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August 30, 2017

The Sordid History Of The FBI And Government Sponsored Terrorism On The March Towards Total Tyranny In America

- 'We Had To Fight A War To Win Our First Republic, And It Won't Be Any Easier The 2nd Time Around'


Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B Stoecker

America’s Founding Fathers intended that the federal government be limited in size and power, and the idea of a national police force (or even a large standing army) was anathema to them. But today America has what are in effect several national police forces, including the Secret Service, The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF), the Border Patrol, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). In addition, many federal agencies now have their own goon squads of strutting wannabe warriors, wearing Nazi-style helmets and black SS-style uniforms (or, lately, the even more fashionable woodland camouflage, so effective in urban settings).

Police forces (and the military and the intelligence agencies) tend to attract idealistic young people who want to serve and protect their fellow citizens, but they also attract people seeking power and unprincipled careerists who will do anything to get ahead. Given that the New World Order (NWO) elites are pretty much in charge of the federal government, it is no surprise that the federal police agencies have become corrupt and abusive, none more so than the FBI.

Now, some abuses and imperfections will be present even in an honorable and dedicated force. The FBI crime lab has been plagued by incompetence and worse since at least as far back as the 1990s, including faulty testing of bullets, hair samples, and DNA, leading to forced resignations and even the indictment of one lab employee. At least a few FBI agents have become spies for hostile foreign governments, including, most notably, Robert Hanssen, who spied for the Soviets from 1979 until his arrest in 2001. But the FBI is guilty of far worse than this.


The FBI is in the Department of Justice (that is definitely a misnomer) and also reports to the Director of National Intelligence. It was established in 1908 under President Taft as the Bureau of Investigation. The infamous J. Edgar Hoover was actually the sixth Director, reigning from 1924 to 1972, an incredible 48 years. But it was during his reign that the name of the agency was changed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1935.

He also created the FBI Laboratory in 1932. Hoover was a complex and flawed man. Like many Directors (but not all) he had never been a field agent or a street cop, and never served in the military. He was a well-connected Washington lawyer and essentially a “mama’s boy” who often posed with a gun at the scene of an arrest but never actually put himself in harm’s way. He never married and spent most of his spare time and even vacations with Associate Director Clyde Tolson, who also never married. Almost certainly they were homosexuals.

There are rumors of his being a cross dresser and having an unhealthy fondness for little boys, but no real evidence. Many suspect that he failed to target organized crime because the Mafia dons had incriminating evidence on him…ironic if true, for Jedgar blackmailed many leading politicians. Before becoming Director he worked for Woody Wilson’s Alien Enemy Bureau and jailed foreign nationals without trial. He targeted Martin Luther King and others, using illegal burglaries and wiretaps, but, to be fair, America really did face an internal communist threat then (and now). Interestingly, Jedgar opposed FDR’s illegal imprisonment of Japanese Americans during WWII.


But what really incriminates the FBI is a series of crimes by the federal government that they either participated in or covered up, like the Kennedy Assassination. That is a whole story in itself, so let’s begin with Ruby Ridge.

In August of 1992 the BATF, via an informant, tricked former Special Forces soldier Randy Weaver into selling two “illegally” modified shotguns. On 8/21 the heroic BATF thugs and federal marshals crept up on Weaver’s house in rural Idaho (they called it a “compound”) and shot the family dog. This prompted his 14 year old son to shoot back, aided by family friend Kevin Harris, killing one marshal. There is no evidence that the federal agents, camouflaged and behind cover, ever identified themselves. The federales killed Weaver’s son. Later in the battle, the intrepid FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, a Hawaii native and West Point graduate, wounded Weaver and Harris, and bravely shot and killed Weaver’s unarmed wife Vicki, while she was holding a baby. Lon missed the baby, but reportedly made up for that later, at Waco.

On 2/26/93 the World Trade Center was bombed the first time by Islamic terrorists brought into this country by the US government. The FBI had an informant inside and knew of the plot in advance, but failed to stop it, claiming that they were doing a “sting.” You don’t risk up to ten or twenty thousand lives for a sting. The informant offered to substitute fake explosive for the real thing, but the FBI refused. This, of course, has never been explained, and no one was ever held accountable. Justice and accountability died in Amerika long, long ago. William S. Sessions was Director during this little escapade.

