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May 26, 2022

With America Showing All The Signs Of An Empire In Its' Last Stages Of Existence, With Absolute Chaos And Ominous Doom Awaiting Us, Our 'Enemies Within' Are Ushering In 'The End' 

By John Sotto - All News PipeLine

America has become a land where the powerful men and women in Washington DC send money to foreign countries, but have no money left for their own people. A society now staring at out of control gas prices, with no end in sight. A country with an American president about to hand over US sovereignty to a bunch of unelected bureaucrats at the WHO? A nation where corrupt and soulless low IQ congress people have the audacity to lecture all of us about virtue and "science."

America LAST: US Senate REJECTS $48 Billion Aid Package For Small Businesses and Restaurants Just Hours After Approving ANOTHER $40 Billion for Ukraine – 34 RINOs Voted Yes for Ukraine and No for Americans

Tucker Carlson Joins Fellow Conservatives – Warns Americans of Joe Biden’s Plans to Hand Over US Sovereignty to the Globalist WHO (VIDEO)

 AOC Mocks Christians For Opposing Abortion, Rants About How Babies in the Womb Are Not a Life (VIDEO)

The USA is currently showing all the signs of an empire within the last stages of its existence. We are all experiencing a country being taken down from within, by a slow and methodical process, like a frog within a boiling pot of water, America sits waiting. A citizenry which is asleep at the switch, probably much too busy to see all the nefarious politicians/actors, who are scheming behind our backs in unison and enabling the controlled demolition of this nation. Treasonous politicians, who are sapping the USA of every ounce of its ability to produce energy, while ironically begging the dictators of rogue nations for dirty foreign oil. America is being turned into a third world country, as a willfully ignorant citizenry all sit back quietly, showing no resistance to the growing tyranny surrounding them. The truth has now become lost, nobody will even take the the time to look for it anymore.

Should Biden really be begging Saudi Arabia and Venezuela for oil?


Americans are now content to be consumed by nonsensical tv shows and Hollywood miscreants, who sue each other on tv and who punch one another during movie award shows. Obsessed with professional sports teams, whose team owners have become panderers to China and to the radical leftist ideologies of political correctness and wokeism. People are becoming mesmerized by their selfies and the postings on instagram, twitter and facebook. Becoming totally self-absorbed and fully disconnected from real human contact. Oblivious to Biden's policies which are now diminishing the USA. Our own US military is being degraded right before our very eyes. We have left behind huge amounts of military equipment in Afghanistan. Joe Biden and congress continue to send millions of dollars worth of American military equipment and munitions to Ukraine. The Biden administration is currently attempting to prioritize the woke agenda of inclusiveness, equity and political correctness throughout all the branches of our US military. China and Russia are now pulling ahead of America regarding the development of supersonic weapons, and this should cause every American citizen concern.

Staggering Costs – U.S. Military Equipment Left Behind In Afghanistan

 Who needs a China when Biden himself is destroying the US army with wokeism


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Joe Biden's policies are leading to a huge uptick in crime within the USA. Illegal drugs are pouring through our southern border at exponentially higher levels than ever before. Things can only get worse if Biden's title 42 decision sees fruition.

We apparently have a two tier justice system in America right now. Two sets of rules for people, one set of rules applying to those who lean politically left and one set of rules for those who lean politically right. Why does an Antifa Democrat convicted of four counts of attempted manslaughter receive no jail time? Are we all existing in an alternate reality?

In the state of NY, we see violent criminals being released onto the streets repeatedly thanks to a very shaky bail reform law, mainly enacted by a leftist Democratic state legislature. Where do we see justice for the victims of such liberal lunacy regarding crime? How can anybody justify such irresponsible actions by those within our judicial system? How many unnecessary lives are being lost because of the insane policies of the left?

How does a man in NYC last year, who was arrested 42 times for shoplifting continue to get released onto the streets to do more damage?

Biden’s border disaster fuels the crime wave in American cities

 Antifa Democrat CONVICTED of 4 Counts of Attempted Manslaughter Gets NO JAIL TIME

 The worst NYC crimes committed in 2021 are thanks to shaky bail reform law

 NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea reacts to Post article about shoplifter with 46 arrests this year

Today a vast majority of the American citizenry lack the awareness and tenacity it takes to retain a free republic. We have become a nation whose economy is being destroyed by a bunch of miserable leftist low IQ neo-marxist misfits. Leftist maniacs who believe in aborting babies within the womb and who scream ad nauseam that America is the most evil and racist country ever to exist. Leftists who are prepared to bring unnecessary pain, suffering and financial burden to all of us. Just so they can feel good about themselves in appeasing a fringe bunch of extremists, who worship at the altar of climate change alarmism/cultism.

How have we arrived at this point? Why do we currently find ourselves staring at the destruction of our freedom and looking at the end of our personal privacy? Why have we all become so negligent in allowing our nation to become so vulnerable? Have we all become too lazy to trust our own eyes and ears? Or maybe too mesmerized by the cell phones we carry with us everywhere? Have we all become numb to all the evil currently engulfing the entire globe? There comes a point when people must awaken and confront the evil/reality, which has surrounded every aspect of our society. Because if we fail to do so, we wind up living in the USA 2022, Joe Biden and Barack Obama's version of America.

An America where freedom and personal privacy are becoming obsolete and economic destruction/widespread inflation are becoming the new normal. A USA which plays second fiddle to Communist China and an America which no longer leads but follows. A country whose politicians pay lip service to our national security and who do absolutely nothing to secure our southern border. We are becoming an irresponsible nation whose leaders are creating an insurmountable debt, which is going to place a cataclysmic financial burden upon future generations.

