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November 1, 2020

Eating Animal Hearts And Praising 'Chaos Gods,' Happening Now in America As Antifa Terror Is Escalating: To Them YOU Are The Enemy

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Violent groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) have decided they do not actually have to wait for election night to terrorize people, as is being organized by a host of anarchist groups, but they rather start before the election.

Aside from the riots by Antifa and BLM under the guise of "protesting" police shootings, we have been witnessings a major increase in violence and threats towards residents and others in no way involved with law enforcement, running up to Tuesday's presidential election.

Before detailing some of the most egregious actions from these groups, with barely any pushback from the liberal leaders of the cities/states being terrorized, let me explain why I said the riots and the destruction is "under the guise" of protesting.

Protesters are those that march, chant, or just show up holding signs to protest against some issue, or police involved shooting, or whatever the reason, but these so-called "protests" are more about burning cars and buildings, looting stores in local neighborhoods, the majority of which are minority owned.

The very people these "protesters" aka rioters claim to be protesting on behalf of.

Robbery, vandalism, physically and verbally attacking residents in the rioting area, along with diners, drivers and just about anyone else within sight, has replaced actual peaceful protests, showing the "cause" means nothing compared to Antifa/BLM's desire to destroy and tear down America.

Even when not vandalizing, these anarchist groups apparently think it is their right to block traffic, shut down streets, yell and scream at residents watching..... all while police are right there, observing them commit crimes, and no one gets arrested as the police do absolutely nothing.

It shouldn't surpise anyone that the towns where Antifa and BLM are getting away with this type of lawlessness, are all run by liberals.

October 29, 2020, Bellvue. One of the less violent, but still lawless actions of Antifa.

Antifa Black Bloc “peaceful protesters” made their way through Bellevue, Washington, screaming at residents and anyone unlucky enough to be passing by. They also shut down streets despite police being present as travelers were stuck for extended periods of time.

Other recent examples include Portland Antifa crossing over into Vancouver Washington, terrorizing residential neighborhoods, diners, and throwing rocks and other items at moving cars.

Via Breitbart: (Videos at link)

• Seattle: "We are here to cause disruption," the woman leading a BLM protest in Seattle yelled. "I’m here to ruin dinners, to ruin happy hours, and everything about Black liberation and Indigenous liberation." 

Another video shows a woman standing in the street outside a restaurant screaming at the customers trying to enjoy a Friday-night meal.

“You guys can sit there and not even get up from your f*cking tables with your overpriced f*cking food,” she yells at the diners. “You’re horrible, every single one of you.”

Kansas City, Missouri: "BLM protesters invaded an outdoor dining area in Kansas City, Missouri, and jumped on tables to scream their message. "We’re here to let you know that Black lives matter," the man yells into his bullhorn."

Perhaps the most chilling examples are not even of violence against others, but rather how these domestic terrorists will simply do things like lighting a billboard on fire, and people just standing around watching as if this is normal human behavior, which sadly, it seems to be for these thugs. In that same video, the people, and yes, I use that term very loosely, randomly attack people driving cars in the street.

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Other examples from late October, decribed by Free Beacon in a piece headlined "This Week in Leftist Violence and Intimidation Vol. 9," include the following:

• BLM Protesters in Rhode Island Throw Smoke Bombs, Bottles at Police

• Portland Antifa Militants Lob Projectiles, Call for Execution of Federal Officers

• BLM Protesters Storm Trader Joe’s in Seattle

• ‘More Dead Pigs’: Anti-Police Protesters Graffiti Northwestern’s Weber Arch

 Boston Antifa Members Burn Flag, Eat Heart, Curse Law and Order

Protests took a macabre turn in Boston this week, as Antifa members burned the American flag and ate an animal heart—all while invoking the name of a Hindu deity. "F— Trump!" and "F— Twelve!" they screamed. "Praise to the chaos gods!"

• Counterprotesters Attack Black Free Speech Rally Organizer, Knock His Teeth Out

Free Beacon has videos and images confirming these bullet points.

Must Read: WATCH: Antifa Attacks Restaurant Patrons in Suburban Vancouver, Washington



Many believe that Antifa and BLM, especially the segments of the group that have proven to be the most violent, will stay in their specific areas and do as much damage there as possible, but as seen above, they have begun expanding into residential neighborhoods, attacking doners out for the evening, crossing into other states to throw stuff at moving vehicles, rip flags off and burning them, verbally harass residents of areas not theirs, and more.

This is clearly an escalation, even before the November 3, 2020 presidential election. Many of these groups have already started organizing to be "in the streets"on election night, before the polls even close, which is indicative of their plans to riot no matter who wins or who loses.

The very fact that we are now seeing an overabundance of videos and eyewitness accounts of this escalation and movement into formerly peaceful areas, makes it very clear that they are coming for you, coming for us all.

If you do not subscribe to their political ideology, you are the enemy. 

If you do not stand for them and their cause when they confront you, you are the enemy. 

If you are a conservative, you are the enemy. 

If you love America, you are the enemy.


Many believe that because they are not living in or close to Portland OR, Lancaster PA, Kenosha WI, New York City NY, or other areas where Antifa and BLM are out of control and law enforcement is turning a blind eye, most having been ordered to stand down, that they will not come after them.

We can be sure the St. Louis couple that brandished guns to protect their home and property after protesters broken down the privacy gate in the private residential neighborhood, didn't think their neighborhood would targeted.

We can be fairly confident that outdoor diners, just getting out of the house and sitting down for a meal, didn't expect to be physically and verbally attacked by protesters.

We can also safely say, that Vancouver drivers most likely did not think they would be the target of domestic terrorists.

We can also be assured that the drivers in Bellvue did not expect to have the streets shot down by thugs deciding they had the right to block streets and terrorize drivers.

The point here is that there are no borders or boundaries anymore. These domestic terrorists now believe they can go anywhere, attack anyone and will suffer no consequences.

Lock and load and prepare to defend your home, your family, your neignborhood and community.

No matter who wins the presidential election, there will be more blood on the streets.

Please watch this 40 second-plus video until the end, as we see an attack occur, live on air, as an actor from a pro-Trump movie is about to be interviewed. 

What appears to be an Antifa members runs up behind him and just smashes a bottle over his head for absolutely no reason.

This is Antia, BLM and radical leftists and it is only going to get worse.


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