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September 9, 2021

America's 'First Responders' Standing Up Against 'Vax Madness': As Americans Fight Back Against Medical Tyranny, Biden Regime 'Declares War' On Over 100 Million Unvaxxed Americans

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

On Labor Day, I was pleasantly surprised to open up this Baltimore Sun story (saved here at archive so you can read in full w/o having to pay for it) which reported America's 'first responders' nationwide are resisting COVID vaccine mandates, although that story of course attempted to paint that as a bad thing.

Reporting within that story that despite the deaths of numerous first responders due to covid, police officers and other first responders are among those most hesitant to get the vaccine , this new story over at The Hill proves that America's first responders are not alone, with a whopping 70 percent of unvaccinated Americans claiming they would quit their job if vaccines are mandated. Imagine what's going to happen now!

With the Biden regime having now unveiled a '6 pronged plan' in an attempt to 'get coronavirus under control' and 'encourage' Americans to take the experimental mRNA injection, this new story over at the Daily Mail set it all out before us, actually reporting Biden has 'declared war' upon 80 million unvaccinated Americans (that number possibly doubles or more when you consider the children of the unvaxxed!).

Biden's 'plan' to get Covid 'under control', we're reminded he tried that before and failed horribly as this Twitchy story reports, "we’re old enough to remember his last plan, which was to have people wear masks for just 100 days after his inauguration. 'We’re going to contain the virus and get back to our lives' within the first 100 days of his presidency" our own 'Joe Stalin' claimed in a tweet last December, that story also dropping this bombshell.: 

Biden’s new plan apparently has six prongs, and asked if it will affect people’s day-to-day lives, Jen Psaki said “it depends on if you’re vaccinated or not.”.

The Democrats next 'war' upon not only the 70% of unvaxxed Americans who say they'd quit their jobs if vaxxes are mandated, but also a war upon a huge segment of their own voting base with 10's of millions of Black Americans resisting this shot as if it is death itself, the responses on twitter to Psaki's announcement were absolutely priceless, and show Americans will only be further emboldened against the shot if they're mandated. Some of those responses include:

They can try it, but it won't fly. This dumpster fire of an administration is now dead in the water. Especially with all that's gone on since our pull out from Afghanistan, no one cares what the government or Fauci has to say.

Time for people to rise up against this tyranny. It is almost like Biden wants there to be an actual insurrection 

Gross. Message to all of you “just doing your job” to enforce this: segregation and taking away people’s rights will not be overlooked or easily forgiven.

It's a one prong plan and it's called tyranny.

Because she is evil and can't wait to segregate society.

Great. Now the US is following Australia’s lead. Speaking from experience…don’t let it happen

Yeah that's not creepy at all I'm sure this will be just the thing to boost Biden's plummeting poll numbers

I’m elated that @TheDemocrats are stupid enough to anchor their political future to the losing issues of fear, vax mandates, and totalitarian control.‘22 will be an absolutely glorious election.  

We won’t comply - your administration is illegitimate. Bring. It. On.

@JoeBiden’s pointless “6 point plan” will only affect your day-to-day life if you let it. #DoNotComply

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While running errands the other day, I stopped into a local Dollar Store to pick up some treats for 'Hootie' when an amazing conversation took place between the very nice lady working the register and two customers, who were looking at her unmasked face quite stunned. 

With both of those customers wearing Wal Mart uniforms with name tags, they both blurted out in unison "you are SO LUCKY that you don't have to wear a mask! Over at Wal Mart, we all have to wear masks, even if we've been fully vaccinated."

With laughter then breaking out among the other customers in line, also unmasked, the nice Dollar Store employee then responded as if she'd been paying great attention to what's REALLY been happening. 

Responding to those two customers with "I know, it's so ridiculous! My relatives just recently flew on a plane and were forced to cover up their faces in between every bite of food they took", she followed up with "you can't believe a single word they say anymore" to nods of agreement from everybody standing in line. 

Showing us that we're definitely not by any means the only ones who see the ridiculousness of it all, with the fully vaxxed still able to 'catch the covid' and pass it on to others and even get ill and die (though they're 'not allowed' to tell us what variant of Covid someone has - another sign that George Orwell's eternal warnings are now unfolding before our eyes!), we should remember the eternal words of the man the left claimed to 'love', at least until recently.  

“Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction.”Mahatma Gandhi

So with any 'conscientious objectors' to mandated vaxxes definitely NOT alone in 2021 America, and this entire issue now threatening to completely destroy the Democrats voting base for the 2022 elections, just how far will Biden and Democrats go to bring about medical tyranny in America? This  'six pronged plan?' has shown us, or at least the start of it. 

Yet as leftist outlet 'The Conversation' reported of President Donald Trump back in 2017, "To resist Trump's tyranny, just don't comply". In fact, no one should ever 'comply with tyranny'.  

So we'll argue that everything that's now happening in America is tied to not only the globalists forthcoming 'Great Reset' but all of these manufactured events are being used as a way to take attention away from their 2020 election theft that installed illegitimate US potus Joe Biden in office.  

And as we warned back on September 3rd on ANP, with all of this surely coming to a head as the Biden regime completely loses the trust and approval of the majority of Americans, we all need to be on watch for a massive 'false flag event' in the days ahead as the 20th anniversary of 9/11 arrives. 

Because with this story at The Hill hinting that still-unvaccinated Americans will be unlikely to change their minds about getting 'the vax', even should 'mandates' be enacted at their own jobs, we see that leftist rag also used the word 'comply', with 72% saying they wouldn't, another sign the Biden regime faces huge troubles ahead. 

A new poll suggests a significant share of unvaccinated Americans may be resistant to COVID-19 vaccine mandates put in place by their employer. 

A Washington Post-ABC News poll asked unvaccinated workers whose employers have yet to impose a vaccine mandate what they were likely to do if getting vaccinated was required to go into the workplace. 

The poll found 16 percent of unvaccinated workers would get the shot, 35 percent would ask for a medical or religious exemption and 42 percent would quit their job. 

When asked what they would do if they weren’t given an exemption to opt out of the requirement, 18 percent of those surveyed said they would comply and 72 percent said they would quit.

So with 'the resistance' to medical tyranny gaining strength every day, we should all know now the latest 'Biden regime announcement' was filled with more threats against the American people who are saying 'hell no' to Joe, including millions of nurses in hospitals all across America who have decided they'd rather resign from their jobs rather than bow to the 'big pharma mafia' and unfolding medical tyranny. 

Because with 'Orwellian doublespeak' also now on full display in 2021, with promises made that can't be kept, that 'the vaxxed' will get 'their freedoms back' if they'll simply 'comply with tyranny' and 'get the jab', can you imagine what future America will look like in the near future if only those who've 'complied with tyranny' are considered 'free'

As Susan Duclos had pointed out in this August 25th ANP story, while the only real differences right now between America and Australia are the facts that the US is a little bit behind their 'lockstep moves' and the fact that Americans are heavily armed, what's happening now 'in the land down under' is a huge warning to Americans nationwide to be prepared for anything in the days ahead with 'true tyranny' never taking: 'NO! WE DO NOT COMPLY!' as an answer.  

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