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February 26, 2015

NSA Whistleblower Warns Of 'Warp Speed Endgame Acceleration' By Globalists


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the 'very, very nervous' globalists attempting to 'fix what isn't broken' while hoping to seize complete control of the internet in their latest attempt to put down the 1st Amendment without a fight from the American people, former NSA whistle blower Wayne Madsen joins Alex Jones to talk about what this really means in the big picture of globalism and tyranny here in America and across the world as the globalists† accelerate their endgame agenda at 'warp speed'. Madsen tells us that the globalists are now very worried about what's going on in Greece and around the world.

Joe Biggs begins the show by telling us more about the CIA-style 'black site' in Chicago that is swallowing up US citizens without due process before Alex gets into the background information on the attempted internet takeover which many feel could lead to UN internet powers while Madsen joins Alex shortly after 7:20 to tell us what this all really means to us, including smaller, independent websites being squeezed out of bandwidth to the regulation of content.

At the 11:30 mark, Alex and Madsen talk about why the globalists have become so incredibly reckless in their push towards world government and why that recklessness makes them dangerous to us and the rest of the world as every globalist project has been put into overdrive.

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