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October 13, 2014

Ebola: What You Aren't Being Told

By Susan Duclos

Jeff Rense was joined by Dr. William Deagle in the first video below, where the topic of Ebola is discussed with some handy facts that are not reported in the MSM, from a quick history recap to what we see happening today, not only in west Africa, but across the world as Ebola jumps from country to country and specifically the reports of Ebola affected patients in the United States.

The second video below from Anarchy World, where a completely different POV is expressed, mainly they seem to believe the Ebola issue is a hoax and all part of the New World Order agenda. The opinions expressed are their own, but with the amount of lies continuously told to us from our governments with the MSM complicit in burying the truth, it is always helpful to see all opinions and theories, then decide for ourselves, after researching them, whether we agree or disagree.


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