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October 30, 2021

As The 'Death Toll By Vax' Keeps Rising And America's Younger Generations Are Being Slaughtered, It's Way Past Time To Stop 'Complying' With Medical Tyranny

By Walt Gelles for All News Pipeline

Two months ago, a journalistic event took place which just might shake the foundations of the American news media and change Americans' perceptions about the Covid pandemic and the vaccines.

DruthersUSA, a free print newspaper devoted to open, uncensored discussion of all things Covid,  launched in August 2021 with a total of 40,000 copies divided among four states: Washington, Oregon, Ohio, Missouri.  It hopes to spread rapidly from coast to coast, emulating the success of its Canadian progenitor, the free monthly newspaper Druthers.

DruthersUSA is the first such publication in the United States.  In America today, heavy censorship is enforced by all the Establishment news media, Google, and Big Tech social-media giants Facebook and Twitter to suppress anything that deviates from the Official Narrative.  Supported by legions of Big Pharma-paid "fact checkers", the Official Narrative claims "the vaccines are safe and effective," lockdowns, masks and other coercive measures are necessary, and injecting children with highly experimental, unapproved, risky genetic "vaccines" is a good thing. 

DruthersUSA is an offshoot of Canada's Druthers, the independent, free print newspaper launched in December 2020 with 25,000 copies, and currently with a reported 350,000 copies for the November issue reaching every province and every major city in Canada.  "In just 11 months, we have printed and given away nearly 2.5 million newspapers to people all across Canada," says Shawn Jason, the Canadian newspaper's founder/editor. 

A grassroots effort against medical tyranny

DruthersUSA hopes to repeat the amazing success of its Canadian sister publication, but that will depend on whether there are enough Americans willing to volunteer, subscribe, and donate.  "This is completely a grassroots effort," says Nicole Orozco, who shares the title of USA National Distribution Director with fellow volunteer Anna Kane.

DruthersUSA is currently relying on donations, subscriptions, and crowdfunding for support, a strategy similar to what got Druthers Canada off the ground.  "We have printed about 160,000 to 180,000 copies in just three months," says Orozco.  "We are everywhere now in Washington [State].  Protests have rocked the state capital, Olympia, with thousands of peaceful protesters opposing the vaccines, mandates, and vaccine passports.  Our newspaper was highly visible at every rally.  Of course, these protests are almost never covered on the national TV news.  The Powers That Be don't want anyone to know what's really going on."

"People distribute the newspaper everywhere.  Volunteers bring them to hospitals, police stations, truckstops, diners, churches, political rallies, and cafes. The reaction is overwhelming and positive. We need more volunteers just to keep up!"

"We are not insurrectionists," Orozco emphasizes. "There is no violence.  There is no insurrection.  We are a peaceful movement.  The United States is just starting to see the tyranny.  Canada has been living under it in ways Americans have not yet fully seen.  I know in Vancouver it was like the Hunger Games to leave your quadrant.  Now Washington State is getting an idea of what true tyranny looks like.  The whole USA is going down very soon, unless we fight back.  You have to stand up wherever you are and say 'This is not right.'"

The print run of the US edition varies. "Right now, depending on donations, we have printed no less than 20,000 copies and up to 75,000 copies for each issue," she says.  Using this initial strategy, "a subscriber might buy a bundle of papers and distribute them free of charge in his or her town or city, creating a 'hub' which builds the paper's circulation."

In Great Britain, a similar monthly print newspaper called The Light Paper started in September 2020 along with its sister publication The Irish Light, and now claims a print run of 250,000 copies.

DruthersUSA, Druthers Canada, The Light Paper UK, and The Irish Light may augur a new trend in newspaper journalism, as independent publishers attempt to circumvent the unprecedented global censorship-and-propaganda campaign that is suppressing the free flow of vital information, scientific findings, and personal testimony about COVID-19 and the worldwide vaccination program.

Frontline workers report the truth that the MSM bans

Anna Kane, Druthers' other  USA National Distribution Manager, says "We have people working with us in frontline positions---in doctors' offices, hospitals, government offices.  These people are seeing what is truly happening, and it's not reported on the Mainstream Media TV news, it's not allowed on social media."

