, the real 'blood-letting' may begin in the financial world and as we recently learned from Seeking Alpha, there are many points of failure in the derivatives market that weaken the financial system in many ways. All News Pipeline has also previously reported on the very mysterious 'bankster deaths' that were taking place across the world, particularly in 2014 and 2015 when at least 40 banksters were murdered or 'suicided' or otherwise met their untimely end. Has the 'bloodletting' already begun? 

As we learn in the 1st video below from Dave with the X22Report, the 'death cross' formation has now appeared, and the last time this happened back in 2001 and 2008, the market and economy crashed a month to two months later. Dave also re-emphasizes the fact that there should be a false flag warning all across America as the elite take us into the 'endgame'.


In the 2nd, Peter Schiff joins Alex Jones to talk with us about America's socialist future and all we need to do is look down south a few thousand miles to see what's happening in Venezuela to get a very good taste of what might soon be happening here. With the TSA seemingly preparing Americans for food lines by making travelers wait in lines 'miles long' and making them sleep in cots in preparation for FEMA camps in their futures, those who are paying attention know that what is happening in Venezuela now is like a window into our country's future with collapse.

In the 3rd video below, we learn more about 'something stunning' that is now happening off of the coast of Singapore. While half-a-world away, this is still a sign of the global economy in freefall mode as hundreds of ships sit in a massive cluster as seen in the photograph below, not carrying freight or oil or food or other cargo but sitting still. Of course this can't be good for the global economy and, as we learn here, this is a very uncommon sight.: 

The red dots show ships either at anchor or barely moving, either oil tankers or cargo, which have made the Straits of Malacca, one of the world's most important shipping lanes which carries about a quarter of all seaborne oil primarily from the Persian Gulf headed to China, into a "bumper to bumper" parking lots of ships with tens of millions of barrels in combustible cargo.

It is also the topic of the latest Reuters expose on the historic physical crude oil glut which continues to build behind the scenes, and which so far has proven totally immune to dissipation as a result of the sharp increase in oil prices over the past three months.

Indeed, as Reuters notes, prices for oil futures have jumped by almost a quarter since April, lifted by severe supply disruptions caused by triggers such as Canadian wildfires, acts of sabotage in Nigeria, and civil war in Libya. And yet flying into Singapore, the oil trading hub for the world's biggest consumer region, Asia, reveals another picture: that a global glut that pulled down prices by over 70 percent between 2014 and early 2016 is nowhere near over, and that financial traders betting on higher crude oil futures may be in for a surprise from the physical market.

"I've been coming to Singapore once a year for the last 15 years, and flying in I have never seen the waters so full of idle tankers," said a senior European oil trader a day after arriving in the city-state.


In the final video below our videographer takes a look at the fact that the US military has recently purchased 177,000 bullet proof armored plates for our public servants in uniform. There has been a lot of speculation recently over what this massive purchase is for. Speculation has ranged from another war overseas to, of course, the possibility that our public servants might soon have to face the hungry and angry American people. We pray that it never comes to that.

Certainly holding corporate and bankster criminals responsible for their financial terrorism upon the world could go a very long way towards ensuring that the US military will never be needed upon US streets being used against Americans.

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