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August 3, 2018

Should The Corrupt Faction Of The Deep State Succeed In Taking Down President Trump In Their Drive To Take Down America, There May Be Nothing That Can Stop The Chaos That Follows

- 'We are in the midst of a war for the fundamental right to be Americans'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to former Tucson, Arizona police officer and current motivational speaker and #MAGA supporter Brandon Tatum in the 2nd video below, the new movie coming out nationwide today by Dinesh D'Souza, "Death Of A Nation", is the greatest movie he's ever seen and as a black man who is a Conservative, he is challenging Democrats still living on the Democratic plantation to watch it and still say that they hate President Donald Trump afterwards.

Claiming that the movie will make you cry, angry, happy and proud all within the same brief period of time, Tatum attended a Los Angeles, California viewing of the movie as did Donald Trump Jr., Jack Posobiec, D'Souza himself as well as several other prominent Conservatives as seen in the 1st video below.

In that video, Posobiec interviews Trump Jr. and D'Souza to get a deeper look inside the movie that Tatum is calling 'the greatest ever' and we suggest you remember what Barack Obama did to D'Souza after his viral movie "2016: Obama's America": D'Souza, a movie producer, was targeted by the rage of the then most-powerful man in the world (though many would argue that Obama is nothing more than another globalist 'puppet'). 

With President Trump having pardoned D'Souza for what was obviously a politically motivated HIT upon D'Souza by Obama with his "Obama's America" movie having gone viral and having ripped Obama and his agenda for America into little bits and pieces, we find it quite enlightening that the Trump's appear to be 'fans' of D'Souza and his movies, what the mainstream media and Democratic political establishment are calling 'conspiracy theories'. And as we hear from then candidate Donald Trump in the final video below, a video that many are claiming helped to get him elected, what the media and Democratic establishment have long called 'conspiracy theories' are so much more than that in the eyes of President Trump. 

And while we seriously doubt that most on the left will actually take the time to watch "Death Of A Nation" which helps prove the TRUE history of America that most on the left are not seeing, that lack of knowledge, (and in fact, the 'masses' still believing the mainstream media's disinformation), help to explain why we are where we are today with America divided like never before and talk of a new civil war even on mainstream media outlets.

So with armed members of the fascist group 'antifa' preparing direct confrontations with a peaceful patriot prayer group in Portland, Oregon on Saturday coming at a time when tensions are heating up all across America at the same time as the corrupt faction of the deep state's 'witch hunt' against President Trump and his supporters is kicked into high gear, we should all be prepared for anything at any time if we support President Trump and his agenda and love America. 


As we had reported on ANP back on July 2nd after a particularly vicious clash between a peaceful patriot prayer rally was violently attacked by left-wing terrorists from Antifa who threw a flash grenade into a group of patriots, the movie "Death of a Nation" takes a look at the 'big lies' from progressives over many decades, offering the world a startling look at hidden history and explosive truths that the Democratic party hopes never get out to the masses. 

And as we read in the new SQAlert which we've republished below, with all hell seemingly ready to break loose in Portland, Oregon and the nation on edge, we may soon arrive at the point in time when only a 'mass awakening' to the real truths of history as shown in "Death Of A Nation" can prevent civil war in this nation. 

As Steve mentions in the title of his SQAlert seen below, this is one of the gravest alerts that he had ever posted with tensions ratcheting up in not only Portland but all across the country with huge segments of America now suffering from what psychologists have termed 'Trump anxiety disorder', what President Trump and other Conservatives have long called 'Trump derangement syndrome'.


I could go on for hours about what I saw but I’d rather tell you what I see coming. Since the black lives matter came about; this nation has been on edge. These factions of BLM have not spurred off into multiple other factions like, ANTIFA. There were multiple ANTIFA members at this camp in Portland but when we would detain them, we were told to let them go or cite and release. An officer of ours was even assaulted by on these individuals and was taken to jail but released the next day. Portland, you are a lost cause at this point.

