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April 7, 2020

 America's Draconian Coronavirus Lockdown Is Plunging Country Into 'New Great Depression' - How Many Will Die From Starvation, Suicide & Related Health Issues In The Days Ahead?  

- Un-elected and unaccountable 'experts' are running America into oblivion

Story Submitted To ANP By Retired Prosecutor Robert Kirk

I live in Riverside County, California. Back on March 17th I thought we had hit rock bottom when I receive news that a young couple’s wedding and reception I was about to photograph had been cancelled on orders of the Riverside County Health Gestapo which passed an order criminalizing gatherings of ten or more. The edict further mandated “fine and or imprisonment” even for gatherings under ten should a social distance of six feet not be maintained. Before this I never imagined that kissing one’s spouse on your wedding day might get you a hefty fine and/or a prolonged say in County Jail.

Not to be outdone by the prior order, on April 4th Riverside County’s Health Officer, Dr. Kaiser, (aptly named!) just expanded the order to mandate that we must all wear face masks when going out and that “… no gatherings of any number of people may take place outside of family members residing in the same home.”

The rationale for expanding the prior draconian order making weddings and other such gatherings a criminal offense?

Apparently what the Kaiser sees as the breathtaking increase of COVID-19 cases in Riverside County. According to Riverside County’s press release regarding the new mandate “as of April 4, Riverside County, has 665 confirmed cases, 18 deaths and 60 recoveries.”

If Riverside County were sparsely populated I might well understand the order since the number of deaths (19 thus far) might be a serious percentage of those infected. Curious, I checked the population for our County. As of the last census (2017) the population of Riverside County was 2.423 million.

We’ve seen this bad horror “expert” modeling movie before but not played out in such concrete and rapid fashion. In wasn’t long before the Coronavirus hysteria that our “expert” betters were referencing other computer models as proof of their assurance that planet earth only had a score of years left due to the adverse effects of “man-made climate change.” Forget the fact that a good part of the temperature data used in their computer modeling was fraudulent.

In recent weeks, our current “expert” betters, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, have assured us that, based on the “models” they rely on, models for which the government has yet to provide the underlying data, the entire economy of our nation and our livelihood must continue to be shut down to “slow” the next great pandemic.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane. It seems like the distant past but in fact it’s a very recent nightmare.

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Way back on March 13th, less than a month ago, the great and all powerful Dr. Anthony Fauci was stating on national TV that this Corona Virus could be the next great pandemic – the next iteration of the Black Death or the Spanish flu which would necessitate locking down the country for months.

And what did he base that dire prediction on? To a large degree that flawed study by the Imperial College of London and that august Epidemiologist Neil Ferguson who stated in his study that this Corona Virus pandemic out of China would likely lead to the death of over half a million in the UK and between 1 million and 2.2 million Americans.

Standing by Fauci and supporting him in the assessment was another credentialed “Expert” – the calm and reassuring lady with the beautiful scarf and the soft voice – another Doctor “Expert” – Deborah Brix.

Relying on his federal government “experts”, on March 16th President Trump declared a “National Emergency” opening the door for weak-kneed governors and their leftist true believer brethren (like Newsome, the governor of my home state), to entirely shut down the economy of the United States of America.

But then a little fly flew into the ointment of the monkey wrench “expert” statistics. The great and wonderful Wizard of the Imperial College, Doctor Ferguson, walked back his dire predictions on March 26th explaining that “Ooops – on reconsideration of the emerging data” he now concluded that the death rate in Great Britain, instead of being half a million would be closer to the common flu at less than 20,000 “most of whom would have died anyway from underlying causes.” For the U.S. Ferguson’s “expert” opinion of the death rate was revised down from millions to about 80,000 – comparable to deaths in our country from the common flu in the 2017-2018 season.

So now the Doctor with the pretty scarf, Ms. Birz, had some ‘splaining to do. The way she explained it last Tuesday April 2nd during the nationally televised Task Force Briefing was: “that by completely locking down the U.S. economy and American Public, the U.S. Government and Coronavirus task force ‘experts’ were able to cut the total Coronavirus death in the United Sates from 1 to 2.2 million deaths to 100,00 to 200,000 death.”

Yeah, sure.

I submit to you, we don’t need un-elected and unaccountable “Experts” devoid of common sense and logical reasoning skills running the show and in the process running our dear County down into the next Great Depression.

What we do need is honesty, courage and common sense. Alas, qualities woefully lacking in our Bureaucratic Expert Betters.

Dennis Prager has made mention of it on his radio show in recent days. The High Priests in this godless age are the “Scientists” and the “Experts” – the 21st Century Gods of truth. Question them and you are damned to social and economic hell.

A neighbor of mine named Bob is on the Board of Directors of a large Christian church in our community.

Every year for as long as they’ve lived in my neighborhood they have held an “Easter Sunrise Service” on their property several of which I have attended in recent years.

This years’ Easter Sunrise Service has been cancelled on orders of the Board of Directors of Bob’s church because of the “orders” of the Kaiser of Riverside County’s Health Department.

A few days ago Bob wrote me asking if I would join a prayer chain to pray that God would “stop the Corona Virus.”

I responded to Bob in part as follows:

“We are praying but feel your prayer could use more focus with the following addendum:

And Lord, we also pray that you would immediately end the draconian business shut down orders across our nation, which, if not stopped now, will result in needless additional suffering and loss of life from depression, suicide and drug abuse by many of the millions who have lost and will continue to lose their jobs and source of livelihood, plunging our nation into the next Great Depression.”

As I write this, unemployment claims for the last two weeks are at 10 Million and climbing because of the COVID-19 business shut-down orders.

When I told my wife of Bob’s prayer request, her immediate response was, ‘Why aren’t they praying that God end the common flu? Many many more have died of that.’”

Yes, eventually, even on Planet Earth, all things will work together for God’s purpose when Christ finally returns.

What I’m stressing about in the meantime is that little thing known as “Armageddon” which proceeds ultimate justice here on Earth.

With Trump caving to Dr. Fauci and Dr. Fancy Scarf we are quickly moving towards the greatest pain and suffering that our Country and the world has ever known or experienced.

I do hope and pray that Trump takes charge and again stands on the truth. That means giving the boot to Dr. F & B and boldly speaking what needs to be said – the truth about the bullsh** lefty science behind the scientific “models” and the truth about the need for our fellow citizens to get back to work now.

Robert Kirk, a retired Prosecutor, suffers from a rare malady that only afflicts a tiny percentage of his fellow Californians – common sense conservative thought. To contact go to:

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