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June 17, 2017

'The Most Gruesome Symptoms' Of The Breakdown Of Society Now Manifesting Are A Huge Warning To Americans

- More And More Evidence Emerges 'An Event' That Changes Everything May Happen Soon

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this new story over at Zero Hedge they report that the summer of liberal hatred has arrived in America, exemplified most recently by the cowardly shooting at a Republican baseball practice in Virginia, shots fired at President Trump supporters in Indiana, and 'antifa activists' edging ever closer to becoming Islamic terrorists themselves by rallying FOR sharia law during anti-sharia law protests this past weekend.  

As the ZH story also points out, during one antifa rally, there were reports of masked, black clad antifa members holding high powered rifles and as their story claims, as if this wasn’t enough to convince you that the US is on the cusp of a hot civil war, Wednesday morning’s events, in which a former Bernie Sanders campaign staffer attacked an early morning GOP baseball practice, is all of the confirmation that we need.

And while the ever-more-insane left thinks it's perfectly ok to simulate the murder of our sitting president in a despicable 'play', we see that play is simply an extension of the desires of the mainstream media, Hollywood and the 'deep state' who seek to bring down President Trump and complete their destruction of America any way they possibly can. 


Back on June 14th we warned you in a story on ANP that a civil war 'going hot' in America is the very last thing that America needs and exactly what the globalists (who've long been working to 'take down' America) want to implement martial law and acquire total control. As the ZH story also points out, attacks such as the cowardly shooting in Virginia had been forewarned of by those who've been paying attention to events unfolding every day in America.:

This attack came as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the constant death threats and assassination references made in the media and by celebrities over the last few months since the election. As the Russian collusion narrative falls apart and the spectre of impeachment becomes more unlikely with each day, this last ditch attempt to seize the power back from the hands of the people is to destabilize the United States by fomenting civil unrest, and if necessary a second civil war. Commentators have noticed an eerie similarity between the Democrat-led anti-Trump movement and other George Soros ‘color revolutions’ around the world.

This wouldn’t be the first time such color revolutions have been implemented in the United States: Black Lives Matter and the Occupy Movement both were funded by Soros front groups.

What’s different this time is that Soros and the Deep State seem to be playing for keeps.

Their goal of electing Hillary Clinton and securing the US as the final lynchpin for globalist control was thwarted by the election of President Trump. Their movement is mortally wounded, but has kicked into survival mode and will stop at nothing to continue its stranglehold on us politically, socially, and economically.

The events of this past week have proved this, and I’m just wondering if this will be the week that historians look back upon as the week when the American Cultural Cold War shifted gears and became the Second American Civil War.


In this new story from former Green Beret Jeremiah Johnson over at SHTFPlan he warns us we've been getting more and more evidence that massive government preparations and stockpiling point to one thing: “An Event Is Going To Happen”. With former presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan recently warning the 'deep state' is planning a coup against Trump and the possibility of civil war breaking out here in America is very real, it's easy to understand why so many people are so concerned, especially considering what we're watching in the financial world in general and the world around us. 

On ANP, we've long warned that what is happening now in Venezuela should be looked at as a dire warning to America and in this new Zero Hedge story they report a lynching epidemic has broken out in the failed socialist nation. With the 'public safety infrastructure' of Venezuela failing to the point of no return, citizens have taken justice into their own hands and as we see in their story and the 1st video below, the results have been absolutely disastrous.

Proving to the world "it is not just the country's economy and political system that are sick, but society itself", experts warn that such an epidemic of lynchings that is happening now in Venezuela is one of the most gruesome symptoms of how far the once jewel of socialism in the southern hemisphere has fallen. They're also another 'sign of the times' we're now living in and as we've said before, "there but for the Amazing Grace of God go we".

The OVCS says some 60 people were recorded as killed in lynchings in the first five months of this year alone. Last year there were 126 such killings -- a surge from the 20 reported in the previous year, coinciding with the worsening of political tensions and economic chaos.

"Their aim is to kill the person before the police arrive," says Marco Ponce, coordinator of the Venezuelan Social Conflict Observatory (OVCS).

"In lynchings, citizens let out their anger in the face of a state that is not defending their right to justice," says Ponce.

"They think they are dispensing justice, and they do so with anger, so they go as far as killing the person."

Residents blame the breakdown in social order that’s resulted from Venezuela’s worsening economic crisis. In the capital Caracas, the army and police are focused on brutally suppressing the street protests that have become a daily occurrence in recent months. Meanwhile, the dire financial straits of the country’s residents, who are struggling with inflation rates as high as 10,000%, have caused crime to skyrocket.


In this new story from Michael Snyder over at the Economic Collapse Blog he reports that 2017 is setting up to be the worst retail apocalypse in US history with over 300 retailers already filing for bankruptcy. According to Brandon Smith over at Alt Market: “We Are Already In The Midst Of An Economic Collapse, The Data Points Show An Economy In Severe Deterioration, Not Recovery”. With retail stores traditionally the primary engine driving the US economy, Smith tells us why this isn't going to turn out very well if we continue along the same path that we're now moving upon:

102 million working age Americans do not currently have a job. This includes the 95 million Americans not counted by the Bureau of Labor because they assume these people have been unemployed so long they “do not want to work”.

Thousands of retail outlet stores, the primary engine of the American economy, are set to close in 2017. Sweeping bankruptcies and downsizing are ravaging the retail sector, and internet retailers are not taking up the slack despite highly publicized growth. In 2016, online retail sales only accounted for 8.1% of all retail sales.