Let's stop pretending Joe Biden is a nice man, who is a little confused and just makes bad policy decisions. We all must come to the somber realization that Biden and his handlers know exactly what they are doing. These leftists are implementing insane policies they know can not possibly work. They are overseeing the total disruption of our supply chain, attempting to dismantle our private energy sector and hoping to collapse our entire capitalist system. Setting us all up for a future filled with chaos, worry and perpetual poverty. A place where a few leftist globalist elites rule over a diminished population of indentured servants. A dystopia, where every American citizen becomes part of a new world order government.

We exist in a nation where people are now starting to worry about how far their paycheck will go. With grain supplies dwindling, people are now becoming worried about how to feed their families. A majority of families are currently living paycheck to paycheck and consumer credit card balances are approaching the one trillion dollar mark. The US middle class finds itself shrinking to the point of obsolescence. We are entering a financial climate, where we see our currency becoming devalued daily, along with our saving accounts become drained. Could the US dollar soon lose its reserve currency status? On a personal note, a small stove I had replaced eight years ago which cost 500 dollars, I now hear will cost 1700 dollars to replace, and I will have to wait at least six weeks to receive it. All these these scenarios are causing people who are aware to become very afraid. Not to mention the baby formula shortage which has taken place recently.

The coming food catastrophe: Ukraine says May grain exports down more than 60% compared to 2021 in latest alarming sign of international food crisis

Nearly two-thirds of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck amid inflation crisis

Will Joe Biden Oversee The Collapse Of The U.S. Dollar?

It feels like human beings are now being robbed of their hope and their ability to dream. US citizens are becoming dearth of human emotion. No longer able to dream of better things or plan for a better future. Simply because we all have become complacent/unaware, and never took the required time and effort to maintain our freedom. Why are we accepting all this unnecessary pain and undo financial burden being forced upon us by the Biden administration? America is now a wounded nation, being diminished unnecessarily, to the point where it's hard to even recognize it anymore.

Desperate and chaotic times, headlining our country each and every day,
Simple people just attempting to make their way,

The day Joe Biden took office, a day the majority of people now rue,
We now have wide open borders, illegal drugs, disease and more criminals pouring through,
Is this Orwellian nightmare actually about to come true?

Biden and his son forever on a treasonous crime spree,
A nation no longer free, under the thumb of a corrupt Leftist tyranny,
Villains always attempting to create some kind of artificial misery,

Nobody ever held accountable for their wrongdoing, or for the crimes they commit,
A nation no longer responsible, lacking so much integrity and grit,

Abortion on demand,
Running rampant throughout our darkened land, all happening according to their nefarious plan,

Much to my chagrin and the treasonous Leftist enemy technocrat's delight,
People no longer seeking the light, within a constant state of anguish and fright,

Truth has become a menace and logic the new enemy,
For human beings are now unable to clearly see, just a younger generation left with a bunch of worthless college degrees,

People mired within a mindset of delusion, a state of confusion,
Existing in a life of illusion,

People's brains becoming rewired,
Leftist propaganda spreading like wild fire, evil people who constantly conspire, making most of us angry and tired,

Unable to distinguish friend from foe,
Every day, every hour, every second, our society reaches a new despicable low,

Debauchery and perversion encompassing every town square,
Living is becoming too much to bear, people no longer taking the time to care, too lazy to even become aware,

Aware of the traitors who demand you take their experimental clot shots, like boiling frogs within our own crock pots, obediently complying like lifeless robots,

Popping their pills, relinquishing their free will, no longer left with a soul to spill, left to rot amongst the swine and their swill,

A bought and sold leftist puppet media, which constantly peddles distortion and lies,
Protecting Leftist politicians is very unwise, why won't they heed the public's outrage and cries?

No longer is there any virtue or even one ounce of piety,
Immorality running rampant throughout our entire society,

An amoral and bankrupt society wrapped up in a web of ridiculous lies, Communism on the rise,
Western values running dry, an empire nearing its demise,
Critical thinking, logic and truth no longer apply,

People frantically buying silver and gold, selling our nation's collective soul,
Throwing away our lifeblood of US gas, oil and coal,
The very US energy which makes us independent and whole,

Ignoring self-preservation, common sense and endless pleas,
Nobody could ever imagine or conceive, how people could become so easily fooled and deceived,
A bunch of radical climate cultists bringing our nation to its knees,

Bankrupting every mom and pop store,
Food shortages running rampant from shore to shore,
Our country's precious heart and fragile soul rotting to the very core,

A self-absorbed citizenry, who are all commanded to become obsessed with gender and race,
Merit and character no longer having its place,

Paying lip service to God's call, America no longer standing tall, How deep can one free republic possibly fall?

The situation becoming more dark and dire,
Gasoline prices moving higher and higher,
Our middle class moving from the frying pan straight into the fire,

Not a single politician left out there we can trust,
It's money and power they lust,
Sitting idly by, watching our economy turn to ashes and dust,

As the US dollar crumbles and flops,
The CCP and Russia licking their respective chops,
When will the madness and chaos ever come to a stop?

North Korea and Iran flexing their muscle
The Leftist puppet media continuing their fake news hustle,
American patriots left within a turbulent scuffle,

The Summer of hell nearing and about to rear its ugly head,
Middle class family finances approaching the red, babies lacking formula who need to be fed,
Biden choosing to help illegal aliens instead,

Mere peasants being forsaken as they convey their empty sighs, Always wondering why, how do you explain to a child that the truth no longer applies?

Innocent babies dying within the womb, nothing ahead, but possibly chaos, worry and gloom?
Dear God, I pray for people to finally change their tune, and not meet the fate of their ominous doom....

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