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April 6, 2021

'Don't Be Surprised When Buildings Are On Fire' - BLM Activist Threatens 'All Hell Will Break Loose' If Derek Chauvin Not Sentenced In Death Of George Floyd

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As the trial of Derek Chauvin, the officer being tried for second-third degree murder and/or second degree manslaughter, of George Floyd, proceeds, high profile BLM activists are already making threats of what will happen if they do not get the verdict they want.

This is the problem with: 1.) The media trying people in the court of public opinion before any investigation is even completed, and; 2.) Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists believing said media, feeling entitled to ignore the actual evidence presented at the legal trial and start threatening the entire nation if the selected, and very diverse jury, does not convict and sentence Chauvin.

ANP reported the other day that the trial was producing shocking, never-before-seen evidence, because it didn't feed the media's preferred narrative so they completely ignore it, and we asserted that no matter what happened during the trial, there would be massive riots.

It is now days later, and the Chauvin trial is still not going quite as the left or the media had planned, with evidence showing the case was not as cut and dried as we have been told for all these months.

As expected BLM activists are already preparing to riot, issuing warnings that if they do not get the verdict they want that the nation should not "Be surprised when buildings are on fire,"

In a now-deleted (but the internet is forever so we have it below!) 17 second video, model and BLM activist, Maya Echols, issues that threat.

“If George Floyd’s murderer is not sentenced, just know that all hell is gonna break loose. Don’t be surprised when buildings are on fire. Just saying,” Echols threatened in a since-deleted video.

 BLM/ANTIFA Shut Down Derek Chauvin Trail

Of course this isn't the first threat, and most likely will not be the last before the trial is over, but this is one of the few high profile, known BLM activist, that actually put it on video and slapped it on the internet, despite her discovering (and deleting it too late) that could come back to bite her on her big butt if cities across America do start burning when the verdict is announced.

Reaction to this threat via John Nolte over at Breitbart:

Echols’ threat is one people need to take seriously because, as we all remember from last year, it was the left-wing domestic terrorists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa who rioted, burned, assaulted, and killed in dozens of American cities for months and months and months.

Which means there is simply no question that if Chauvin is acquitted — as I pointed out last week — that what Echols is threatening will indeed happen. Worse still, the left’s second round of mayhem and death will likely dwarf the original campaign of domestic terror launched by Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

The good news is that if there is a second wave of domestic terror, it will, just like the first one, occur exclusively in shithole cities full of Democrats and run by Democrats.

I'll disagree with Nolte on one small point: The riots will not be dependent on an acquittal, they will riot whatever happens, in my opinion.

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If the jury convicts on either second or third degree murder, not having any understanding of the law, they will riot using the excuse that  it wasn't "first degree" (which requires premeditation). If they convict of manslaughter, they will riot because there wasn't a murder conviction. If the jury acquits on all charges, they will riot with claims that it was only because of the acquittal.

The fact is, they are already planning to riot, without any verdict as of yet. They are already threatening to riot, so it is very clear, they just want to riot, no matter what the result of the trial.

The media is, of course, fanning the flames and adding gas to the fire at every opportunity, with stories of how it is the "criminal justice system" that is on trial, which makes it obvious that to these people a jury trial, with a diverse jury makeup, is no longer acceptable to them, and they rather try and convict people on nothing more than media accounts.

Independent Journalist Andy Ngo, a constant target of Antifa groups due to his reportage of their vandalism, arson, looting, etc.... in Portland, Oregon, recently pointed out that even before the Chauvin trial began, "there was 'excitement' within the Antifa community surrounding what was, at the time of the interview, the upcoming trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin."

"Antifa is always waiting in the background to be able to exploit any type of shootings, or tragedies or deaths involving police and potentially a person of color so that they can organize around that and to radicalize people around that," he said.

These types of threats, not just from random social media users, but from activists known within the BLM/Antifa communities, are preparing their followers to get out and riot if they do not get what they want.


As Ngo explains early in the video below, activists are basically "foaming at the mouth for political violence." He continues to state that they are essentially trying to "put a gun to the heads of everyone on that jury."

Listen below:

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USA Today, via Yahoo News, reports that the city is preparing for "unrest at the courthouse where Chauvin stands trial." Of course being part of the liberal establishment media, the entire piece is more sympathetic to protesters than they are to the belief in a fair jury trial.

That piece also reports the city was forced to spend a million dollars on security fencing to protect those involved in the trial, including the jury, which there is no doubt is the actual target of their intimidation tactics.

It's clear from the security around the courthouse that authorities are worried what might happen if angry crowds again rampage through the streets.

Authorities spent about $1 million on security fencing, expressing concern that protesters might attack Chauvin or the jury. Gov. Tim Walz asked state lawmakers to approve a $35 million fund to cover policing costs for the trial and whatever follows. Legislators have not agreed on that figure.

George Floyd was the wrong poster child for a racial battle, since he was on a number of drugs, both uppers and downers,  and had a heart condition, along with the fact that he was having breathing issues before the police subdued him.


The conversation the nation should be having isn't how "black men" die by the hands of a "white" police officer, but rather why anyone in good health (Floyd was not) dies while in police custody.

Police are not perfect, no human being is, and there are a number of "bad apples," just as in every organization, but the riots, burning cities, looting and violence are all distracting from the conversation of how to arrest those committing crimes, without injury to the suspects OR the police.

Until the media, BLM, Antifa and Democrats stop using these deaths as a method of racial division, and start having a calm, cool and collected national discussion about police procedures, compiling data on what does work and what doesn't, and then making the appropriate course corrections, America is going to continue riding the Merry-Go-Round.

Unless the jury has been allowed to be utterly intimidated, they will look at the evidence and the witness testimonies and will use the law and the law alone to decide guilt or innocence.

If they find him guilty of any of the charges, then the jury believed the evidence shows guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

If they find him not guilty of any or all charges than that should also stem from looking at the evidence (not the media) and following the law.

Whichever way it goes, there should not be any riots, but we are already seeing threats that let us know that nothing will prevent what is coming.

Massive riots are on the way.

Now, since this piece has been ultra serious because we can "see" where all this is going, especially with threats of violence and arson already being issued, something a little lighter below.

Antifa member learns what "gravity" is.

With hundreds marching protesting right outside Chauvin's trial, how can one not think they are deliberately trying to intimidate the jurors?

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