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June 29, 2020

'Democrat Revolutionaries' Are Pushing For Their Own Slaughter By 'Declaring War Upon America' - So Arm Up Heavily Now, Because 'War' Has Been Declared Upon 10's Of Millions Of Law-Abiding Conservative Americans 

- Democrats Are Working To Destroy America 'By Any Means Necessary'

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

I don't know about you but I myself am pissed off as hell about being called a 'racist' for merely supporting and loving America while some of the biggest racists and bigots in America are ripping down statues, destroying property that is not their own and running outright roughshod all over the country.

With it now proven that BLM has leaders that were trained in Marxism while being mentored by one of the Weather Underground terrorist members of Bill Ayers, and Democrats pushing their terrorism across America to the hilt, we'll emphasize once more here, you better arm up fast in preparing to defend your families and loved ones because these devils won't stop until they get what they believe is theirs, and if we listen to their own words, these devils want white people dead.

And with Democrats and the mainstream media backing leftist terrorism to the hilt throughout this entire ordeal, following their 3 years of lies, treason, crimes and sedition that should leave Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and many Democrats in Congress tried, convicted and executed if America was still a 'nation of laws', the fact that these devils are still walking free, and freely pushing their satanic agenda upon America, really tells us all we need to know in 2020, and it isn't pretty.

So we'll be exploring all of the latest signs that Democrats believe 2020 to be their year not only to take back power but do it by 'any means necessary', and the Black Lives Matter devils using children to push their terrorism and 'call for revolution' as we see in the image below, just imagine if these insane people are right, and they get their 'revolution', do they even tell the kids that any 'revolution' will be completely and totally resisted and opposed by millions of very well armed Americans who still support America and the 'rule of law' in this country? Like most matters, BLM doesn't have a clue!

With most black homicides in America happening via black on black crimes while BLM completely ignores such statistics because they don't conform with their marxist political agenda, just imagine an America like the one BLM envisions, where people are the enemies of the establishment just for being white, where people still living in the big cities as drug addicts in utter poverty are pandered to with their criminality making sure their every wish is granted. With such a scenario proving that 'the rule of law' no longer exists, not only black Americans will be likely to take the law into their own hands but 'white Americans' sure to resist any such tyranny in America themselves.

And with 11 people shot in Democrat-controlled New York within just 12 hours as Breitbart reports in this new story, and that number being absolutely dwarfed by the 43 shot in Democrat-controlled Chicago just a few weeks ago, just imagine all of America if these devils win in November!

As President Trump himself recently warned, crime in Democrat-run cities such as Detroit, Baltimore and Chicago is totally out of control already, with those cities being transformed into 'living hell', and if this Democrat-insanity keeps heating up, we're likely only witnessing the tip of the iceberg compared to what will come next.

Yet with the 2nd Amendment assuring that law-abiding American citizens can defend their families and loved ones from the hatred being unleashed by Democrats/BLM/Antifa, we once again urge all readers to arm up quickly to protect your children, to protect your families, to protect your loved ones, and to defend America.

'Revolutionaries' rarely understand that there are two sides to every fight. And with over 393,347,000 firearms in America, and probably well over 70% of those owned by law-abiding, Patriotic Americans well prepared to use them, we'll argue here the 'revolutionaries' are pushing for their own slaughter.

And while ANP surely hopes that the flyer you'll see directly above is some kind of sick hoax, it was recently emailed to ANP by a long-time reader  who shared with us that someone who was in downtown Richmond, Virginia last Thursday was handed the flyer by a Black Lives Matter protester who sent it to her, and Snopes called the flyer 'fake', it still echoes all of the 'talking points' of BLM whether it is real or not, and their hatred of white's is front and center. In fact, we'll argue that BLM is the biggest racist group in America for hating the white race; I certainly don't hate ANY race!

With our source telling us that the same person was then handed another duplicate flyer from a different protester, they also shared with us that the flyer was shared with the Richmond Times Dispatch, but that main newspaper was bought out by progressives about three years ago so they'll probably do nothing with it.

Though as you'll see in the warning we've republished below, this BLM flyer looks to us here at ANP as if WAR has already been declared upon 'white America' by marxist BLM, giving us another great reason to stock up big time on guns, ammunition and ways to defend our families, loved ones and children.

With the BLM note specifically threatening 'white children', what has America come to? The contents of the note is below before we conclude our story with several different video reports taking a look at this unfolding madness, including one from 'voice of reason' Colonel Allen West who, as a black man, is sick and tired of Marxist/racist blm.   

Attention White -- men women and children 
* You are the enemy! 
* We will not stop until there are more white homicides than Black 
* We will not stop untiil ALL white people are sent to re-education camps 
* We will not stop until White people pay Extra Taxes to support Black individuals 
* We will not Stop until Black Power runs ALL government 
* We will not allow any White Person to date another race 
* We support NO white owned business 
 *Hate is OK if directed at White Families

So with America looking more and more like we'll be heading towards a violent and bloody revolution or Civil War if Democrats now pushing for just that get their way, prepare for months of insanity ahead as things are just heating up. 

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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