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June 10, 2020

Film Maker Rues Prophetic Nature Of His 2017 Movie Foretelling The Dystopian Fall Of America - God Help Us All If President Trump Is Not Re-Elected In November

- ALARM! Black Lives Matter Was Formed As A Merger Of The Nation of Islam & The Black Panthers

Submission to All News Pipeline by Retired Prosecutor Robert Kirk

I’m retired from government service. I worked a full career as a County prosecutor priding myself on always standing on truth regardless of politics. Alas, if only our elite betters, and in particular those in charge of our blue state inner cities, felt and behaved the same way.

Like the rest of you who value honesty and personal responsibility and who do not take joy in destroying the lives and property of other human beings and would certainly never consider harming fellow citizens for political ends and power, the Orwellian nightmare that has engulfed our country in the past several months has left me deeply depressed.

Before the dystopian light switch was thrown in March I was rather enjoying my retirement having the time and resources for creative pursuits including dabbling in a little politically incorrect film making.

One of my films, Alien Anthropologists, was written and produced in 2017. In that movie, aliens from another world have come to planet earth to observe the imminent self-destruction of humanity. Objective observers forbidden to aid humanity, they are assigned to the center of evil on the planet – Washington D.C. The opening titles feature a desolate mountain landscape as the first title fades in and out:

“After a Brief Respite from Tyranny, The Old Republic is Again Under the Thumb of the Elites.”

As alien visitor Zeno’s spacecraft is seen entering earth’s atmosphere, another title fades in and out:

“Somewhere in the remote reaches of the United Socialist States of America – 2022”

Little did I imagine in 2017 that my little farce, in a few short weeks during the spring of 2020, would foretell the dystopian authoritarian nightmare that our country and our fellow citizens are currently laboring under. God help us if Trump is not re-elected in November for if that be the case, our transformation into a dystopian socialist gulag will be complete in ample time for those alien visitors to watch the imminent self-destruction of America and humanity in 2022.

Before I went to law school I attended and graduated from film school. Back then I had this thought that I wanted to be a writer and longed for the day when maturity and life experience would provide me with something to say. Alas, fast forward to the present! The material and inspiration is coming fast and thick.

An example, unfortunately one of which we can all now relate to. A few weeks back before the looting and burning commenced I again had to make a trip to Home Depot. Parking my car I saw a long line of terrified looking customers all spaced six feet apart and all wearing masks while they waited their turn to enter the store in small driblets least the official capacity be overwhelmed. Crossing the parking lot to the back of the line a dystopian announcement blared over the loud speaker as if from some creepy B movie with a ridiculous Orwellian theme:

“We are Home Depot want you to know that we are here for you in these trying times. Please remember to always wash your hands, wear your mask, practice proper social distancing and, if you have to sneeze, sneeze into your elbow! But most of all, please know that we at Home Depot appreciate that we are all in this together!!”

A sharp pain stabbed my chest as I tried to recall if I had remembered to take a double dose of my blood pressure meds that morning. If I had submitted this stuff in a motion picture script way back in say January I would have been laughed out of the producer’s office:

“Look, kid, it’s a cleaver plot line but the details of your dystopian little story are totally ridiculous and absurd. I mean come on - the entire economy of the United States and most of the rest of world is shut down for what amounts to the common flu?! The entire population is running around terrified wearing mask with their eyes bulging out? Home Depot is blaring out instructions over the loud speaker like in some Stasi detention camp to ‘sneeze into your elbow’ and ‘We’re all in this together?!’ Police chiefs are laying belly down in fear and begging forgiveness for ‘systemic racism?’ Please. I understand you want to write narrative fiction but your narrative needs to have at least some minimal contact with reality. What you’ve written is totally insane and unbelievable!!”

No sh*t.

Of course now the problem is that I have such a surfeit of inspiration for continuing episodes of Alien Anthropologists that it seems pointless to make the effort to write it down and shop it since no one is going to be allowed inside a movie theater to watch it during the balance of my lifetime while the empty shells of the Mega Cinemas across the vast malls of our once fee land are torched by the raging mobs.

So, I look back on this little movie I made three years ago and present three brief clips for your edification.

At the time I filmed Alien Anthropologists in 2017 we had already begun to see the evidence of the corruption in our Federal Criminal Justice system as the deep state cabal did all they could both to expunge Trump and to give a pass to the Hitlerian Hag in the paintsuit. In my little movie, I renamed the FBI the “Federal Investigation Bureau” the “FIB” for short, the Director of which I named “Lester Homey” rhymes with “Comey.” Here’s a one minute clip from the DOJ Press Conference scene from my movie. 

Of course, it was bad enough that our Country has been suffering under a dual system of justice – one set of rules and no consequences for our political Elites and another set of rules with jail time and bankruptcy for the rest of us.

But then the authoritarian government enforced shut-down hit. People being fined for sitting in their cars listening to a church service on the radio; A surfer detained and fined for swimming by himself in the ocean; 40 + million unemployed; small businesses shuttered in droves and churches closed while businesses such as marijuana dispensaries and abortion clinics were deemed “essential.”

Another one minute clip from my movie filmed three years ago. Alas, I long for the days when the only life forms concerned with social distancing were Alien Supervisors!

And now this last. Black Lives Matter and Antifa agitators enabled and abetted by our virtue signaling progressive Elite betters to force us into another round of ritual abasement while allowing violence, looting and destruction of life and property in our inner cities.

It’s interesting. Black Lives Matter was formed in 2014 as a merger of activists from the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam, the anti-Semitic Black Panthers and Dream Catchers. Monica Showalter discussed BLM founder Opal Tometi’s relationship to Venezuela’s Maduro and the kinship of BLM with leftist Jacobins in her recent article published in American Thinker.

The left has a way of doing that. Using language to convey a meaning that hides the truth. “The Affordable Care Act” for example. Now “Black Lives Matter” except all the Blacks who have lost their livelihoods and their businesses and even their lives – the retired black police officer for example – in the course of the rioting. Oh, and what of all the blacks who are victims of crime in the inner city mostly at the hands of their fellow inner city blacks? Sure, the best way to solve that is to abolish the police.

Another short clip from my move. Alien Supervisor and his protégé Zeno have taken a detour down a back alley to avoid the protests on Pennsylvania Avenue when they inadvertently come across a group of “Crip Lives Matter” protesters.

My grandfather fought in combat against the Germans in the Argonne Forrest during World War I; A sergeant of a rifle company, my father fought the imperial Japanese in combat in the Pacific Islands during World War II. During World War II my father-in-law Ivan was shot down in a B-25 and spent the balance of the war in Stalag Luft 3. That’s where the “Great Escape” happened. Ivan was working on his own tunnel when the others (most of whom were recaptured and summarily shot on Hitler’s orders) escaped only temporarily.

My ancestors weren’t innervated by the fear of bullets or the thought of taking some flak. They did what they had to do to resist tyranny. They were willing to give their all in the fight for freedom.

God help us and our dear country if Trump is not re-elected come November. I encourage you all to get on the Trump Train and stand boldly and with courage on the truth and on the values that made America great.

(Robert Kirk, a retired Prosecutor, suffers from a rare malady that only afflicts a tiny percentage of his fellow Californians – common sense conservative thought. For more info or to contact go to:

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