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September 24, 2014

FEMA Ebola Death Camps Coming To America! - It's "Inevitable"

By Susan Duclos

Before getting into what many believe and have been warning others about for years, I am going to lay out some facts, sourced with links. I suggest each person reading this click the links below as to not waste time attempting to argue that these are not established facts.

1) Executive orders exist right now that will allow the US Government to quarantine anyone with "severe  respiratory" issues; 2) Executive orders already exist which gives FEMA extraordinary powers during anything that is deemed appropriate by the US Goverment; 3) Ebola in the US has been deemed "inevitable," by the CDC; 4) Hospitals in the US are "unprepared" to handle the Ebola waste materials.

Those are the facts... now for the rest.

While it has not been officially confirmed, we do have verbal statements from a doctor with decades of experience, dubbed Dr. S, that clearly and bluntly assert that hospitals in the US are not in any way prepared to deal with any type of epidemic of Ebola hitting the US, that interview can be found at ANP, reported on August 9, 2014.

We constantly hear people say the US is so much better prepared than the west Africa areas currently suffering the worst Ebola epidemic in history, yet looking at a quote from the MSN News article above, shreds that argument, as they describe the issues associated with just TWO Ebola patients at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, and this was after already knowing that those two patients were coming!

Emory sent staff to Home Depot to buy as many 32-gallon rubber waste containers with lids that they could get their hands on. Emory kept the waste in a special containment area for six days until its Atlanta neighbor, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, helped broker an agreement with Stericycle.

It is believed, by many, that there are hundreds of FEMA Camps located throughout the US, Canada and other areas outside the US, a list of those can be found here, and admittedly, these have not have all been confirmed, but people can research each one for themselves and determine if any or all of them fit the description.

Now for the meat of this article, we head over to a disturbing piece over at Natural News where we see that Ebola Death Camps are already being set up in Liberia. Of course they aren't calling them that, they are calling them "community care centers," but as everyone already knows or should, there is no cure for Ebola and it has a 50-90% death rate, so call them what you want, these are facilities set up for Ebola victims to die...aka Death Camps.

Reportedly, a total of 70 such centers are planned on being deployed across Liberia, each hosting 15 to 30 beds. In all, these facilities will handle about 1,500 Ebola patients. Yet these numbers are meaningless in a pandemic disease outbreak that the CDC is now publicly predicting "...could have a staggering 550,000 to 1.4 million cases by late January," reports USA Today. 

In other words, the number of Ebola victims may outstrip the number of medical beds by a thousand to one. It is difficult to imagine how the existence of one hospital bed for every 1000 infected Ebola victims will have any impact whatsoever on halting the spread of the viral pandemic. Similarly, the U.S. military's efforts to "build facilities for 1,700 Ebola patients across Liberia" as reported by the Washington Post is nothing more than a token publicity stunt to create the appearance that the American government is "doing something" to halt the disease.

Source links for the above quotes by Natural News include The Washington Post, USA Today, and The New York Times. 

Natural News had also previously predicted that Death Camps would be created in Ebola affected areas as well as medical martial law, which also happened when Sierra Leone imposed a three day lock down, which makes their next prediction, more than worth listening to.

All of these outbreak mitigation tactics -- Ebola death camps, forced quarantines and medical martial law -- will also be used in the United States if the Ebola outbreak reaches America's shores. But the extra bonus for Americans is that all these tactics will be conducted by heavily militarized police and weapons-toting DHS personnel who now see the streets of America as their battleground.

One does not have to be a conspiracy theorist to acknowledge that should an Ebola outbreak occur on US soil and hospitals are unprepared as the MSN News report above already publicly reported, confirming what Dr. S already stated, that those infected would be rounded up and placed in "facilities" set up by FEMA to protect the rest of the population. It is already been widely reported that local police departments are receiving military assets including grenade launchers, MRAPS and much much more, so that also cannot be waved away as a conpiracy theory.

Call them facilities, community care centers, Ebola camps or FEMA camps, call them whatever you want, the fact is when, not if, Ebola hits the US in numbers that our healthcare system cannot handle, these death camps will be coming to a neighborhood near you.


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