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March 12, 2018

The 'Dumbing Down' Of America Is Paving The Way For The Antichrist And Continues Right On Schedule

- People Who Should Know Better Are Blowing The Trumpet For One Of The Most Destructive Types Of Government Ever Invented


Submitted to All News Pipeline by Pastor Dick Carmack

There is some hope in getting government under control and a light shining in our northernmost state is leading the way.

In Alaska, because of the vast distances to cover and problematic weather conditions that hinder legislators meeting in person, technology is being utilized as nowhere else. When the country-sized state is superimposed over a map of the “lower 48” it stretches from North Dakota to Arizona to Florida. It takes 9.5 hours to fly from Barrow to Juneau. The link that follows contains great pictures of stunning landscapes but more importantly describes how this vast state is leading the way for the nation. Alaska has 26 legislature offices scattered in the outlying districts and 21 legislative Information Offices. Following is a link that tells all about it. Legislators work from their homes, thus creating government transparency instead of cover-up.

Communication between legislators is by Skype and other technologies for teleconferencing to allow remote testimony. In so doing, citizen participation is encouraged as never before while Alaska shows us how to DECENTRALIZE government, bringing power back to the people. Alaska’s example may have been invented because of difficulty of travel, but the effect is to wrap the light of transparency around all government business.

Look at this linked site loaded with pictures and consider how it fits with what follows.


The CENTRALIZATION of power (like exists in all of our states [Alaska excepted] and national government) allows skullduggery to flourish. Unless our Federal and State government officials are kicked out of the centralized Capitals and forced to do their business in plain sight of their constituents, our REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT IS DOOMED! Politicians huddle in dark corners or in smoke filled rooms where money and promises are easily exchanged and almost never detected. Until a bright light is shone on evil it cannot even be identified, let alone eliminated.

With modern instantaneous, electronic communication, it is now possible to force the sewer rats to do business out in the open. When populations were small, a pure democracy was possible. As the population enlarged, representation became necessary but with a physical concentration of representatives, the sin nature of man became unrestrained. Thus the constant call for “democracy,” so the public can be pacified as the Elite stuff their pockets with public money.

The dumbing down of America continues right on schedule as even so-called “right wing” commentators have fallen into the trap of calling the United States of America a “democracy.” People who should know better are blowing the trumpet for one of the most destructive types of government ever invented, preparing the way for Antichrist. Like Israel strewing the road with branches of palm trees as Jesus rode into town, people of our day are also following tradition by ignoring and not questioning their leadership while repeating over and over, the mantra of “democracy.”


If you search the left-wing controlled internet for “democracy” you will find nothing but articles extolling the virtues of the system. Nary a negative can be found. Yet in its purest form a democracy is an unwieldy, unworkable primitive form of government that is easily hijacked by the leader with the loudest mouth, or the one who controls the flow of information. Have you considered Google?

When Antichrist appears and contends for the role of world leader, America will lead the way by trashing the Constitution and helping to elect him by ACCLIMATION in our “democracy” where the ill informed and misguided majority rules.

The commentators on “conservative Fox,” the talking heads on CNN and other NWO mouthpieces, and the “yes men” wandering aimlessly in the halls of Congress also cry in unison, “DEMOCRACY, DEMOCRACY, DEMOCRACY!” 

Winston Churchill is reputed to have said “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” He should have left off the last part, because democracy is in its pure form, is nothing but a tyranny of the majority. A democracy will work where government is conducted on a small scale, where everyone has a direct vote and you know your neighbor. As soon as the group grows large enough to require representatives though, corruption has gained its foothold. There is no final answer to this, outside of Divine intervention.

In a democracy, if the majority votes for a law it becomes law, no matter what its merits, no matter how much it tramples on liberty. Suppose the majority of a particular area is disposed to have blond hair and blue eyes, maybe they just like those features. They could easily vote to outlaw anyone who has brown eyes or dark hair and they could do it without rational debate and almost instantaneously. What could constrain them to treat their fellow citizen with respect? Certainly not the chains of written law.

Where a body of written law does not exist, eventually tyranny reigns.

For the record, the first democracy was in Athens in the 5th Century BC. Since then it has sometimes been improved, mostly set back.



On the other hand, Benjamin Franklin is quoted as replying when asked by a citizen as he exited the Continental Congress, “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”

In those few words are found the secret of the durability of the American Experiment. We have a Constitutional Republic where everyone, the President included is restrained from the impulses of sinful man by written law that theoretically must be respected and adhered to by all. Certain processes have been established and must be adhered to if we are to endure.

Thomas Jefferson is immortalized by his comment,

“In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution (written law)." 

Jefferson may not have been a Christian but he understood well the fact that at the bottom of his heart, every unsaved man is a depraved creature and given the opportunity will trample his neighbor underfoot, the Bible says,

Ge 6:5 And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. (emphasis added)

Men can deny truth all they want but the fact is, all men are born without God, and are evil in the very fact of their being. Until the Son of God rules in their hearts, they will clamor for majority rule because binding change can be almost instantaneous and advantage over others can be quickly gained.

At one extreme of government we find rule by one, monarchy or dictator, sometimes going by another name such as “chairman.” On the other extreme we find democracy (rule by all). In between lies various forms of oligarchy (rule by a few). The United States is supposedly a republic but it has degenerated into an oligarchy with power being assumed by elected representatives (senators and representatives) or by the judiciary (the courts). In theory we are still a republic and to that extent we find saving grace.