These are only a few of the MANY data points that paint a very ugly picture for the US economy. The rest of the world is just as tenuous if not worse.

The question is not “when” we will enter collapse; we are already in the midst of an economic collapse. The real question is, when will the uneducated and the biased finally notice? I suspect the only thing that will shock them out of their stupor will be a swift stock market drop, since this is the only factor they seem to pay attention to. This will happen soon enough. In the meantime, anyone who discusses legitimate data and warns of the dangers to come is a “doom and gloomer”. Mark my words, one day this label will be considered a badge of honor.


As the people of Venezuela have found out, when there is no food to feed the mouths of starving children, there is no 'peace' nor can there be as millions go hungry with no end to their hunger in sight. As we've previously warned on ANP, food has long been used as a weapon to control the people and what is happening now in Venezuela right now is a perfect example of why we as 'preppers' prepare.

While Johnson's story over at SHTFPlan reports the signs we've been watching of government stockpiling and preparation indicates a future event, he also points out that the only thing now missing is 'the crisis'. Yet we can see that possible 'crisis' approaching on multiple different fronts now with the only remaining detail being the 'exact' event. 

With 'deep state propaganda spewers' the Washington Post claiming a Russian cyber attack that takes down our electrical grid may be on the way, we've warned of a possible massive 'false flag event' ahead, one that could quickly lead to the end of life in America as we know it. And while some still claim that nothing is going to happen and that stories such as this warning of the need to prepare for future disaster are 'fear mongering', we should all be paying to what the government and 'insiders' are doing to get a better feel for what's REALLY going on in the world. From Johnson's story:

In the United States, we have seen a great deal of stockpiling by the government agencies and the administration under Obama. Secret warehouses in undisclosed locations have been filled with medical supplies stockpiled across the country in the event of a catastrophe. Cheyenne Mountain as a fallback command and control center has been reopened once again. Extensive networks of tunnels and bunkers have been constructed in, around, and leading to Denver, Colorado with secret deliveries night and day for more than eight years.

Billions of rounds of ammunition have been ordered and purchased by the DHS and all of the other alphabet agencies, including the U.S. Postal Service (which does have a role to play in COG and post-war “reconstruction”). Emergency drills, to include catastrophic plague and nuclear war/terrorism have been gamed extensively over the past several years. All of these things…the stockpiling of food and supplies, and the preparations for some massive event point to one thing: an event is (eventually) going to happen.

We have the “flash points” around the world, in North Korea, in Syria, in Ukraine, and with the second Cold War that is forming between the U.S. and Russia. Those flash points are artificially created. We have some that are artificially created that can be blamed upon nature, such as the Ebola Virus and the looming disaster of Fukushima. War is the easiest way to bring it all about, plain and simple. Vladimir Putin just recently announced that a nuclear war between Russia and the United States would leave the world destroyed with no winners. Not so: The governments and their elites of politics and business win in the end.


Are we about to witness in America a 'game changing' event that changes everything that we know? As we hear in the 2nd video below from Christopher Greene of AMTV, the first shots in the next civil war may have already been fired and events are still seemingly being manipulated to bring about economic travesty in the months ahead. In the final video below, Owen Shroyer from Infowars gives us all the evidence we need to see that the left is responsible for political violence in America, joining the mainstream media in stoking the fires of violence and hatred in this country. 

And knowing that the long term goal of the globalists has been to bring about the destruction of America by design, while they continue to do everything in their power to destabilize our nation while working to take down President Trump, tells us that 'the event' Johnson is warning of is getting closer by the day. The wise will take notice and prepare.

The governments of the world have to keep their citizenry under control until they execute the plan that eliminates the majority of the populations. War is truly the only way to do it in one fell swoop that leaves no one accountable at the end. We’re going to see a “reset” and the most likely thing to accomplish this is war. Historically it is the vehicle for which governments beleaguered by their citizens have been able to bypass controls in the open to subvert democratic processes and inculcate martial law and eventually totalitarian control. We’re halfway through the year, and the situation in the world and domestically has not improved: it has worsened.

Many people have documented and filmed FEMA camps and preparations for martial law, the DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases) projects and tunnel works filmed and reported on by Jesse Ventura and halted by the government, and the systematic grafting of procedures to be followed after an apocalyptic war or event. Such procedures include garnering of all human and natural resources under executive order (President Trump didn’t repeal that one yet, now, did he?), the pervasive surveillance system, and the negation of Posse Comitatus and the control of the United States domestically in the event of a war or collapse of the government.

All that is lacking is the crisis. No government truly allows a crisis to go to waste, and all of the crises are contrived or crafted beforehand to allow them to occur. War has always accomplished the resets of all countries and empires in ages past, and this era will be no different, no matter who is at the helm of the ship: especially when the course is purposefully charted right for the rocks.

In closing, while tempers are high and emotions are raw across the country, many of us seem to have forgotten how incredibly fortunate that we are to be living in America, despite our nation's many flaws. With food quite literally available to us at our desire, always running water, a well-functioning electrical system and the Amazing Grace of God, we should be thankful rather than hateful and resentful.

And with Venezuela giving us a very real look at what happens when societies break down, we hope that Americans choose to work together with one another, despite our differences, to ensure for our own families and future generations that 'we as a people' don't go walking down that same road to ruin that the people of Venezuela are now on. 

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