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April 9, 2019

Freaky Feminists & Leftists Triggered BIGLY Over Greeting Cards, 'Fart Rape,' Thin Privilege And The Appropriation Of Pepe The Frog


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Feminism Today: Angry, bitter, perpetually offended, outraged, foul-mouthed women (and yes, I am using that term very loosely), that somehow only feel empowered when they are claiming victimhood status for having been born as a female.


We'll start with the outrage and offense being taken over a greeting cards, shown in the image at the top, shared on Twitter by British actress, writer, and singer Natasha Hodgson, with the note attached saying "Ahh yes the two sides of heterosexuality, commerce and toil."

Not quite sure why the Brit thought the card was worthy of sharing on social media, unless she wanted to stir up other feminists, and if that was her intention, she succeeded. Another verified blue check Twitter user by the name of Sarah Phelps, who has "Screenwriter. Pervert. BBC Monster" as her bio, went totally bat-crap crazy in her homicidal response to the image.

Note: Normally, we wouldn't show something this utterly repulsive knowing how badly some of what she posted will offend our readers, without whiting out some of the letters or words,  but this is a case where one has to see it to believe it, because there is no way to adequately describe this level of insanity without seeing it for yourself. 

So, my apologies in advance.

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While this is just one of many reactions, note how many people "liked" her initial profanity-laden reaction. 497 people agreed with her, although only nine retweeted it, so perhaps even some of those that agree, understood how utterly over-the-top, insane, her reactions was.


On April 5, 2019, a freaky leftist that calls herself "lil lunchbox' published a video tirade about how she was going to take back "Pepe the Frog" from racist internet trolls, in yet another example of how unhinged many liberals have become. Since I had no idea who she was, I found her video channel after seeing her name pop up, and noted she often publishes videos in clown-face. According to Know Your Meme, she evidently "identifies" as a clown (whatever that means) and gained some notoriety for uploading videos of her stalking her ex-husband.

How do I know she is a crazed leftist? She declares clearly in the video below she is reclaiming Pepe the Frog to be a "symbol of the #resistance now."   

As usual when highlighting an unhinged liberal, we offer a language warning.


I honestly cannot believe I am seeing a resurgence of this next example of utter insanity, or that I am even typing the term "fart rape," but lately I have seen a number of social media users highlighting the image below:


Like the last time I saw this term, I assumed it was a made up quote, a farce, satire or even a hoax, but after seeing this image over and over again on social media, with an actual active hashtag #fartrape, I decided to try to confirm that anyone really considers flatulence as 'sexist," and comparable to rape or violence.

I traced it back to a December 2013 post about the feminist in question, Ashleigh Ingle, over at a website called The Water Pipe, titled "Can a fart be misogynist?" In that post they claim there was a gathering at the University of Toronto, where feminist activists discussed if human flatulence could be sexist.

The article directly quotes Ingle, as shown above, with a couple of other quotes, including "Why we should teach girls to fart louder when we should be teaching boys not to fart as loud."

Also according to that article, Ingle thinks "government should pass laws to make male farts above a certain decibel illegal to make human flatulence equal and not discriminate against women."

My problem in trying to confirm or debunk whether this was an actual quote, because the initial article did not provide links, nor audio of the comments, led to a number of other articles regarding her alleged quote, all of which linked to the same source, the Water Pipe article, which was created in December 2013, and only has a total of four posts, with no confirming sourcing.


Despite that, this meme explodes on social media periodically, and the one post I did find from someone that has actually spoken to Ingle, asks. "Fart Rape: Did I get taken?" Then he posts the following comment:

I’d posted a meme on Fart Rape. Having communicated with Ashleigh Ingle in the past, I saw it as very possible. Is it possible that she did not make this claim?


If so, it is admittedly embarrassing. But it is more telling that utter absurdities have become indistinguishable from actual claims. It seems that Feminists now have their own Poes.

So, while we cannot source the original claim attributed to Ingle, what I did find while spending an unhealthy amount of time looking into the lunacy of "fart rape," is that others do claim that "Farting is a feminist issue, with others writing about "The Feminism of Farting," and Quora questions such as "Can a staunch feminist woman dare to fart loudly in her date, as feminists often complain of sexism around farting and other similar things?" The Women's health website even wrote about farting in relationships, "fart shaming" and included a video!

Who knew there was so much interest in flatulence!

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Last but not least, we have a recent viral video from BBC Sesh, garnering millions of views on Twitter and Facebook, where an overweight woman named Michaela complains about how much easier certain things are for woman that are thin. They must have turned off the embed option, so I can't grab the code to embed the original video here, but there are plenty of "reaction" videos on YouTube, offering ..... interesting commentary in between portions of the video, in response to Michaela's claims.

Note the size of the "donut" she shows herself eating while complaining about how she is treated when visiting a bakery.

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