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February 21, 2016

Ad Seeking 'Mercy Teams For National Scale Emergency' On Christian Radio - False Shepherds Leading Their Flocks To Slaughter? This Is What We're Not Being Told


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back in February of last year, Infowars published a story about a church sermon in the state of Washington in which the pastor asked his followers to submit to government while arguing all state authority through history was 'ordained by God'. 

Using Romans 13:1 to call for obedience to government, we've seen this pattern repeated over and over again since Barack Obama was elected president dating back to a viral letter from a church pastor soon after it was known Obama had won the election. With everything else we're now watching unfolding in America and the world, especially the increased hostility that this administration has had towards Christians while coddling Muslims even though Christians are being slaughtered around the world, we see cause for alarm in the new and strongly related SQAlert shared below. 


In the latest alert on the website of Steve Quayle, one of his readers tells us about an advertisement he had heard on K-Love, a Christian radio station local to him, at 5:30 a.m. one morning offering 'crisis response training' to establish 'clergy response teams' to train for a 'national scale emergency or crisis' in their own hometowns.

The website advertised was and you can check it out here yourself if you are interested in knowing more or becoming a crisis responder. With more reports now coming out that FEMA is working with pastors around the country, should we be concerned?

A letter from a pastor to his congregation, other pastors, ministers and church leaders that went viral thanks to Infowars after Barack Obama won his 1st election back in 2008 gives us a very good reason that we should all be paying attention, especially considering what has happened across America since that letter was written. 1st, the SQAlert with much more below including several video reports on FEMA camp ties to clergy response and more of what we're not being told. 


Hey Steve,
I was listening to K-Love (local Christian radio station) and at 5:30am this morning they had an advertisement for "crisis response training." They described it as receiving training for "a national scale emergency or crisis in your own home." Basically clergy response teams. This lines up with what you, Dave Hodges, and Pastor Walt Mansfield have been talking about for years! The website link they gave was "" and obviously at the bottom is the fema logo. Very disturbing because I know of churches in my area that are a part of clergy response teams and I believe the wording they used for them was "mercy teams" or something to that effect. Asking people to disarm and await genocide in a FEMA camp is not too merciful to me...

Vandalia is known as "the crossroads of America" because it is where I-75 and I-70 intersect (i.e. your alert about highways used for military travel) I witnessed two black hawk helos practicing touch and go's in a grass field this summer back in August during Jade Helm 15 so I believe the airport could possibly be an important staging grounds once shtf.

Thanks for all you do, NICK S


In what Infowars called a 'shocking perversion of Romans 13:1, the Bible verse sometimes cited by Christians as a reason NOT to oppose tyranny, the letter asked that followers 'submit to Obama and government'. You can read the actual letter republished in its' entirety below videos. Looking back on that letter now, nearly 8 years later, we see that much of the content contained within it was a recipe for absolute disaster. What do you think when you read these words now, written by a church pastor, way back in 2008? An excellent book from Chuck Baldwin is called "Romans 13: The True Meaning Of Submission."

Now is certainly the time for the people of God to lead, and lead well! As church leaders, those who follow your example will be looking for healthy ways to process the news that Barack Obama will assume the presidency on January 20.  Thankfully, God’s Word has guiding principles for us to apply when we think of our president-elect (scriptures paraphrased):

Romans 13:1-4 

Barack Obama’s presidency is appointed by God. (v 1)

Christians should lead the way in supporting Barack Obama’s presidency. (v 2)

Barack Obama’s presidency can be a force for good and a deterrent against evil. (v 3)

As president, Barack Obama is God’s minister to you for good. (v 4)

What happened?


The long history of FEMA working together with church pastors has been documented extensively including in this linked PDF from FEMA from 2010 as well as this story from FEMA from 2012, both showing the tie-in directly from the FEMA sources. This 2006 document gives us a complete overview of the pastoral crisis intervention and debriefing program and the quite eye-opening 2nd video below from TruthUnveiled777 tells us the entire story that we'll never get from the mainstream media.

What happens when large groups of people are led astray by a pastor or someone else who has become a 'key communicator' for a bad intention? A 'key communicator' is somebody who is used, most often without their knowledge, to deliver a 'psyop' message to a targeted group according to US Army Field Manual 3-05.301. There are those who strongly believe that for at least the past 8 years, the US govt 'alphabet soup' agencies have been leading a nefarious agenda to use pastors to lead their congregations to FEMA camps, hand over their guns and even 'worship the beast'.   

While we feel very strongly about preparation and believe that Americans should be prepared for anything possible that might come our way, there is great concern that such preparation as this is merely preparation for false shepherd's leading their flocks to slaughter. Why has the Obama administrations response to the 'killing fields of Christians' in the Middle East been so atrocious? Does your own pastor work for FEMA? As we learn in the video below, it's likely that they do. 

In the LIKELY event in which a State of Emergency will be issued for the nation as a whole, whether that be due to an EMP, more man-made "natural" disasters, potential pandemic, a nationwide grid shutdown, nationwide banking glitch/"virus," or any combination thereof, martial law will be "unofficially" declared, and your Government-owned pastors and clergy response team members who are already enlisted with FEMA will serve for the protection of their pockets -- leading you and their congregation into forced relocation upon unconstitutional Executive Orders; thereby shredding the Constitution and limiting your already little-to-no-rights-and-freedoms: "For the safety and security of the nation." 

