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January 3, 2020

'Operation 2020': Full-Scale Information Warfare Launched Upon Americans As United Nations Preps Free Speech Crackdown & Globalists Pull Out All Stops In Attempt To Take Back America 

- Socialism Is A 'Hate Crime' Against Humanity That Must Be Forever Vanquished  


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With reports that the United Nations is moving towards handing control of the internet over to dictatorial regimes such as China, thus 'legitimizing' the censorship of free speech and ensuring internet blackouts whenever the 'globalist overlords' see fit as Paul Joseph Watson reported in this recent story over at Summit News, we get a small taste of what America and the world may face in 2020 with globalist-tied US intelligence agencies and the 'weaponized' mainstream media sure to launch 'all out information warfare' upon America and the world in 2020 as we hear from videographer 'Spiro' in the 1st video at the bottom of this story.  

As 'Spiro' warns us in his video, America CANNOT remain a 'free nation' while allowing US 'intelligence agencies' and the 'deep state' to remain 'above the law' and take control over this nation by what we've been witnessing over the past 3 years via: the Russian collusion hoax, the attempted impeachment coup and Democrats in Congress who clearly also see themselves as 'above the law' pushing it all.  

Yet with many Democrat voters still believing every lie spouted by CNN, MSNBC and the mainstream media and many more lies to come as Susan Duclos reported in this ANP story, for a Democrat to win the election in 2020, not only will they have to regain control of the masses by somehow 'reinstalling' the MSM as the main source of factual information, but they'll also have to completely shut down the independent media, something that won't be possible without all-out censorship in 2020. 

And right on time as 2020 arrives, in a move many Democrats who want truth forever vanquished will likely applaud, as Ethan Huff reports in this January 1st story at Natural News, with Russia’s help, communist China has convinced the United Nations to pass a new resolution that threatens to further restrict online free speech in the name of fighting “cybercrime.”

With tyrannical governments throughout history using 'security' as an excuse to clamp down upon 'individual liberty', Huff's story warns that still-free societies such as the US could be transformed into 'communist utopias' with the full implementation of this resolution. 

The General Assembly has agreed to set up a new committee of “international experts” in 2020, the job of which will be to establish “a comprehensive international convention on countering the use of information and communications technologies for criminal purposes.”

In essence, Russia and China are hoping to police the global internet by redefining the term “criminal.” Since criticizing the government is considered a “crime” in China, as one example, this new resolution would apply the same “criminal” standards to other countries like the United States – and human rights advocates are deeply concerned about this.

Currently, the United States, Japan, and several other nations are bound by the 2001 Budapest Convention, which details a code of international rules for curbing real crimes like copyright violations, fraud, and child pornography. But if this new U.N. resolution is adopted, it could nullify the Budapest Convention and turn the U.S., Japan, and the others into communist “utopias” just like China.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has warned that the nation sponsors of this new UN resolution are “a rogue’s gallery of some of the earth’s most repressive governments, pointing also to countries like India and Iran, both of which in the past have interfered with the internet access of their citizens and residents.

With Barack Obama's entire term in office and Democrats in Congress to this very day a brutal reminder that the corrupt in power will never 'investigate themselves' and find any wrongdoing and a still ongoing example of why so many believe that when it comes to the 'deep state' and Congress, there really is no 'due process' as everything to them is a political game that can be manipulated to their advantage, as we'll explore within this story, 2020 may very well be the most important year in the lives of many of us with a very clear fork in the road ahead, one that keeps America on the road towards freedom and one that leads to slavery. 

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As the American Partisan reports in this new story, with what is now happening in the state of Virginia a loud and clear warning to ALL Americans across the country about the Democrats plans for America, and gun confiscations and socialism leading hand over hand to genocide and the mass deaths of hundreds of millions over the past 100+ years, NC Renegade recently warned that we're now watching the globalists and the United Nations plans to take over the United States, damn President Trump and the 'Will of the American People', happening now before our eyes.

And with Virgina and baby-butchering governor Ralph Northam the 'flashpoint' for what the globalists hope to unfold here having absolutely no 'moral high ground' considering Northam actually proved just how evil he is by attempting to legalize the brutal-murders of live babies as even USA Today reported in this February of 2019 story, it's quite clear who'll be holding the moral high ground in any upcoming face off between law-abiding Virginia citizens and a tyrannical governor who insanely wanted to legalize the murders of live human children. 

As Mike Adams recently reported in this story over at Natural News titled "ANALYSIS: Virginia Gov. Northam may soon need ten thousand body bags for his State Police and National Guard troops, since “Biblical MAYHEM” will be unleashed following any gun confiscation attempt" hinting at what could happen in a worst case scenario in Virginia, a scenario that we pray never plays out because it would mean an America at physical war with itself and likely mass deaths on all sides, far worse than such a war would be Americans as slaves to globalist tyrants who think themselves 'above the law' and believe themselves to be the creators of it.  

But as Sheriff Scott Jenkins of Culpeper County, Virginia clearly pointed out in a comment that needs to be drilled through the heads of leftists, the right to protect one's self is a GOD-given right, not a right given to us by 'government', and it's a right that ALL living creatures have, to protect one's life when threatened! Whether that threat be a wolf, a snake in the grass or Ralph Northam (and one could argue those last two are one and the same), Sheriff Jenkins and most Virginia Counties understand what Ralph Northam and most Democrats NEVER will. 

