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November 18, 2019

In 2019, Only Fools Accept The 'Official Line' On Anything We're Told By The 'NWO Henchmen' But The Luciferians 'Indoctrination Centers' Have Been Working Overtime

- The Entire 'Package Of Lies' Americans Have Been Sold Has Led To Society Gone Mad In These Last Days

By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

As I said in my book nineteen years ago, it is clear that the NWO elites and their henchmen in the Deep State have a particular world view which they want the rest of us to accept without question. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they themselves believe any of it. The indoc centers once known as “schools,” the slimestream media, and many government agencies force feed us their lies on a daily basis. Again and again we have seen the talking heads of several news networks use the exact same expressions and phrases on the same day…if that doesn’t indicate some centralized control (the CIA?) for all of them, I don’t know what would.

Clearly, they want us to be atheists (or, better yet, Muslims or even outright Luciferians) and to accept the materialist worldview, including an acceptance of neo-Darwinism and a rejection of creationism and intelligent design. They want us to trust, obey, and be dependent on government. They want us to automatically refuse even to consider topics like UFOs, artifacts on Mars and our Moon, the paranormal, cryptids (mysterious creatures unknown to science), lost civilizations in our remote past, or the existence of giants. And of course we must instantly reject any suspicion that 9/11 and other tragedies were inside jobs covered up or even carried out by “our” government. Kennedy and all the others who have been assassinated were killed by “lone gunmen” and Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself. Nothing to see here, folks…move along.

Yet we patriots increasingly do not accept this package of lies. We can discern the overwhelming pattern of evidence that JFK died as the result of a conspiracy, and the sheer impossibility of the government explanation for 9/11. Epstein’s murder was blatant, obvious, in-your-face. Only a fool would accept the official line, but our indoc centers have churned out at least two generations of mass produced fools.

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Aiding the media, the Deep State, and the indoc centers are various well-financed “private” organizations and “independent” writers and lecturers, preaching militant atheism and and completely inhumane “humanism” and posing as “skeptics” to debunk any suggestion that UFOs might be real or that our species and our civilization may be vastly older than mainstream scientists believe.

Atheism is pushed by a number of groups, such as the Freedom From Religion Foundation, its Freethought Today magazine, and its Freethought Radio Network. The group was founded in 1978 by one Anne Nicol Gaynor, a pro-abortion feminist (of course). It bills itself as a “charitable” organization, but pays a combined salary of $175,000 yearly to its two co-presidents. Church attendance in America is declining, and the influence of Christianity is clearly waning, but the militant atheists pretend that our freedom and even our lives are menaced by the wicked, wicked Christians, all of them “bigots” don’t you know. To hear these people you would think that witch burnings and the Inquisition are about to be restarted. Given that Christianity is in decline, why do these people care so much about “superstitious” believers out there in flyover country?

As an aside, many years ago I hosted an access television show (karaoke TV) and had an informal debate with Dr. Michael Newdow, at that time America’s most infamous atheist. I actually got him to admit that someone with a lot of money (George Sauron, perhaps?) was funding his activities. I suspect that this is true of all these people and their “charities.”

Overlapping with the militants atheists are organized “skeptics,” like those supporting the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry; its founders include Phil Klass (a UFO debunker who had been editor of Aviation Week and Space Technology, basically a house organ for the defense industries), media scientist Carl Sagan, science fiction author Isaac Asimov, and behaviorist psychologist B.F. Skinner who effectively tortured pigeons to “prove” that humans have no free will and need an authoritarian government.

They publish a magazine, Skeptical Inquirer, and claim that it has a circulation of 24,672. A similar magazine is The Skeptic, whose Editor in Chief is media scientist Michael Shermer. These magazines argue against intelligent design and conspiracy “theories.” The “skeptics” are also pro-vaccine, claiming that there is absolutely no mercury in vaccines today. Their mantra is “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,” which sounds reasonable at first. But who gets to decide what makes a claim “extraordinary”?


There are also debunker websites like “Rational Wiki.” The debunkers are fond of saying that there must be a rational explanation for every reported phenomenon, by which they really mean a conventional explanation…which may or may not be rational. Don’t be fooled by “rational.”

The debunkers concentrate on easily refuted claims, obvious hoaxes, people seeing the Virgin Mary in a cloud, that sort of thing. They have not been able to refute, for example, the Japan Airlines Flight 1628 of 11/17/86, where the captain and several crew members saw a huge UFO over Alaska, and it was also picked up on radar. They have not been able to refute the US Navy videos of UFOs over the Pacific. And there are many other UFO cases that prove something strange is going on (but we don’t know what, which is why they are called unidentified flying objects).