Her observation echoes the impassioned warning from a Safeway Pharmacy manager who quit her job while on camera "because I will not give this poison [the Covid vaccine] to people.  Wake up, everybody!  This is poison.  This is hurting people.  I've seen it.  I've seen customers die.  Wake up.  DO NOT TAKE IT." [1]

...And this 2-minute video by a Maryland nurse describing the massive damage and death being caused by the COVID-19 vaccines:  ("Maryland Nurse Has Never Seen Anything Like it, With Adverse Effects And Deaths From The Vaccine" [2]

The same outcome is being widely reported by medical professionals across the United States and around the world, though many or most are afraid to speak up.  Nurses are under intense pressure not to mention vaccine-induced deaths and injuries and never to report them to the CDC's adverse-event tracking system (VAERS).  Doctors in the U.S. face revocation of their medical license if they dare to criticize the Covid vaccines or report vaccine-induced deaths and injuries to CDC/VAERS. [3]  

Dozens more nurses and doctors confirm Anna Kane's comment about what DruthersUSA's frontline contacts are saying:

"This is evil at the highest level---You have the FDA, you have the CDC that are supposed to be protecting us," says Registered Nurse Jodi O'Malley, who works at a federally-run hospital where the orders from on high are to NOT report the deaths caused by the Covid vaccines.  This video is the first in a series from Project Veritas documenting how the US government is suppressing the deaths and injuries caused directly by the vaccines. [4]

From Health Impact News, Oct. 24th:  "We are looking at a total breakdown and failure of America's hospital system. Ethical nurses and doctors are being censored and fired, while those who remain face horrific work conditions due to shortages of staff....The unvaccinated nurses and hospital staff who have not yet left, are coming forward to describe the horror scenes they are witnessing in the hospitals, where the majority of the patients now are fully vaxxed and suffering terrible side effects from the vaccines. And all of this, other than the coming strikes, is being censored in the pharma-owned corporate media." [5,6]

According to Anna Kane, "We The People have to use our common sense and stop allowing our government to force us to do things.  It's our responsibility to stop getting vaccinated, to stop wearing masks, to stop allowing the government to make medical decisions for our bodies.  To stop allowing them to censor our media and make us believe we don't have any choice.  We do have a choice.  When we all gather together and fight back, demand accountability, and use our common sense, things will change."

"Would you intentionally abuse your child by limiting their oxygen intake? No, but we are allowing it to happen.  Stop allowing the schools to force masks onto our children.  It's child abuse.  Stop allowing them to force deadly vaccines onto our children.  We have all got to take a stand.  You have got to get active if you want to save your kids."

"Stop complying," she urges.  "If we all stand together and stop complying, then we will see positive change."


The death toll

Nicole Orozco explains: "The whole point of this newspaper is to help people make informed decisions, to use their critical thinking skills and do their own research.  We have to let people know about the actual number of vaccine injuries and deaths.  This is the only way we are going to save this country.  We have got to do this for our kids.  And for us."

What are the "actual numbers" to which she's referring?

VAERS (the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) records "fewer than 1% of deaths and adverse events", according to a 2010 Harvard study commissioned by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  Using this correction factor, a conservative estimate based on the VAERS data as of October 1st is:


* 1.6 million people killed by the COVID-19 vaccines

* 7.8 million adverse events including countless hospitalizations,

life-threatening injuries, paralysis, permanent disabilities, nonstop convulsions, permanent vision loss, spinal damage, Bell's palsy, miscarriages, stillbirths, immune system collapse, autoimmune diseases, massive blood clots, etc. [7]

Even if you assume that VAERS captures 10% of the casualties, the numbers are staggering.  It gets worse:

---VAERS typically has a backlog of 2-4 months in registering cases;

---30% of U.S. doctors never even heard of VAERS;

---M.D.'s and nurses greatly fear reporting vaccine-related deaths or side effects to VAERS;  they might lose their jobs or medical licenses.

---The CDC scrubs data to hide the actual figures.

Therefore, the deaths and injuries cited above are the tip of the iceberg.

