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March 7, 2021 

With Democrats Funding The Slaughter Of The Unborn On YOUR Tax Dollar In The 'COVID Relief Bill', The Gargantuan 'Pork' Within It Is Also 'Payback' To Those Who Helped Biden Steal The Election

- Biden's only been in the White House 47 days; imagine the damage he'll do over four years!

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With Democrats in Congress having narrowly passed Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief bill, with no support from Republicans, the so-called 'American Rescue Plan' not only contains a gargantuan amount of 'pork spending' but also forces Americans to pay for the murders of babies via 'abortions,' with no Hyde Amendment protections for the unborn contained within the bill. 

As Life News reports in this new story, according to Tom McClusky, the president of March for Life Action, "the current COVID-19 relief package has the potential to be the largest expansion of abortion funding since Obamacare."

Warning also that "less than 10% of the ‘relief’ contained within this bill actually goes towards combatting the pandemic", McClusky warns that instead, all of these 'pro-abortion Democrat politicians' will be using the bill "to open the floodgates to abortion funding, with billions of dollars unprotected from being used for the life-ending practice both here in the U.S. and abroad"

And with McClusky also warning that "this is radically out of step with the majority of Americans who oppose their tax dollars funding it", this 'rescue plan' could be the piece of leftist legislation that launches 10 million+ tax protests across America, with Americans own taxpayer money being used to fund the murder of unborn children absolutely the final straw in the eyes of millions. 

So with McClusky also claiming that "Americans who have been suffering from the effects of the pandemic deserve authentic relief, not this pro-abortion bonanza", as we'll explore within this ANP story, this 'rescue bill' is so loaded with 'pork spending', Republican Senator Bill Hagerty recently told Fox News that there is more pork in the COVID bill 'than all the BBQ joints in Tennessee'. 

As we see in this story over at the North State Journal, while a whole ton of gargantuan pork spending bills have passed through Congress over the years, this one is particularly bad, with actual spending towards 'pandemic relief' to the American people being dwarfed by the 'pork'. From that story before we continue.:

I have seen a lot of gargantuan spending bills go through Congress in the form of budget reconciliation or omnibus appropriations at the end of a contentious session. 

I don’t think I have ever seen one so loaded up with extraneous spending that has nothing to do with dealing with the crisis at hand as the second COVID-relief plan passed by the Democratic Congress last week, the American Relief Plan (ARP). Not OBRA, COBRA, TEFRA, EGTRRA or PPACA, otherwise known as Obamacare. 

None of them come close. 

There is $1.5 billion in this bill for AMTRAK. AMTRAK has never been profitable since inception in 1971. COVID didn’t cause current problems at AMTRAK; AMTRAK structure and management has always caused problems at AMTRAK. 

There is $350 billion to bailout big blue cities and states that have been massively mismanaged for decades. There is $86 billion included specifically to bailout blue state and city pensions, such as in Illinois where many retired government workers receive $350,000 in annual pension payments. COVID didn’t cause financial problems in big blue cities; big blue city politicians have overpromised and overspent for decades, which has caused financial problems in big blue cities. 

The list of egregious pork spending in this COVID relief bill is embarrassing. There is $200 million for museums and libraries — even though they were shut down for an entire year; $270 million for the NEA, the National Endowment for the Arts. There is $128 billion for K-12 public education — except 95% of this money will not be spent until between 2022 and 2028, not in 2021. 

And as that story also had pointed out, while there may be a legitimate $600 billion in the bill that will be tied to COVID relief, including aid to ailing restaurants ($26B), assistance to airlines ($15B) and $7.2B for PPP for small businesses that have been wrecked by gubernatorial executive shut down orders for the past year, the story also warned a huge part of the money is being used to 'play politics'

The remainder of the $1.3 trillion is pure partisan politics. Democrats are paying off the constituencies that elect them and who helped 'defeat' President Trump. There is no other way to look at it

Arizona Republican Congressman Paul Gosar offered an amendment to take out all non-COVID-related spending in the bill and convert it into sending $10,000 checks to these people most affected by COVID instead of $1400.

It was defeated along party lines. Democrats want to send more money to big blue state politicians to distribute to their supporters instead of directly to the average American family. 

Remember the infamous “Bridge to Nowhere” in Nowheresville, Alaska, which forever tarnished the career of Sen. Ted Stevens in 2005? The left and the media rightfully jumped on the Bridge to Nowhere to highlight how elected officials waste federal dollars with no regard to the consequences. 

There is the equivalent of 2,222 wasteful “Bridges to Nowhere” in this solidly Democratic bill that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer “swears” is “big, bold COVID relief!” It most definitely is not all related to COVID. 

If this bill becomes law, debt owed to the public will approach $24 trillion by the end of 2021. Roughly $6 trillion in intragovernmental debt is owed between the government and such programs as the Social Security Trust Fund which will never be repaid. If, or rather when, inflation is triggered again by such fiscal malfeasance and explosive money supply growth by the Federal Reserve, then all of us — rich, poor, black, white, young and old — will really be in this mess together. 

President Joe Biden seems to want to steer America back to the stagflation economic doldrum days last seen under President Jimmy Carter in 1979-81. He has only been in the White House for 41 days; imagine what economic damage he and the Democrats might do over the next four years.

So with all of this pork spending more evidence this entire 'pandemic' episode in US history has been a huge 'scamdemic' upon the American people, and was used by the globalists/democrats to 'get out the fake vote' via mail-in voting fraud to 'install' puppet Joe Biden into office while getting President Trump out, what should the American people do, simply pay with their own hard work for the Democrats 'big blue city bailouts' and 'abortion bonanza' in the years ahead? 

With Biden and Democrats sure to bring to the American people even more pain and suffering in the 46 months ahead, and them sure to have another sinister plan to 'install' their own 'puppet' again in 2024, Americans continue to serve their families and loved ones best by preparing for absolutely anything in the days, weeks and months ahead.

As the Children's Health Defense website reports in this new story, with Johnson & Johnson planning on testing their new vaccine on infants just the latest we're witnessing from the Democrats/globalists in their war upon children, we're witnessing nothing less than the depopulation agenda playing out before our eyes as Democrats also pull out their latest stop to bankrupt America. From this ABC News story.:

A nearly $2 trillion COVID relief bill is poised to pass Congress and head to the American people. Is that a good thing?

Well, that depends on which U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania you decide to ask.

“Let’s be honest. This bill has nothing to do with COVID, nothing to do with the economy, it has everything to do with Rahm Emanuel’s edict of never let a good crisis go to waste,” U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pennsylvania) said. But waste? There’s lots of that, insists Toomey, disguised as relief.

“$128 billion that they say is to reopen schools — except none of it requires schools to reopen,” Toomey said. And $1,400 stimulus checks to people who never lost pay. A family of four making $149,000 would get $5,600.

“That’s on top of the $5,800 you got last year,” Toomey said. “They may have very substantial savings, it could be in the millions, literally, and the taxpayers are gonna send them $11,000 of money we don’t have? How does that make any sense at all?” Toomey asked.

Each of the videos below take a look at all of the pork spending in the Covid relief bill that US Senator Josh Hawley warns is nothing less than a move towards socialism in America, with the first video also a huge warning that there are some very sinister things within this bill that should have the American taxpayer enraged and asking a lot of questions of their politicians in Washington DC. 

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