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September 8, 2018

Democratic Party And Deep State's All-Out War Upon President Trump Is Orchestrated Sedition And Treason: Will It Lead To Civil War Upon US Soil?

- Cowardly Coup Attempt Proves America Has 'Enemies Within'†


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the NY Times recently publishing either: 1) one of the biggest fake news stories that they've published in a very long time or 2) absolute proof of treason and sedition within President Trump's White House, the deep state's all out war upon President Trump has been taken to another level.

Showing patriotic Americans everywhere the dangerous and precarious position America is now in with those who don't have American's best intention's at heart going to war against the President of the United States, and actually attempting to overthrow the will of the American people and the results of the 2016 election, the rest of summer and the fall of 2018 promises to be one for the political record books.

With President Trump on twitter recently threatening to declassify documents relating to the ongoing sham investigation that was launched by partisan political hacks based upon lies proving to us just how much treachery went on behind the backs of the American people by our public servants who'd forgotten WHO they are supposed to serve, (they're supposed to serve America, not THEMSELVES or Hillary), things should soon get very interesting.†

And should the corrupt faction of the deep state that sold away their souls and allegiances to America to get Hillary Clinton elected somehow succeed at taking down the President of the United States of America, there may be nothing that can stop civil war or total chaos breaking out in this country. So we'll continue to work towards and pray for peace while at the same time, prepare for SHTF. As†Mike Adams over at Natural News also warned back in April, should President Trump succeed at taking down Hillary, we should be prepared for total madness from the left in the streets of America and potentially the start of civil war.†


When was the last time anybody can remember a sitting US president taking as much abuse from not only the media but the opposing party and even, apparently, people within his own office? As President Trump mentions in his tweet, with the fakestream media, much of the Democratic party and millions of leftists in the streets quite literally going insane, Ray Starmann over at US Defense Watch recently reported the deep state has fully implemented their 'active measures campaign' against President Trump. And as Steve Quayle warned us in an SQnote he left while linking to that story, "'active measures is a term in the intel field to assassinate President Trump - make no mistakes, this is what this term means".

Would the corrupted faction of the deep state that sold out America for a Hillary Clinton presidency and a luciferian 'new world order' actually attempt to pull another 'JFK' and assassinate the sitting US president, thus nudging us viciously towards the next civil war in America?† We've long believed that they'll do whatever is necessary to complete their dismantlement of America, to fully bring in their global government and totalitarian 'new world order', their boot stamping upon our human faces forever.†

Yet as we've also reiterated previously on ANP, "the limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress". And with "a gun behind every blade of grass in America", the American people are well prepared to repel tyranny should worst come to worst and the corrupted faction of the deep state be so deep it proves that America is really just a banana republic dictatorship, ruled by an unelected cabal, rather than a Constitutional Republic where the American people elect the President.†


And according to former US Attorney Joe diGenova, the corrupted faction of the deep state should be very concerned, with diGenova telling us that deputy US attorney general Rod Rosenstein has some huge problems for Rosenstein is now under investigation for 'things' involving the FISA warrants that were obtained to spy upon President Trump. Will justice in America finally be served and the corrupt faction of the deep state that sold out America for Hillary finally be held accountable for THEIR crimes?†

With them now pushing for all-out sedition against President Trump we remind you, back in the old days, they 'hung by the neck until dead' those who had committed sedition or treason against America.†

Yet with some President Trump loyalists such as former Trump advisor Michael Caputo recently warning we're witnessing an internal administrative coup of President Trump's presidency according to this new Washington Examiner story, what Caputo feels is a 'White House purge' with those supporting Trump driven out of office, leaving those behind who are against President Trump's agenda, how many treasonous snakes are really inside the White House, secretly working against him and America?†
According to this new story over at the Daily Mail, President Trump has a list of a dozen prime suspects as to who the treasonous coward of the NY Times story is with his thoughts that it could be a non-Republican lurker within the administration not yet discovered or a deep state mole who has been in the WH for a very long time.†

Potentially requiring those prime suspects to take a lie detector test, President Trump is correct when he warns the NY Times that if they really know the identity of this traitor, they should hand it over to law enforcement because having a traitor within the White House is absolutely a matter of national security.†

Even Melania Trump recently correctly called the coward in the White House who wrote the NY Times story a threat to national security who is absolutely sabotaging America and we really shouldn't be the least bit surprised this is happening now with globalists and Democrats seemingly hating America equally.†

With even America-hater Barack Obama recently getting into the mix by condemning President Trump and calling all of his supporters 'Nazi Sympathizers' in a speech warning of dangerous times ahead (Yes! They should ALL be facing 'dangerous times' ahead for treason and sedition!), the fact that Elizabeth Warren is once again calling for President Trump to be taken down via the 25th Amendment proves they have no intention of stopping this very real 'witch hunt' against a legally elected American president.†


As Marcus Cicero warned the world a very long time ago, it is very difficult for a nation to survive treason from within and while it appears that the economy in America continues to chug along with outstanding job growth under President Trump, even Trump himself once warned the globalists could take down the global economy upon his watch, sending America into a tailspin that clueless Americans blame upon President Trump despite the fact that the globalists have been working many years to take America down.†

And with the big tech monster now†continuing to silence Conservative Americans ahead of the upcoming elections which the Democrats are hoping they can use to take control of the House and further aim at taking President Trump down through either impeachment or the 25th Amendment, how far will this censorship of Conservatives go? We think a great hint can be found in big tech's ties to Communist China and their censorship there.†

With summer quickly winding down, as James Howard Kunstler recently warned in this story republished over at Zero Hedge, there are many forces now at work which are vectoring us towards DefCon by this Fall.†

So for those in America who are paying attention to the chaos that could be unleashed by either a takedown of President Trump or a Hillary Clinton indictment, we should all be prepared for whatever it is that may be coming down the path in the days ahead. Will America soon find out the truth? We certainly have every right to finally learn it no matter WHAT those hiding it have to say.

Both of the videos below take a look at this very real coup attempt against President Donald Trump that amounts to sedition and treason with the truth still badly needed to finally set America free.†

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