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May 19, 2023

Food Tyranny Is Here As Government To Track 'Household Food Consumption' And 'Capping' Red Meat - Endgame Exposed: Biotech To 'Take Over' Food Production

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Independent media has been warning readers for years that the "powers that be" were coming for your meat, would attempt to control what you eat and how often you could eat certain foods, while they push the "eat bugs" mentality, claiming insects are a great form of protein, all part of the climate control agenda.

Before detailing the report that made me toss everything I was already working on to the side, a quick point.

When one liberal city or state does something conservatives consider completely bat-crap crazy, it doesn't take long for other liberal cities or states to try to out-crazy the one that started the insanity.

So, while we are highlighting New York right now, we can and do expect other democrat-run cities and states to follow suit as soon as possible.

Now to the meat and potatoes of this article, and yes, the very ban pun intended.


The article that caught my attention yesterday and kept it through the night comes from the Children's Health Defense Org., titled "New York to Track Residents’ Food Purchases and Place ‘Caps on Meat’ Served by Public Institutions."

The headline alone is concerning enough but the content within the article absolutely stuns, but we will start with the tracking the capping.

New York City will begin tracking the carbon footprint of household food consumption and putting caps on how much red meat can be served in public institutions as part of a sweeping initiative to achieve a 33% reduction in carbon emissions from food by 2030.

According to multiple reports, NYC Mayor Adams revealed a new chart for food consumption, which the Gothamist says the Mayor claims accounts for 20% of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions, and will be added to the NYC Mayor's Office of Climate and Environmental Justice website, which supposedly tracks gas emissions in NYC.

The city already produced emissions data from energy use, transportation and waste as part of the annual inventory. But the addition of household food consumption data is part of a partnership that London and New York launched with American Express, C40 Cities and EcoData lab, Commissioner Rohit Aggarwala from the NYC Department of Environmental Protection announced at the event.

• Aggarwala founded Google smart city subsidiary Sidewalk Labs.

But Adams’ presentation at the event focused on food consumption, particularly meat and dairy.

“Food is the third-biggest source of cities’ emissions right after buildings and transportation,” Adams said. “But all food is not created equal. The vast majority of food that is contributing to our emission crises lies in meat and dairy products.

Not only do the food tyrants want to track what the people in their cities and/or states purchase to eat at home, but they will be limiting how often certain foods can be served in their public institutions, which include but are not limited to, schools and prisons.

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"Organization behind 15-minute city is mapping consumption-based emissions for New York and London."

The partnership between American Express, New York, London and C40 Cities to map urban emissions was formally launched last week in a C40 press release. The groups will map the consumption-based emissions of both New York and London.

According to that C40 press release, NYC Mayor Adams, states "Too often we ignore the role that food plays in the destruction of our environment. You can’t fix what you don’t measure, which is why mapping the data on how food, construction materials, and consumer goods contribute to our environmental impact is critical to effectively addressing climate change. We also can’t afford to wait, which is why I’m proud to sign the C40 Good Food Cities Declaration today to aggressively reduce food waste, focus on nutritious plant-forward food, and reduce New York City’s carbon emissions."

The press release bases its claims on a report by the University of Leeds and developer Arup Group.

Arup is a Rockefeller-supported, World Economic Forum-affiliated organization that uses “fourth industrial revolution” technologies to transform cities. They promise that immense quantities of highly detailed data,” can produce a “new level of control” making possible “more efficient and sustainable use of the world’s precious materials.”

Others behind this include; Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London and C40 Chair; Stephen J. Squeri, Chairman and CEO of American Express; Mark Watts, Executive Director of C40 Cities; Michael R. Bloomberg, UN Special Envoy for Climate Ambition and Solutions, President of the C40 Board, and 108th Mayor of New York City.

Then-Mayor of London Mayor Ken Livingstone founded C40 in 2005 when he convened mayors from 18 cities to agree to cap climate emissions. In 2006, C40 merged with the Clinton Climate Initiative. In July 2020, the group published a framework for cities to “build back better.”

Bloomberg Philanthropies is one of C40’s major funders.

A reminder: Michael Bloomberg initial attempts to control what NYC residents were allowed to consume, including banning large soda and other sugary drinks from being sold, which was struck down by a state Supreme Court judge.

So Bloomberg, who funds and is part of the C40 cities campaign, is already known for trying to control what Americans can and cannot have food-wise.

Before moving on to the next section, it is noteworthy that Los Angeles is also a signatory over at C40 cities, as shown in the image above.


While NYC has made hospital foods all vegetarian unless meat is specifically requested, and created Meatless Mondays and Vegan Fridays, in schools, causing reviews regarding the consumables as "nasty" and "sad," this isn't just a liberal city/state issue, as globally we have seen attacks on farmers.

New York’s initiative is part of a broader move by global policymakers toward targeting the food system — and meat in particular — as a source of emissions. Proposals have ranged from an outright ban on meat consumption to various types of incentives to minimize meat consumption, encourage lab-grown or alternative meat production to putting extra taxes on meat or forcing animal farmers to stop producing, as in the case of the Dutch farmers.

What was done to the Dutch Farmers, all in the name of the "climate change" was nothing short of tyranny. 

As to the lab grown meats:

In its March 2023 report on U.S. biotechnology and biomanufacturing innovation, the White House emphasized a coming focus on climate-centric agriculture in the biotech industry.

The report followed a September 2022 “Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Innovation for a Sustainable, Safe and Secure American Bioeconomy,” which paves the way for biotechnology to take over food production by opening the door to more lab-grown meats and bioengineered plant foods.

That ladies and gentlemen is their tyrannical endgame, to "take over" food production, which would automatically put the "powers-that-be" in total control of what we are "allowed" to eat.

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