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February 3, 2016

Standing At The Edge Of The Abyss - Elites Long-Term Plans Were Predicted Long Ago, Insidiously Implemented, And Now Almost Fully Complete


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

I have heard it said that in order to fully grasp what we see happening around us in the present and to be fully prepared for what lies before us in the future, we must understand the truth of the past. With that in mind, warnings from decades ago, when looked at from the prism of todays events, show that the long-term agenda of the elite was not only predicted, but has been insidiously implemented in the years since and is almost fully complete now, as America is standing at the edge of the abyss.

Back in 1958 and again in 1974, ten predictions were made about Americans future, termed as "insiders long-term plans" to which prominent conservatives denounced  as "conspiracy," and "far removed from common sense" and liberals scoffed at them, yet almost every one of those predictions has been fully implemented.

Those 10 predictions were; 1. Greatly explanded government spending; 2. Higher taxes; 3. An increasingly unbalanced budget; 4. Wild inflation of U.S. Currency; 5. Government control of prices, wages and materials; 6. Greatly increased socialistic controls over every operation of our economy and every activity of our daily lives; 7. Far more centralization of power in Washington and practical elimination of state lines; 8. Steady advance of control over the educational system leading to the federalization of public education; 9. Constant hammering into the American consciousness of the horrors of modern warfare and; 10. Willingness of the American people to allow the depth of appeasement by our government which amounts to a piecemeal surrender.

Think about how long ago those predictions were made and look around at the news of today about our unsustainable budget and debt, taxes, government control via regulation, federal takeover of education over the last 50 years, politicians attempting to control what we eat, drink and do, Washington's contant violation of states' rights, and how we are contantly bombarded with a push for "international rule" versus our own Constitutional guaranteed rights.

These predictions, seen below in a very old video clip of Robert W. Welch, businessman, political activist against communism, author and founder of the John Birch Society, laid out a blueprint of the elites long-term agenda, at a JBS council meeting in 1974.

At the beginning of Welch's speech he explains the long-term plan of the insiders was to "induce gradual surrender of American sovereignty, piece by piece and step by step, to various international organizations of which the UN (United Nations) is the outstanding, bur far from the only example."

For those that want to know more about what this man knew and tried to warn the country of,  his "Blue Book" in its entirety can be found here, and the 'Foreword to 2002 Edition of The Politician' (275 page PDF) can be found here.

Interestingly enough, via the Forward to the fourth printing of "The Blue Blook, in 1961" which was the entire two-day presentation given by Robert Welch at the founding meeting of The John Birch Society in Indianapolis, December 9, 1958, we see the exact same attacks on him as we see against Alternative Media today.

Naturally we have faced extensive and malicious attacks from both the open and the disguised Left. Nothing more is required today to bring down on any man's head a torrent of smears from the Liberal Establishment than: (a) to deny the beauties of the welfare state; or (b), to seek to preserve the opportunities and responsibilities of the individual; or (c), to suspect the venality of any of the Establishments painstakingly manufactured but clay-footed gods, with their synthetic haloes. And we have done all three. 

Also we have suffered from open opposition, "objective condemnation, " and undercover punches by our allies of the Right. These too were to be expected — although we confess to surprise at the quarters from which a few of the attacks have come. Unquestionably some of the criticism has been due to sincere differences of opinion, as to ideology or as to methods. But our growing in just two years to a size and strength that many of these groups have been unable to attain in a decade, or in a lifetime, has produced inevitable resentment. So we have been able unhesitatingly to ascribe most of the "confidential reports" and whispering campaigns against us, on the part of other Conservatives, to nothing more serious than the normal jealousies and petty hypocrisies of mankind. 

Some things never change..........


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