On 4/19/93 (4/20 was Hitler’s birthday, and strange things seem to happen on 4/19 and 4/20…the first shots of the American Revolution, Waco, Oklahoma City, the shooting at Columbine High School, and the Gulf oil rig disaster) the heroes of the FBI and BATF fired deadly CS gas into the “compound” of the dreaded Branch Dravidians just outside of Waco, Texas and the ensuing fire killed nearly 80 people, including about 20 children and infants, the favorite victims of our would-be masters. Reportedly, good old Lon Horiuchi was there too, shooting anyone trying to escape the fire; we will never know for sure. To their everlasting credit, all the other snipers in the “Hostage Rescue Team” refused to shoot anyone. Anyone wanting the details of this can read articles by me and many others and even entire books.


Two years later to the day, someone bombed the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, and, again, I and others have covered this in detail elsewhere, but the evidence indicates that it was a false flag, an act of mass murder and child murder (there was a daycare center in the building, and one witness right after the bombing was distressed to see a row of dead babies lying on broken glass). The FBI was involved at least in the cover-up. Bear in mind that if anyone, including the slimestream media, helps cover up such a crime, they are accessories to mass murder, since each crime by our leaders tempts them to yet greater evil. Louis J. Freeh was Director.

On 6/17/96 TWA Flight 800 exploded off the coast of New York. Literally dozens of reliable witnesses saw streaks of fire (surface to air missiles) racing up toward the plane, which then exploded in a fireball, killing all aboard. The National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) initially treated it as an accident, and the FBI initially looked for an act of terrorism, but soon the FBI took overall command of the entire investigation and switched to an accident as an explanation. Investigative reporter Jack Cashill, an honorable patriot and thorough researcher, has written two books on this. Either it was a disastrous mistake by our own Navy, an attack by foreign terrorists, or a deliberate attack by the US government, perhaps to eliminate one “enemy” on the plane. Thanks to the FBI, we will probably never know. And Freeh was still Director.

From 1975 on the vicious South Boston gangster Whitey Bulger was an informant for the FBI, during which time he and his gang dealt drugs and committed numerous murders. His handler, special agent John Connolly, tipped him off to a pending indictment in 1994, allowing him to escape and go into hiding; he was not captured until 2001. The US Attorney in Boston during that period was Robert Mueller…remember him? But our old friend Freeh was Director 9/1/93 to 6/25/2001.


And so to 9/11. Again, this was a false flag, a premeditated act of mass murder by “our” own government. Thomas J. Pickard was Acting Director of the FBI from 6/25/2001 to 9/4/2001, in the run-up to the event. He may have been involved in the planning, or he may have been kept in the dark…we don’t know. Honorable FBI agents further down in the food chain (along with intelligence officers in the Pentagon’s Able Danger team) tried to warn their superiors about the Muslim immigrants receiving flight training, but they were ignored. On 9/4/2001 Pickard was replaced by none other than Robert Mueller…that boy really gets around. Presently he is “investigating” the imaginary Trump-Russia connection and anything else he wants to spend our tax dollars on. Herr Mueller certainly did a great job “investigating” 9/11.

On 4/15/2013 someone set off a bomb near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, allegedly killing and wounding many people; again, some of us have discussed the details elsewhere. The crime was blamed on two Chechen immigrant brothers, both Muslims; at least one of them, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, appears to have been an informant for the FBI; they had certainly contacted him before the bombing. Both brothers had been allowed into the US despite warnings from our “enemies,” the Russians, that they were militant jihadists. The FBI interviewed a friend of theirs, Ibragim Todashev at his apartment in Orlando, Florida, and, claiming that the unarmed Todashev had “attacked” them, shot him dead. He will tell no tales. And Herr Mueller was still the boss; that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

If we ever regain our Republic, we need to reassert state sovereignty, and limit the power of the federal government. The FBI and other federal agencies should deal only with a very narrow list of federal crimes: counterfeiting, treason, and espionage. The FBI needs to be purged or replaced and should be limited to investigation of treason and espionage, with the Secret Service handling counterfeiting. A reformed FBI crime lab could help local police, and a central computer system could keep tabs on all the bad guys…so state and local police and courts could deal with them. But we had to fight a war to gain our First Republic…and it won’t be any easier the second time around.

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