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April 23, 2017

Chaos, Unrest And 'The Cult Of Personality' - As 'All Hell Breaks Loose', These Stories Show History Repeating Itself And Send Another Dire Warning To America

- These Two Dictator's Are Using Food And Fear As Weapons Against Their Own People


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

A cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods to create an idealized, heroic, and at times worshipful image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise. A cult of personality is similar to divinization, except that it is established by mass media and propaganda usually by the state, especially in totalitarian (or sometimes authoritarian) states.

In this new story from the Daily Mailwe see the pictures below of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, 'all smiles', as he visits a pig farm in North Korea. Reporting in their story that while at least 2 million of his 'subjects' in NK are starving, you'd never know it with Kim's taste for fine meats well documented and his secretive, hermit kingdom making sure the bodies of the dead littering the streets of North Korea never see publicity.

As their story reports, most photographs released from the regime-controlled Korean Central News Agency don't show the REAL North Korea, where the daily rations of maize, rice or meat leave millions struggling to survive on meager state handouts yet we hear the struggles through those who'd defected from the North.:

Defectors who survived the regime have told of people regularly starving to death, with bodies laid out in the streets.

Park Yeonmi, who fled the country in 2007 under the rule of Kim Jong-il, told The Express this month: 'Every day I wondered if I was going to stay alive or not.

'Food was limited as everyone was hungry and people like us, who were in the bottom class, were starving.

'My mother traded in the market but this was not enough. So we had to find food in the mountains, eating dragonflies and grasshoppers and plants anything to stay alive.'


While most photographs taken of the NKorean dictator either show him surrounded by 'smiling and adoring' military commanders or 'the weeping masses', it's clear that something sinister is going on in a world where his military commanders KNOW they better smile while the 'weeping masses' KNOW they better weep or they, too, might soon be 'made an example of'.

As this January 13th of 2012 Daily Mail story reported, after the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, thousands of North Korean's faced forced labor camps for not appearing upset enough about the dictator's death. The photographs taken back then, two seen below, are being repeated in 2017 with North Koreans taking on a cult-like adoration of a man who's threatened to nuke America while using food as a weapon against his own people.


Halfway around the world from NKorea in Venezuela, another brutal dictator is using food as a weapon against his own people while also whipping his adoring masses into a cult-like following as Nicolas Maduro's Venezuela spirals out of control and armed-civilian militia bands prop up his dictatorship with their own reign of terror.

With the death toll in Venezuela jumping to at least 20 in the latest round of violence between protesters demanding Maduro's removal and government forces, the battles taking place there now, as many Venezuelan's starve, were described by one participant as: "it's like a war". A war taking place between brothers and sisters and fathers and sons there, we've long warned on ANP that what is happening in Venezuela now should be seen as a dire warning to America.

And while Rachell Maddow on MSNBC recently destroyed herself claiming what is happening now in Venezuela is President Donald Trump's fault despite the fact that socialism has left a bloody path for over a hundred years and people have been killing zoo animals and pets for food in Venezuela for long before Trump got into office, we see mass brutality once again used by govt against their people while the 'brutal dictator' is being propped up by his people, rather than 'taken down'.

Just as we see in the photographs below of Kim Jong Un being mobbed by female soldiers, many of whom are pictured crying hysterically as they flock around the dictator like teenage girls sobbing over the latest boyband, the 'cult of personality' that has historically surrounded brutal dictator's has its very self become a 'survival technique' for many.


I sell the things, you need to be...
I'm the smiling face on your T.V.
I'm the cult of personality.
I exploit you, still you love me...
I tell you one and one makes three..
Living Colour's "Cult of Personality" song lyrics.

Throughout history, socialist government's have left a death count of close to or more than 100 million and as we see by what's happening now in Venezuela, those numbers are still growing and will likely continue to grow, possibly hitting devastating numbers should what we're witnessing there now only be 'the beginning'.

Kim Jong Un's reign of terror in North Korea has seen the barbaric and brutal murders of his own family members and military leaders yet the cult-like 'adoration' continues to grow around him. His own people weep their eyes out for fear if they're captured on camera NOT behaving as if Kim is their 'savior', they and their families will be 'disappeared', possibly never to be seen or heard from again.


As we hear in the final video below, a Frontline special filmed inside North Korea, for many years, the hatred of America has been central in the indoctrination of most North Koreans. Called 'North Korea's Darkest Secrets', we see how food is used as a weapon against his people, just as it has been by dictators throughout history.

In the first video below we get a report directly from Venezuela where what is now happening is pitting family member against family member and has seen chaos spin out of control. With one Venezuelan woman warning she feels like she's in a war, we get more proof that failed socialist experiments bring death rather than 'utopia'.

Could America soon see the same kind of anarchy and chaos as we're witnessing in Venezuela should 'worst case scenarios' that have long been warned of unfold here? If the US was now suffering through the same mass shortages of food and basic necessities that Venezuela is now experiencing, there's little doubt it could be much worse here with 10's of millions of Americans already living off government assistance and America a 'powder keg' ready to explode.

In the 2nd video below from Rob Dew of Infowars we see massive riots and violence recently exploding in Venezuela and though far away, a warning of what might be coming to America should 'worst case scenarios' be realized and the economy come crashing down, leaving tens of millions of Americans completely unprepared and Deagel's strange forecast numbers of only 59 million Americans living here in 2024 suddenly within reach.

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