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June 20, 2016

Do The Devil's Henchmen Have Devil's Breath? 'It Only Takes A Moment' - Are Holistic Health Practitioners Being Knocked Off By 'Scopolamine Patsies' AKA MK-Ultra Assassins?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back in 2012, a scandal rocked the White House after at least 9 members of Barack Obama's Secret Service advance team were accused of hooking up with prostitutes in the nation of Colombia prior to the arrival of Obama for a summit there. 

The nation of Columbia is also home to a plant called scopolamine. Also known as devil's breath, it has been reported that scopolamine is the most dangerous drug in the world.

A very small amount blown into one's face or slipped into ones drink has been reported to almost immediately incapacitate the 'victim'. However, unlike other such drugs that might make their victim unconscious, devil's breath leaves a victim fully functioning, able to walk, talk and go about their business, though totally unaware of what they are doing. Gangs (and prostitutes) use scopolamine in Columbia all the time to help them do their dirty work. It is said that once a person has been incapacitated with scopolamine, they immediately lose all free will and are totally under the control of whomever used the drug against them. 

The drug also is now being used by big pharma in motion sickness patches so we know for a fact that this deadly drug is already here in America, and developed by Novartis, the #2 big pharma company in the world back in 2014. The fact that NASA is also dabbling in scopolamine, creating an aerosolized form of it, should send up alarms. 

While it has a variety of other legitimate medical uses, including being used back in the early 1900's through the 1960's in various locations to help get mothers through childbirth, it has been reported that it has also been used by the CIA as a sort of 'truth serum'...or as a method of complete and total control. 


Imagine for one moment if you will.

One second, you're sitting in a bar or restaurant, talking to a complete stranger and the conversation turns towards guns, the 2nd Amendment, US politics and religion.

A few minutes later, the person who you've been speaking with tells you they'd love to continue the conversation in a moment even though they appear to be a slightly disturbed liberal you've just taken out of their safe zone.

Upon returning your new 'friend' leans over to tell you something in their slight voice which you can't hear so you lean a bit closer, just for a second, before you even knew what hit you.

In this extreme scenario, if you're lucky, the next thing you know, you're locked away inside a tiny cell, strapped down to a hospital gurney and you can't remember a thing. If you're not so lucky you've already departed this world. 

As you 'awaken' you see you're surrounded by heavily armed men and women. Moments later, the interrogation begins.

You've been charged with the crime of a mass shooting and the politicians immediately begin to take aim at the 2nd Amendment and your religion, you've become a 'right wing' terrorist. Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch are vindicated.

You can't even remember what happened nor even remember your 'new friend' but your life is forever changed and so is the world.


Devil's breath is no joke and if the 'devil's henchmen' now have it in their possession, there is no telling how much damage they could cause with it. One of the results of a person under 'devil's breath' is that "you can guide them wherever you's like they're a child." Could someone under such a 'spell' be made to kill another? Absolutely. 

In fact, as we hear in the videos below, scopolamine has allegedly been used to help create MK-Ultra style assassins. Is the nwo still using scopolamine right now, as has been argued in the case of James Holmes, the 'Batman shooter' in Colorado? As we're told here, scopolamine has become the drug of choice for 'unusual criminal acts'.  

Taking that question one step further, is big pharma now using scopolamine on unsuspecting 'patsies' to knock off their biggest competitors, holistic medical doctors across America that have been dying left and right as has been reported upon over and over again the past year by Erin Elizabeth over at Health Nut News?



According to a recent story from True Activist, at least 50 holistic doctors have mysteriously died in the last year. After doing research on some of them we've found that there is really no common theme...except, they have all been holistic medical practitioners who met their untimely ends.

Quite often, when their 'killers' have been found, there seems to be no motive whatsoever to the killing. In fact, like in the case of James Holmes, an obvious MK-Ultra programmed shooter, the killer is left a blabbering mess. Is big pharma now using 'scopolamine patsies' to knock off their biggest competitors, the countless good men and women practicing medicine across the country who realize that pharmaceuticals are killing Americans in huge numbers? Big Pharma certainly has the motive....and the means (scopolamine), to do so. 


Breathing new life into the zombie apocalypse, 'devil's breath' could be used as the ultimate control mechanism and to hear  in the 2nd video below that it has been aerosolized BY NASA brings up thoughts of scopolamine chemtrails raining down upon the masses, leaving them more open to TV commercials and suggestions and certainly helping to offer one more possible explanation for the 'zombification' of America.

The first video below is a must-see if you haven't watched it yet with over 18 million views, a documentary on the 'world's scariest drug' directly from the heart of Columbia. We hear from victims of scopolamine as well as some of the criminals who use it against others. If you just want a short version of what scopolamine can do and how dangerous it is, the 3rd video is only a minute and half long explanation of this 'devil's drug'.  


While at this time we are unable to prove that big pharma is using scopolamine on patsies to knock off holistic health practitioners, we find it extremely odd that so many good men and women have recently died mysteriously or killed without motive. The excellent but painstaking work done by Erin at Health Nut News over the past year should be a sign that something in the holistic medical world is terribly wrong.

As we hear directly from Erin in the final video below, two more holistic health practitioners have recently been killed, both gunned down by others - conveniently 'murder-suicides'. Is big pharma in the process of 'whacking' their competition via the use of 'scopolamine patsies'? Are some of the mass shootings that we're witnessing across America being done by 'scopolamine patsies' as well? We'd love to know what you think in the comment section below.  

In this next video we hear from somebody who claims to be a victim of scopolamine and an MK-Ultra assassin. He breaks down for us all of the stages that he was put through as mind-control victim, including torture and total depersonalization. This is a fascinating interview and gives us a look at what we'll never hear from the mainstream media about how people can be totally controlled - especially once scopolamine is introduced. 

MK ULTRA sleeper assassin Matthew Pauly discusses how the government used scopolamine to exert mind control over him to force him to kill, and the pattern of super soldiers and brainwashed killers being used to do secret government dirty work. How MK ULTRA agents can be recruited, recognized, and awakened, and the bizarre and chilling story of how Pauly’s life was turned upside down and his survival has continued to be threatened for knowing too much is illuminated on Buzzsaw, hosted by Sean Stone.

Matthew Pauly has had a successful career as a computer scientist, software architect, designer, team leader, and programmer for twenty-six years, until recently due to PTSD. He is now an author. Since Nov 2005 Matthew has been a non-consensual MKULTRA "sleeper assassin" test subject of the Joint Task Force (JTF) operating out of the US Consulate in Toronto, with Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) assistance.The level of violence, raw fear in shock done to Matthew and his family in these MKULTRA experiments (Monarch mind-control, and chemical weapons tests) has been terribly traumatic.


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