Unless you want to live under martial law, which is the only thing we could do at this point in order to take Portland back, I suggest you citizens start solving your problems. Your mayor is worthless and does not care about the safety of its citizens. I know because I read the report from the Oregonian where the PPB Chief of Police and the mayor said they were concerned about the “safety of the protesters”. Not the officers who were there to try and keep the peace, not the American citizens employed by the Federal Government and certainly not about the safety of the citizens within proximity of the “camp”. We had a lot of positive support from the local population but for every 10 that thanks us, there was 1 to 2 who called us Nazis and pigs.

Ladies and Gentlemen we are in the midst of a war for the fundamental right to be an American. The constitution is under attack from the far left and its democratic leaders. This is only going to get worse from here. America has fundamentally changed; just as Barack Obama wanted. If you ask me, we are only a few more riot/protests away from the left and right clashing to the point of firearms being used. Once that is done, you will force the police to drastically change our approach. I don’t know how that will go but I was there in Ferguson, MO during the BLM riots and in Baltimore for the BLM riots. The police and National Guard will eventually be forced to put down the riots by force and that is not what we want nor need to happen.

I strongly urge that the American people get ready for this flash point to happen. It will happen eventually. The communist movement in America is growing and getting stronger and more support from the populace. I don’t think it is such a threat to that extent but the anti-american mindset is growing. Our enemies outside the US are waiting for us to implode and until George Soros is apprehended, this will continue. I don’t really have all the answers and it’s frustrating to see our country tearing itself apart but it’s no longer just political.

May the peace of God be over you all. Don’t get caught unprepared.


With the mayor of Portland, Oregon, Ted Wheeler, already coming out against the Federal government immigration agency ICE in favor of the rights of illegal immigrants, quite literally aiding and abetting 'Abolish ICE' protesters as Fox News reported in this recent story, the absolute contempt for the law being exhibited by politicians who mistakenly (or correctly in 'Orwellian America') believe the law doesn't apply to them should be beyond disgust to most Americans. 

And no group more perfectly represents that absolute disgust that millions of Americans feel than the corrupted faction of the 'deep state' that somehow believes it can overturn the election of a lawfully elected US President while they've broken the law themselves and committed treason against America while doing so.

As Joe Hoft reports in this must-read story at the Gateway Pundit, for Americans concerned about the direction the 'witch hunt' against President Trump is now going, with the entire investigation clearly 'fruit of the poisonous tree' after it was revealed that Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for the 'dirty dossier' which was used to launch the investigation, we've never been in a more dangerous period of time than now. 

So we'll close this ANP story with this excerpt from Joe Hoft's story titled "GET READY AND PRAY TO GOD — The Time Is Now — The Imposters Are Preparing The Final Act in Their Coup d’état" before our conclusion. 

To all TGP readers and all American patriots we are informing you to prepare yourselves. This country is at a precipice. America is either going to be overrun by a power hungry Deep State or it will survive one of the biggest attacks to its existence since the Civil War.

We must all be vigilant and prepared.

The acts of the Deep State are as appalling as they are criminal. An unelected and elected power hungry minority is attempting a coup d’état of the Trump administration.

Americans voted for Donald J. Trump for President in 2016 because they were tired of the corruption in Washington D.C. as much as Americans were fearful of losing the country that they loved. Americans were in fear the country that we knew was morphing into something entirely unrecognizable and demented. Liberals, Democrats, elites, globalists and the Deep State thought Donald Trump was a “clown” as they plotted to hand over the country to Obama’s choice – Hillary Clinton.

Should that corruption continue to live on in Washington DC and the totally corrupt faction of the deep state succeed in taking down President Trump, allowing the globalists to complete their 'overthrow' of America, with tens of millions of law-abiding American patriots enraged by that deep state treason and the result, the 'death of our nation', there may be nothing that can stop the chaos and carnage that follows. So we pray for the return of sanity to America. 

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