By and large, by tedious process, political decisions are forced to follow our written Constitution. “By and large” because of the time necessary and the expense involved in challenging unlawful decisions by the smaller oligarchies (Congress and Judiciary), we are as a practical matter ruled by larger oligarchies, the federal and state bureaucratic agencies. The only human solution for enduring liberty is to dilute federal power back down to the states, counties, and local municipalities, not farm it out to unelected bureaucrats.

In the early days of our republic, business was conducted face to face and it was necessary for elected representatives to travel by horseback, carriage or wagon to distant places in order to meet, discuss and pass law. Times have changed and we can now do all that almost instantaneously electronically. The heart of man however has not changed and huddling in a corner, plotting with others on how to make or steal dollars still goes on. What is required for wealth and power? Murder, bribery, robbery, slavery, monopoly? “Let’s do it!” they say. Whatever’s necessary to get a little more of the world’s treasure. Morals, by and large are kicked to the curb and the only solution is for other men to watch carefully the ones that are allowed to have their hands in the till.


Our Constitution must be preserved and adhered to, but when power is concentrated in one city of one state or one district then government has effectively been removed from accountability to the people. Dilution of power is the only way to restrain a fallen man. We must use the chains of the Constitution to bind their hands to keep them from mischief. In other words, we can no longer let the fox guard the chicken house. We have to safeguard our liberty by doing it ourselves, by watching the watchers. Turning law enforcement over to a strong man is not the answer simply because strong men tend to get stronger and stronger until they have absolute rule.

Protecting written Law is fundamental in a republic. In a pure democracy there is no written law, because law is determined by a majority at the time of the question. In America, because we are a republic, we are charged with protecting our Constitution that is constantly under attack from many quarters. The assault on the 2nd Amendment for example, is gaining monumental proportions but we have to prevail or we will become slaves without guns, to a government with guns. Lesser noted, but even more important is the assault on free speech (1st Amendment), which along with gun rights forms the two most essential tools we have for protection against Satan’s forces posing as beneficial government.

There is much bad information running about concerning the desirability of “democracy.” We recently hear a lot about “representative democracy” which somehow takes on a mystical quality where everyone can supposedly rest easy because of the “democracy” part. But, when our representatives are only accountable on election-day tons of hanky panky can take place in between those widely spaced days. Have you ever tried to call Washington D.C. and talk to your Congressman? If you actually accomplished it, you had better write it down, because it’s probably the last time unless you have a fat pocketbook and are willing to write big checks for his re-election campaign.

Let’s face it, pure democracy (direct vote of all) is both dangerous and impossible in this present world. Government has to be done by representation but knowing the sin nature of all men, we understand they cannot be trusted to be honest. Therefore their hands must be tied and they have to be made responsible on a daily basis to the people who put them in power.

There is only one human cure for irresponsible government. It has to be brought back to the hometown (like Alaska has) where under a spot light, our representatives have to face the people on a daily basis instead of once every two, four or six years. The concentration of power by one class of people must be broken. That power must be diluted so it can be controlled. It really shouldn’t be that difficult, but as a practical matter is very unlikely in this age because the people who pass the laws like their present arrangement. Here’s how it could and might work;



Mt 15:19 For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:

Because of man’s nature to lie, cheat and steal we have to break up the rigged games made easy by government centralization and bring the players close enough home to watch them constantly, day and night. Lobbyists with pockets full of money would find it exceedingly difficult to bribe legislators if they were scattered over 700 different locations, plus when they arrive, they have to make their pitch in public.

We keep both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The same functions as present are preserved. Terms however are limited to one (1) time period of four, five or six (4, 5 or 6) years (never to serve again), with all offices divided into staggered time periods of two (2) years each to preserve continuity of pending legislation. That would prevent anyone making a career out of “public service.” The same rules would apply for all government employees from the cabinet positions down to the janitors and landscapers. Five years and you’re out! Taxpayer funded pensions for elected people are also prohibited. Public service is service, not a license to steal.

Next, all ELECTED officers are required to STAY at HOME in the district where they were elected. Plus, each Representative and each Senator would be monitored on a daily basis by two other people of opposing parties, recording all phone calls and publishing all emails plus keeping public records (written, audio and video recordings) of all face to face meetings. Lobbyists would be permitted so long as all meetings are in broad daylight with total transparency and recording of what is said and done.

All communications with other Representatives or any one else, and all voting will be electronic as well as in writing, to be published every night for inspection by the public. That way, when Senator John Doe goes down to his local coffee shop or the grocery store the next morning his neighbors will be waiting and demanding answers for how he voted the previous day.

There are presently about 330 million people in the United States. If one Representative is allowed for each half million people that means we will have 660 Representatives (plus our present 100 Senators) who will be paid the same wage as the average wage for their District.

“Costs too much” you say. Have you ever calculated it? To be generous let’s say each Congressman is paid $100,000. That’s only $76 million, make it $1 billion total with related expenses. Our present government wastes that much every morning on just calling the roll and having a coffee break. With constant surveillance, only honest men, attempting good goals would bother to serve in our government.

“In questions of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” Thomas Jefferson shown wise!

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