The adverse-events reporting systems of the United Kingdom, European Union, and other countries are reporting similar catastrophic results for the Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca vaccines.   Innumerable vaccine victims die or suffer a life-destroying adverse effect within 1-3 days after getting the jab.  "Just a coincidence," says the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and their brethren.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, Pfizer's former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Respiratory Diseases, warns that all the gene-based COVID-19 vaccines are "premeditated murder" and serve only one conceivable purpose---depopulation.  Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the core platform technology used in the mRNA vaccines, vehemently opposes what he says is the dangerous misuse of that technology in the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines.  Dr. Roger Hodkinson, top Canadian pathologist and virologist, calls the Covid pandemic "the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public," based on "utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and the politicians."  Dr. Vernon Coleman, beloved best-selling British medical authority, says the COVID-19 genetic vaccine "is the most lethal medical product in history."

To the Mainstream Media, these distinguished doctors are non-persons.  They are "Covid deniers," "conspiracy theorists," and "anti-vaxxers" spreading "misinformation".  And so are the tens of thousands of mainstream physicians, immunologists, virologists, molecular geneticists, public health officials, vaccinologists, epidemiologists, and others who have called for the Covid "vaccines" to be withdrawn immediately---doctors with 20, 30, 40 years' experience, many of them with award-studded careers, including Nobel Prize winners.  They are now non-persons, slandered, censored, and in danger of losing their jobs under The New Normal.


Mainstream media misinformation vs. scientific fact

People who got the genetic jab are members of what C.J. Hopkins calls the Covidian Cult (see  They cling to a delusional belief system dictated to them by the Big Pharma-controlled establishment media.  They adhere to absurd ritualistic behaviors like social distancing and wearing face-diapers which have no basis in reality.  They shun heretics ("anti-vaxxers") who they believe need to be shamed and punished for nonexistent crimes.  They obey their authority figures---wise leaders such as Saint Anthony Fauci (a mass murderer) and Bill Gates, a software developer who has no medical degree and zero medical training.  They are impervious to common sense, reason, evidence, and logic.  They proudly repeat the mantra: "Follow the science."

But the actual science, which they do not want to look at, proves the following:

--The PCR test is fraudulent and is incapable of diagnosing for any illness.  Deliberately ramped up to 35 cycles or more, it yields false-positives up to 97% of the time.  Dr. Kary Mullis, the Nobel Prize-winning chemist who invented the PCR technique, strongly objected to its sham use for Covid diagnosis.  The CDC and WHO have both officially renounced the PCR test because, as the CDC admits, it can't differentiate between COVID-19 and the seasonal flu or common cold.  

--The data generated by the PCR test about "new COVID-19 cases", "death tolls", and so forth is totally meaningless.  This junk data was used to create the illusion of a pandemic.

--The COVID-19 vaccine injection quickly circulates throughout the entire human body.  This is the opposite of what we were told by the vaccine manufacturers.  They ridiculously claimed that the injected liquid would stay in the arm, a claim faithfully parroted by the presstitute media.

-- The billions or trillions of synthetic spike proteins which the Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca shots force your body to manufacture

are not inert and harmless, as the vaccine companies falsely claimed---they are biologically active structures, pathogenic, toxic, and coagulatory (blood-clot-producing).  The spike protein becomes part of the cell wall and, when it breaks off, damages the cell, injuring the heart, lungs, ovaries, placenta, and other organs.  Spike-protein fragments get embedded in the endothelial lining of the vascular system (blood vessels + lymph vessels).  The spike protein is a cytotoxin or cell-killer. It's definitely not an appropriate antigen for stimulating an immune response. [8,9]

-- The Lipid-Nanoparticle Hydrogel which acts as the envelope for the synthetic mRNA strands in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines crosses the blood-brain barrier and is capable of causing inflammation of brain tissue.  This can lead to paralysis, permanent vision loss, neurodegenerative diseases, and other severe damage.

-- The vaccines do not provide immunity and do not prevent transmission of the virus.  They only claim to reduce (mild) symptoms of Covid illness---and those claims are greatly exaggerated, as independent studies have proved.