Pastors and clergy members alike have already been trained, and have been told what they can and cannot say in the event(s) of catastrophe and disaster. They will be taking Scriptures such as Romans 13 out of context, along with teaching their congregations to become subservient to the Government in the event(s) of nationwide emergencies. Forced relocation will be the Government's controlled solution to their caused problems, as they will call for a nationwide evacuation and relocation -- with your pastors and clergy serving at the very forefront of this evil, nefarious agenda.

What are we not being told about FEMA camps? This next video takes a look at the red flags that most may not be seeing including breaking down FEMA's 'private sector representative program' and what the roles of the participants would be once an emergency is declared. Seeing once again the words 'key communicator', we also see that businesses such as Wal Mart, Target and CitiGroup, amongst others, have participated in this training which is likely similar to the training received by church representatives. 

With all of the preparation that we have witnessed and been reporting upon on ANP all across America for the past several years, our videographer tells us that this training will be preparing key communicators to deal with the masses of people once the global economy collapses, martial law is declared, guns taken away from the American people and the starving are herded into the FEMA camps so that they can get their next meals. 

We're told that there are well over 800 of these centers spread out across America and we probably wouldn't know them just by seeing them as they're sometimes disguised as shopping malls, schools, sports facilities and govt buildings. However, we'll know them by some of their common characteristics including massive numbers of surveillance cameras, the ability to be quickly transformed into 'secure facilities' and the 'guard towers' disguised as the 'architecture of the day'. We're also now seeing this architecture practically everywhere. Just a coincidence or something much more? 

We continue to believe that the vast majority of public servants throughout America are fine human beings who love our country and would never have any intention of doing Americans harm. However, all it takes is a few people with nefarious purposes in high positions leading a few 'key communicators' astray for evil to accomplish unthinkable things. 

The following letter was sent out shortly after Barack Obama's 2008 election win. Knowing everything that we do now about this administration, the consistent hostility towards Christians while coddling Muslims, the endless wars under Obama and his administrations support of ISIS in the Middle East, we have to did this pastor get it all so wrong? 

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Following is a wonderful perspective on the election of the nations new President from the Assemblies of God Ohio District Superintendant, and friend of mine Pastor John Wooton. His thoughts will encourage each of us, as we move forward as representatives of God's Kingdom and believers in the body of Christ, to continue honoring Christ in the days ahead. As you read this letter think about how you can continue to be salt and light to a world in need of our wonderful Savior Jesus Christ.

Ohio AG Pastors, Ministers, and Church Leaders:

Thank God for America! As a testament to the world of the amazing freedoms we are so blessed to enjoy, the most powerful and influential nation just finished a historic election. The God-honoring principles which guided the founding of our country have made it possible that, without force or government control, ethnic minorities and all free people have irrefutable evidence that anything is possible.

Now is certainly the time for the people of God to lead, and lead well! As church leaders, those who follow your example will be looking for healthy ways to process the news that Barack Obama will assume the presidency on January 20. Thankfully, God’s Word has guiding principles for us to apply when we think of our president-elect (scriptures paraphrased): Romans 13:1-4

Barack Obama’s presidency is appointed by God. (v 1)

Christians should lead the way in supporting Barack Obama’s presidency. (v 2)

Barack Obama’s presidency can be a force for good and a deterrent against evil. (v 3)

As president, Barack Obama is God’s minister to you for good. (v 4)

Based on countless surveys and demographic studies, the majority of our Assemblies of God congregations are comprised of evangelical Christians who likely did not vote for candidate Obama. One key reason, among others, would be his troubling record on issues regarding the sanctity of life.

But there is a key difference between “candidate Obama” and “President Obama,” and our positive leadership as ministers could not be over-stated at such a pivotal time in our nation and in our state. While we as individual citizens and Christians must do all we have done and more to support causes and candidates that promote healthy developments for the collective heart and soul of our nation, we would be terribly remiss if we overlooked many wonderful opportunities of an Obama presidency, opportunities such as:

Exalting God for his continued blessing on our wonderful country with its unparalleled freedoms!

Praying for all our leaders. Imagine, for example, the tremendous long-term good that could happen if President Obama’s heart was softened on the pro-life issue, for all the world to see!

Reaching out with the love of God to all minorities in a much greater way via tremendous new avenues that will continually emerge in coming months and years! 

Supporting loudly when President Obama chooses wisely. You know firsthand what it’s like to assume a position of leadership for the first time. How meaningful it is when voices of affirmation and support rise above the negative critiques!

Remembering who is in control. Who knows what our amazing God is up to? It is not beyond our God to use an Obama presidency to open greater doors for missions and the worldwide spreading of the gospel!

On a related note, we are thankful that the voters of Ohio once again rejected a casino initiative. We extend appreciation to Shirley Alford and her family for Jay Alford's lasting legacy of speech and action on this critical issue.

Thank you in advance for your positive leadership in Ohio’s churches and ministries!

John Wootton District Pastor

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