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September 13, 2017

Completely Exposed, 'Monstrously Evil', 100+ Year Old Plan Confirms 'Global Elite' Embrace 'Evil For The Sake Of Evil' And Proves Our War Is Not Merely With Flesh And Blood

Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B. Stoecker

Informed patriots know that there is a group of wealthy and powerful banksters and corporate executives who have slowly been taking control of the world, in a process that has been going on for centuries. In the US they control both political parties at the very top, and the members of this group belong to various organizations like the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones, the Masons, Knights of Malta, and the Bohemian Club with its Bohemian Grove. Globally, these people are regular attendees at Bilderberg meetings. Some of these organizations, like the CFR and the Bilderbergers, are overtly political; others, like the Bohemian Club, are less obviously political, but seem cult-like or quasi-religious in nature.

Most of us understand the source of their power…fiat money. Certain powerful banks, in the US the ones who are part of the Federal Reserve system, are basically allowed to counterfeit money legally. Fiat money was printed centuries ago in China, but in Europe it began with money lenders and goldsmiths, who would store people’s gold coins and jewelry in their safes for a small fee, issuing the depositor a certificate of deposit.

Soon, people learned that these certificates could be used as money, and then some of the more unscrupulous goldsmiths began printing up certificates far in excess of their actual holdings in gold, and loaning them out at interest. This racket was taken over by the Knights Templar, and their spiritual descendants continued to control the fiat money scam long after the Templars were persecuted by the French King and all but destroyed. In country after country these people set up national banks, loaned money to kings, and became fabulously wealthy and powerful. In the US, wealthy banksters set up the Federal Reserve, a quasi-governmental consortium of banks.


It doesn’t require a lot of work or much knowledge or skill to prosper, risk free, within such a system. The banksters loaned money to governments, made contributions to politicians, and endowed universities, calling it “charity.” Thusly they were able to take control of political parties and schools and buy up most of the newspapers and publishing houses, controlling the flow of information and indoctrinating the people. It is obvious that by these means alone, the elites, had they so desired, could have become the benevolent behind-the-scenes rulers of an incredibly powerful and prosperous world, skimming the cream off the top of a huge global economy, and working to prevent wars and depressions and maintain order and stability with effective law enforcement.

Their route to power would have been completely secure…there would be, for example, no John Birch Society if John Birch had not been murdered by the Chinese Communists because there were no communists and World War Two never happened. Every now and then some citizen might realize that our freedom was an illusion and our elections were a farce, but no one would really care. Does anyone really believe that we patriots would be up in arms if there had been no major war or depression in a century, crime was almost nonexistent, our borders were secure, taxes were low and the IRS didn’t exist, and good paying jobs were plentiful? Let’s be honest with ourselves.

Yet we know this is not what happened. Wars have been almost nonstop, especially since the UN was created, ostensibly to prevent wars. Our worst depression to date happened after the Federal Reserve was created, supposedly to prevent depressions. Most researchers estimate that in the bloody twentieth century, in addition to battlefield carnage, governments, especially the Nazis and communists, murdered over 100 million human beings. There have been any number of suspicious deaths of citizens who seemed to know too much for their own good, including those whose bodies lie in the wake of the Demonic Duo…the Clintons. Most of us patriots are aware of false flag operations like Oklahoma City and 9/11, where the evidence indicates that our own government committed mass murder of American citizens.


As I said, America’s Great Depression happened after the Federal Reserve was created. Interest rates were low in the nineteen twenties, and it was legal to buy stocks “on margin,” paying only ten percent of the stock’s value with banks and brokerage firms loaning the rest. Of course this created a bubble, with the value of the stocks inflated far beyond the real wealth of the companies involved, and such bubbles were well understood long before 1929. And during this period the Fed increased the money supply, encouraging the deadly process. After the inevitable crash and the bank failures, when ready money was needed, the Fed decreased the money supply. Everything they did served to create the depression, not prevent it, and many economists today believe that FDR’s “New Deal” spending also worsened and prolonged the Depression. The New Deal included such insanities as the slaughter of thousands of hogs and the burial of the meat to (supposedly) keep food prices high enough to keep farmers in business…while people actually starved to death.

Consider the odd beginnings of WWII. The Allies, after WWI, imposed the harsh and punitive Treaty of Versailles on Germany, embittering the Germans. This, along with the Depression, led to the rise of Hitler, who was loaned money by American banks (they had also loaned to the Russian communists in 1917 and thereafter). The Allies then let the Germans rearm, allowed them to unify with Austria, and let them occupy Czechoslovakia.

Then, when it was too late, and Hitler had been encouraged to believe that a wider war could be avoided, France and England declared war when Germany invaded Poland, even though Germany had a legitimate grievance. But they did not declare war on the Soviet Union, whose forces also invaded Poland. We are supposed to believe that this was all just due to honest “mistakes,” but even a complete idiot will occasionally do something right, if only by accident. This was deliberate.

After ignoring all the warnings before Pearl Harbor, the US became involved in a bloody war with Japan, and, when Japan sent out peace feelers in 1944, insisted on unconditional surrender, which prolonged the war and gave us an excuse to test our atomic bombs. We also invited the Soviets to “help” us at the end, meaning we allowed them to invade northern Korea, where they set up the communist regime that threatens us today, and Manchuria, where they aided Mao and his Chinese Communists. And when Japan surrendered we let them keep their Emperor, which was all they had asked for in 1944!


So why do the elites torture and murder and orchestrate wars and depressions and false flag operations when it is not even necessary? They do it because they like to do it, despite the risks involved. They do not so much torture and murder to gain and keep power as they want power so that they can torture and murder. Consider the sheer evil of their abortion agenda, and their encouragement of promiscuity and sexual perversion, and, now, sexual mutilation. I mentioned earlier that the elites usually belong to quasi-religious cults. The ultimate nature of these cults is obvious in the case of the “Lucis Trust,” founded in the early twentieth century by theosophist Alice Bailey.

She was a virulent anti-Semite and admired Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin. The Lucis Trust includes among its members many prominent Americans, and is allowed to maintain the bizarre “meditation room” at UN headquarters in New York, with its repulsive abstract wall painting and its huge monolith of magnetized iron-rich rock. I saw similar monoliths years ago at the ancient ruin of Tiahuanaco in Bolivia, and tested them with my compass, verifying that they were magnetized. But Lucis Trust once had another name: Lucifer Trust. And Alice Bailey openly worshipped a “god” she called Lucifer. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

And the “Great Work” of the elitists, by their own admission, has been going on for centuries (in my one and only book, 17 years ago, I argued that this all began in prehistory, in the time of Atlantis). But why would people like Adam Weishaupt of the Illuminati spend effort and resources on a plan that is not only monstrously evil, but which would not be completed until long after their deaths? Why not spend their ill-gotten gain on themselves? The answer must be that this plan is being directed by something that lives (or at least exists) for centuries, something that hates freedom, hates marriage and the family, hates morality, and hates Man and God. Our war is not merely with flesh and blood. 

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