With what Democrats/globalists want for America in 2021 now coming into sharp and clear focus and looking an awful lot like 'tyranny', the next year will easily be one of the most important year's in our lifetimes with Democrats pushing for outright socialism and the disarmament of law-abiding American citizens and socialism historically leading to Communism, slavery, mass starvation, forced obedience to government and massive numbers of 'death by government' as seen in the chart at the top of this story section. From this story at the New Criterion which presents a strong argument why 'socialism' should be declared a 'hate crime'

A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic. –Joseph Stalin

It is a great irony that at a time when Facebook and Twitter are closing accounts of conservatives for allegedly promoting “hate,” and conservative speakers are banned from college campuses for (as it is charged) “peddling hate,” opinion polls suggest that socialism is more popular than ever among college students and in progressive precincts of the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed socialist, is the most popular figure among progressive Democrats, while Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has emerged from the Bronx as the newest socialist celebrity and is traveling the country singing the virtues of socialism, as if no one has heard those songs before.

Which raises the question: given our loose standards on the subject, why isn’t socialism a “hate crime”?

After all, the evidence for its malignant effects is obvious to anyone with sufficient curiosity to look at the historical record. The socialist movement has been responsible for the murder, imprisonment, and torture of many millions, and perhaps hundreds of millions, of innocent people during its heyday in the twentieth century. That history of murder and tyranny continues on a smaller scale today in the handful of countries living under the misfortune of socialism—for example, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, and (more recently) Venezuela.

How do socialists escape the indictment that, in view of the historical record, they are purveyors of tyranny and mass murder? Many deny that Stalin, Mao, and the others were true socialists and, indeed, that socialism has never really been tried—a manifest absurdity. Senator Sanders and others claim that they are for something called “democratic socialism,” a popular and peaceful version of the doctrine, but that’s what Lenin, Mao, and Castro said until they seized power and immediately began to sing a different tune.
Democracy and diversity are what they say when out of power; tyranny and authoritarianism are what they practice once in power. That is the tried-and-true technique of all socialist movements.

As Reason had reported in this July of 2018 story, socialism throughout history has led to nothing but death and misery with socialism arguably the leading 'man-made cause of death' in world history.  


And while Democrats and the mainstream media will surely still insanely scream 'Russia Russia Russia' until there is no one left to listen to them, we finally got some proof over the New Year's holiday of 'Russian interference' in America that should make your blood boil. As KHQ-Q6 in Spokane, Washington reports, what officials are calling 'Tumble-geddon' recently struck State Route 240 in Washington, causing a 10-hour closure and trapping drivers in their cars for hours due to tumbleweeds causing a 12 mile closure with 20 to 30 feet of tumbleweeds taking over the highway.

What does 'Tumble-geddon' have to do with 'Russian collusion' or 'Russian interference in America' you might ask? With Democrats grasping at straws ever since the 2016 election, going so far as to have their propaganda arm, the Washington Post, labeling 'yours truly, ANP', as Russian propaganda despite the fact that my family has been here in America for over 400 years, the Mother Nature Network clears up this proven 'Russian interference' for us.: 

Like cowboys, wagon trains and buffalo, tumbleweeds are icons of the Old West. These twisted balls of dead foliage rolling across deserts and the open range are staples of Western movies and the American imagination.

But the truth about tumbleweeds isn’t so simple. They may be romantic symbols of our national love affair with the Wild West, but tumbleweeds are also invasive weeds called Russian thistle, and many modern-day Westerners fear they’re taking over.

How they got here

In 1873, Russian immigrants arrived in South Dakota carrying flax seed that was apparently contaminated with Russian thistle seeds (Salsola tragus). Once sown, these invaders from another continent quickly sprouted, unhampered by natural predators and diseases to keep them in check. Each winter after Russian thistle plants die, the brittle bushy parts snap off at the roots and blow away, dispersing seeds wherever they tumble (about 250,000 per plant).

Because Russian thistle thrives on little precipitation and easily exploits disturbed land stripped of native species, it was able to quickly take hold in the vast agricultural fields and overgrazed rangelands of the arid West. By the end of the 1800s, this intruder had already rolled its way across most western states and into Canada, carried by wind and even railroad cars.

A government botanist sent to investigate in the early 1890s could barely believe his eyes: "One almost continuous area of about 35,000 square miles has become more or less covered with the Russian thistle in the comparatively brief period of twenty years."

With what happened along State Route 240 in Washington about the most 'Russian interference' that we've had in America in the last several years and our own US intelligence agencies well known to interfere in foreign elections, having done so in at least 85 countries since 1945 according to this story over at Global Research, as videographer Spiro warns in this 1st video, expect all-out information warfare to be continued against Americans in 2020 as the globalists/democrats grow desperate in their bid to destroy America. 

And with democrats surely understanding that if they lose in 2020, globalism could very well be vanquished from America by 2024 and another devastating loss like Hillary's defeat in 2016 will leave the Democrat party completely shattered, we should expect them to cheat, lie and even kill to win the presidency in 2020. The depths of the Democrat tyrants evil in America knows no bounds. 

In the 2nd video below, Infowars goes over the United Nations plans to confiscate guns within the United States and the tyranny and insanity that will be unleashed upon America by global government planning on terrorizing law-abiding American citizens while in the 3rd and final video is titled "RED ALERT! Deep State Plan To Trigger Civil War In Virginia Discovered" takes another look at the globalists plans for America. 

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