-- The majority of people filling the hospitals and dying are fully vaccinated.  The Establishment “health experts” are now admitting that the vaxxed can still spread the putative virus and that the supposed effectiveness of the shots wanes very quickly as they destroy natural immunity, requiring endless booster shots.

-- The median Infection Fatality Rate of COVID-19, even going by the junk data, is 0.26%, a lot less than the seasonal flu.  Yet this pretext was, and is, being used to declare a "pandemic", lock down society, destroy the middle class, wipe out millions of businesses, and force-vaccinate people with a noxious "vaccine" which disastrously failed all previous clinical trials because all or nearly all of the test animals died gruesome deaths.

--The genetic-based vaccines induce micro-clots---blood clots too small to be detected by MRI or CT scan---in roughly two-thirds of those who got the jab.  These micro-clots cause blockage of the capillaries (pulmonary arterial hypertension), typically leading to death within 3 years, according to Dr. Charles Hoffe, M.D. [10]

--- The official claim that "736,000 Americans have died from COVID-19" is a complete fabrication, based on the bogus PCR test and manipulation of data.  Virtually all seasonal flu cases were transferred to the "COVID-19" death column (the flu magically disappeared).  And anyone who dies in a car accident or from cancer or heart disease is classified as "death by COVID-19" if they have a positive PCR test.  Also, countless people died because, under lockdown conditions, they were not able to seek urgently needed medical attention or undergo surgery.  The lockdowns led to a massive increase in unemployment, poverty, hunger, lack of exercise, lack of sunlight needed to make vitamin D, despair, and suicide worldwide, all contributing to the fake "excess mortality" statistics.

Another major killer is the drug Remdesivir plus lung-injuring ventilators, the only treatment for Covid allowed in US hospitals.  Dr. Anthony Fauci mandated treatment of patients with Remdesivir which he knew is a killer-drug causing acute kidney injury and multi-organ failure often leading to death within 10 days. [11,12]  Meanwhile, cheap, effective treatments, used around the world both to prevent and cure coronavirus illness, are banned by the US government.


-- The vaccines interact with the virus to foster new variants that escape immunity.  In other words, the vaccines are fostering the spread of disease and  making the situation much worse.

-- Around the world, the countries with the highest vaccination rates for the COVID-19 shots are hospitalizing and killing people at much higher rates than countries that have adopted early treatment protocols WITHOUT THE USE OF VACCINES.  "This is the biggest scam and cover-up in the history of the human race," observes Health Impact News editor Brian Shilhavy in reviewing the irrefutable data. [13,14]

-- Vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the viral load of COVID-19 viruses compared to the unvaccinated. [15]

--  Doctors and scientists from multiple labs around the world, using microscopic analysis, have all independently reached the same horrific conclusion:  All the genetic "vaccines"---Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson---contain nano-metal fragments, toxic graphene oxide, parasites, luminescent nano superconductors, self-assembling nanobots, and biologically immortal tentacled creatures that can inhabit the vaxxed person's body forever.  It is no longer a "conspiracy theory".  The vaccines are indeed a bioweapon, and much worse than anyone could have imagined.  "The transhumanistic world of nanotech and synthetic lifeforms is here." [16-22]

Resisting a totalitarian agenda

The vaccines were never about health.  They are all about creating a totalitarian control system, depopulation, and  re-ordering society into a techno-gulag where "You will own nothing, and you'll be happy" by Year 2030, as per the World Economic Forum's projection.   If the globalist cabal who are behind America's self-destructive vaccination program get their way, billions of "useless eaters" will be eliminated around the world.  A tiny elite will own everything, while the masses of mostly jobless people might receive a minimal universal basic income, their debts written off in exchange for handing over their assets to the banks and the state.  The unvaccinated will be segregated in FEMA-style concentration camps (already built and under construction).  The compliant sheeple will take endless booster shots.  A Communist China-style Digital Social Credit System will monitor and grade your every move.  "Bad" behavior will consist of criticizing the vaccines or the government.

This is not a "conspiracy theory".  It's what's happening right now.

