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May 15, 2016

Government Insider Blows Whistle On How Obama's Aiding Terrorists As Doomsday Map From Hell Predicts Islamic Takeover! Is THIS What's Coming To America? 

Obama's 'See Something Say Nothing' Policy Has Put Americans In Danger


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Imagine living in an America under sharia law. No freedom of religion, no freedom of speech, no freedom of thought, no freedom of the press, no equality among humanity, no equal rights for women, no property rights, no right to defend ones self, no Constitution nor Bill of Rights - an America instantly switched back to the dark ages where those who reject or insult the 'supreme law' of Allah and Islam are simply 'eliminated'. 

While many have argued that sharia law will never happen in America, we have proof now that sharia is already being used in parts of the country while getting more evidence that Europe may soon be turned into a full-fledged Islamic nation. As even one presidential candidate recently warned, if America isn't very careful, we too may one day find ourselves living under the flag of Islam as Europe's already falling. As we were told by the T & D, 'Muslims are not the enemy but sharia law is a clear and present danger to America'.: 

"Islam is a revolutionary faith that comes to destroy any government made by man. … Islam doesn’t care about the land or who owns the land. The goal of Islam is to rule the entire world and submit all of mankind to the faith of Islam. Any nation or power that gets in the way of that goal, Islam will fight and destroy. In order to fulfill that goal, Islam can use every power available every way it can be used to bring worldwide revolution. This is Jihad.” -- Sayeed Abdul A’la Maududi, founder of Jamaat-e-Islami.

In fact, as we learn below from a government insider, our own president is aiding Islamic terrorists in America this very moment. Is the information below more proof that Mr. Obama really is an ISIS agent who has infiltrated America? As we also learn below, a very interesting 'doomsday map of hell' was recently found that predicted the Islamic takeover of Europe...more than 500 years ago. Is that what's coming to America?

According to retired DHS frontline officer and intelligence expert Philip Haney as heard in the 3rd video below from WNDTV, Barack Obama has long been aiding Islamic terrorists in America by making sure that they aren't discovered by our intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Haney tells us that Obama's 'stealth terror policy' has been designed to protect Islamic leaders who have supremacist beliefs and violent-jihadist ties, allowing them to travel freely between the US and the Middle East any time that they'd like to, putting EVERY American in danger. 

Despite the fact that Obama himself described ISIS as a "network of killers who are brutalizing local populations," damning evidence proves that Obama invited Muslim Brotherhood-linked leaders to the White House to help form national security policy here in America. Does that admission itself help to explain why this administration now labels Christians, supporters of the US Constitution and Patriots as 'enemies of the state'? With Islamic terrorists helping to form US national security policy at the invitation of the 'terrorist in the White House', everything is suddenly becoming all too clear. 


The story from the Express and the 1st video below tell us about a recently unearthed doomsday manuscript from the 15th century that predicted Islam would conquer Europe. Called an 'apocalyptic medieval map of hell', we also learn that the manuscript predicted that Christianity would be eradicated. You can see several of these interesting maps below videos here on ANP. The National Geographic will be doing a TV show about these maps tonight, Sunday May 15th, and in it we're told:

Dozens of printed works described the coming reckoning in gory detail, but one long-forgotten manuscript depicts the Apocalypse in a very different way—through maps. “It has this sequence of maps that illustrate each stage of what will happen,” says Chet Van Duzer, a historian of cartography who has written a book about the previously unstudied manuscript.

The geography is sketchy by modern standards, but the maps make one thing perfectly clear: If you’re a sinner, you’ve got nowhere to hide. The Antichrist is coming, and his four horns will reach the corners of the earth. And it just gets worse from there.


Several recent deadly attacks in Iraq by ISIS including at a state-run gas plant in Baghdad on Sunday that killed at least 11 while ISIS militants also gunned down at least 14 Real Madrid football fans, as also heard in the 2nd video below from Gary Franchi of the Next News Network. As we learn, 'football' isn't 'approved by Islam' so they simply decided to go blow some people up.

Isn't this death and destruction approved by Allah more proof that Islam as a 'religion' is really a sickening joke? At ANP, we're happy to insult any so-called 'prophet' who preached hatred and death to Christians and those of other religious persuasions who simply don't go along with Islam as their chosen faith. While some terrorists might seek it, Sharia law will never stand a chance in America...simply put, many Americans have far too many weapons and are far too ready to defend ourselves and our Constitution, legally of course, against terrorists who seek to impose their will forcefully upon us. 

As the Washington Examiner pointed out in this new story linked to by the Drudge Report this morning, preppers believe that Obama has purposely divided America and that we are now on course for Civil War in this country. If that's the case, and we indeed are heading towards civil war in America, we can clearly see the battle lines being drawn.

While we pray that another civil war never comes to America, it's clear that those who are supporting and assisting terrorists while going up against the American people have aligned themselves with unspeakable evil. In seeking to overthrow the US Constitution while helping to ensure that sharia law continues to creep into America, all bets are off for this nation and our future. 

“The West’s propensity for ignorance is nothing short of astounding. …. Never before have books on the subject of Islamic history and terrorism been so prolific, yet the same old opinions on the causes of Islamic violence remain as popular, uniformed and widespread as ever.” -- Australian writer Warner MacKenzie in his article “It’s the ideology, Stupid” about the failure of the West to face the danger of Sharia Law

Sharia Law is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, those seeking to further Sharia Law are a "political" threat we should not tolerate. We have every moral and legal right to prevent those holding this ideology from entering the United States as immigrants.

In 1952, during a critical time of the Cold War against the ideology of communism, Congress passed the Immigration and Naturalization Act, specifying that those seeking citizenship in the United States must be "attached to the principles of the Constitution.” Ensuring we allow no immigrants who desire to further Sharia Law is fair and allows for religious freedom by distinguishing faith in God from a political ideology.

The war against radical Islam is worldwide and the goal of our enemy is establishment of Sharia Law throughout the world. Americans need not give into discrimination against those who believe in their understanding of God as a personal matter. Let's keep our religious freedom, but let's also determine to keep Sharia Law out of America.







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