And there are paranormal cases which also are supported by multiple witnesses and videotape. But rather than being open minded skeptics like they pretend, the debunkers adopt a knee-jerk attitude…there are, according to them, no UFOs, no paranormal entities. Of course, this does not mean that those of us who are interested in such matters should abandon all skepticism and become “true believers.” People who talk knowingly of “space brothers,” “Pleiadeian beamships,” and the like are laying claim to knowledge they don’t possess and are as bad as the debunkers.

Most prominent “skeptics” promote the global warming lie. Remember that science, by definition, is never settled, nor are scientific matters resolved through consensus (plus the global warming advocates fail to mention that many climate scientists have openly stated that manmade climate change is unproven). Climate has always changed, and at times Earth has been warmer than today, with no disastrous rise in sea levels. What did happen was more evaporation of seawater, and hence more rain.

During the Holocene Optimum the Sahara was green. The Earth’s atmosphere is only four parts in 10,000 CO2, and even if the amount doubled (which no one is predicting) our atmosphere would still be less than one thousandth CO2. The only effect such minute amounts have is to stimulate plant growth and make the Earth greener…which the phony environmentalists do not want. Yet the “skeptics” supporting this big lie pretend to be scientific.

Some years ago the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry offered a million dollar prize to anyone who could demonstrate an irrefutable paranormal ability. At that time I was doing a kind of meditation, causing what felt like a surge of energy to flow through me, and a paranormal investigator tested me with one of the electric field detectors they use when investigating allegedly haunted locations. I was able to generate bursts of electric charge at will, creating a pulsing electric field that extended several inches from my body.

Whatever this was, it was potentially a pretty solid claim, but when I wrote the Committee, they refused to test me, and simply dismissed it as “static electricity.” Static electricity does not pulse (that’s why it’s called “static”). In keeping with their overall policy of attacking straw men, they were unwilling to risk a million dollars on someone who might have a real ability. Eventually, they withdrew their phony challenge completely.


And there are problems explaining how the debunkers manage to keep two magazines afloat. Anyone who writes for print magazines knows how difficult that is. I wrote for ten years for the magazine Atlantis Rising, which recently went bankrupt and ceased publication. Yet many people, rightly or wrongly, are interested in topics the magazine covered…including UFOs, giants, lost civilizations, and the artifacts on Mars and our Moon. Are we to believe that the circulation for the debunker magazines is as high as claimed?

Note that there are many shows currently on TV dealing with UFOs, the paranormal, etc. Whether or not these topics are worth studying, they are undeniably interesting to a lot of people. There is no “Skeptic’s Hour” TV show, and no “The Atheist Show.” So how do these magazines stay in business? Could it be that some well-funded organization like the CIA is funding the whole operation, and the magazines are shipped to major book store chains (I have seen them in bookstores) even though most of them never sell?

One of the leading debunkers from the beginning was Canadian former stage magician James “The Amazing” Randi. Of course he is an atheist, and of course he is a registered Demoncrap. An admitted homosexual with a “husband,” he has been accused of soliciting sex from underage boys, and conspiracy researcher and author David Icke claims to have a tape proving it. These claims are also made by the Constantine Report website, which also claims that the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry is a CIA front. I must add that I have seen no proof of any of this. Randi appeared on the children’s TV show Wonderama and auditioned for another kid’s program, The Magic Clown.

As he has aged Randi has become less active, and the most visible debunkers today are people like Bill Nye and Joe Nickell. Nye was once a competent mechanical engineer. Of course, he opposes creationism, supports the climate change lie, and was a vocal supporter of Hussein Obama. His one marriage was annulled and he has no children. But he did host a children’s TV show, Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Joe Nickell has a PhD in English and debunks things like the “Mothman.” As a young man he escaped the draft and Vietnam by fleeing to Canada, where he worked (like Randi) as a stage magician. He pretends to be the adult in the room, patiently explaining reality to all those benighted fools out there in flyover country. Of course, he also supports the global warming lie. If he was truly an open-minded skeptic he would not be an across the board kneejerk. He might, for example, admit that some UFO cases are irrefutable (although there is no proof that they are of extraterrestrial origin). But he doesn’t…he supports the Deep State’s official line all the way.

We need to be the true open-minded skeptics. And we should all debunk the debunkers.

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