The "booster" shots people will soon be required to take will progressively destroy the immune system and kill millions more.  Some will die within 1 to 3 days after getting the jab, as has already happened to tens of thousands of vaxxed victims.  Many more people will be gradually debilitated by the Covid shots and suffer permanent lifelong damage.  Or they will die months or years after getting the jab due to "Antibody-Dependent Enhancement":  In all previous trials for genetic coronavirus vaccines, nearly all the test animals developed a hyperinflammatory autoimmune reaction which led to their deaths after exposure to the wild virus a few months post-injection.

Will the same thing happen to the unfortunate, misled human guinea pigs who got the COVID-19 genetic cocktail?  No one knows.  No proper tests were ever conducted.  It's a reckless global medical experiment with a never-before-used, grotesque genetic technology that forces the body to manufacture trillions of spike proteins.  No other drug or procedure in all of medical history has ever forced the body to manufacture a specific protein.

Fortunately, Americans are starting to fight back as millions of outraged citizens are being squeezed in the iron grip of Biden's pseudo-medical tyranny.  Frontline doctors, nurses, and paramedics, federal and city workers, employees of private companies, police, firemen, airline pilots, air-traffic controllers, teachers, college students, and the US Armed Forces---all faced with the insane vaccine mandates---are walking off the job or getting fired.  The country is being torn apart and destroyed by a corrupt, mentally disintegrating, unelected President, his Democrat backers, RINO Republicans, and the complicit media.

A resistance movement is slowly building, under the pressure of necessity.

DruthersUSA: A thought-experiment

So here's a thought-experiment.  Ron Paul, former Texas Congressman and Presidential candidate, has a conservatively estimated net worth of $8 million.  His Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, a non-profit, publishes outspoken articles slamming the vaccine mandates, health passports, and escalating medical tyranny.  Ron Paul's son, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, has loudly criticized Biden's coercive policies.  Yet not a single member of Congress---not 1 out of 535---has the integrity to call for a halt to the suicidal Covid vaccine program which is physically destroying this country.

Now let's imagine that Ron Paul decides to donate $250,000 to DruthersUSA.  Chump change, for someone like him.  What effect would that have on Druthers, on America, and on the world?

Well, it would enable DruthersUSA to print over 3 million copies of its newspaper.  These good old-fashioned print newspapers, distributed in every state (assuming there were enough volunteers), would have a dramatic transformative effect on American public opinion.  As people read the newspapers and passed them around to friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers, these good old-fashioned print newspapers would break the monolithic wall of censorship imposed by the Mainstream Media, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other self-appointed censors.  These good old-fashioned newspapers would break through the brainwashing that millions of Americans have unfortunately undergone as a result of the fear-mongering propaganda campaign full of misinformation, half-truths, monumental sins of omission, slander, and outright lies. 

Once people learned the truth about the deadly vaccines and the plandemic, a critical mass of awareness would quickly build.  Public anger would explode---against Fauci, Gates, against the mandate-issuing governors, mayors, and employers, against all politicians and presstitutes who collaborated in the scam.  

The outcry would be so great, the corrupt FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

and CDC (Centers for Death By Covid Vaccine) would be forced to withdraw all the genetic vaccines.  The self-destructive vaccine mandates would end, and massive lawsuits would probably follow.

And that's why I predict not a single fat-cat Republican or any other super-wealthy person will make such a donation to DruthersUSA.  Kellyanne Conway (estimated net worth $39 million), Sean Hannity ($250 million), Tucker Carlson ($30 million), Donald Trump ($2.5 billion), Rudy Giuliani ($40 million), Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson ($39 million), and so on.  They are all ultimately part of the status quo.  Money and power always comes before the interests of you or me. 

I hope I'm proven wrong.  But it's much more likely that DruthersUSA will survive and grow purely as a grassroots movement.  Because a good old-fashioned print newspaper just might be the last best hope to save the American Republic from its present suicidal course, and We The People are the only ones who can do it. 

Walt Gelles is the author of Options: The Alternative Cancer Therapy Book (Penguin Random House) and has published articles at,,, OpEdNews, and other websites. 

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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