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May 2, 2017

'Satan's Psyops' Turn Warped Dreams Into Nightmares - Described As 'Lord Of The Flies For Millennials', What Happens When The 'S' Really 'Hits The Fan'?

'Mass Chaos' And A 'Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare' - Fyre Festival Was An Illuminati Pipe Dream


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

It was billed as the music festival of their dreams as seen in the first video below, promising first class culinary experiences and a luxury atmosphere for those attending to have the opportunity to mix and mingle with rock stars, global jet-setting models and other 'trending' millennials. It turned into what some were calling a "complete disaster", "mass chaos", and a "post-apocalyptic nightmare" for those who bought into the illuminati pipe-dream that was being sold.

While festival organizer 'Ja Rule' had said back in March†while giving a toast in reference to what they had planned: "To living like movie stars, partying like rock stars, and f****ng like porn stars", we'll show in this story that Fyre Festival is a perfect microcosm for the fall of America and much of Western civilization and a small taste of what the future might hold in store for us should 'mass society' continue to emulate the illuminati's Hollywood above God and all else as has been extensively documented by the website Vigilant Citizen. †

We also take a look at how some people had a 'plan B' for Fyre Festival and, while a headache having the festival canceled, still had a great time in an absolutely beautiful location due to their having a 'plan B' while others allowed themselves to suffer in paradise. As is easy to see in this first video below, compared to the 'reality' of Fyre Festival, the masses completely fell into a time-tested trap that's deviously been used over and over again through history.


For those who hadn't yet heard of Fyre Festival, billed as the ultimate music festival, guests were told NOT TO BRING CASH, completely setting themselves up for disaster when their accomodations turned into refugee camp tents, food and water vanished and the festival was canceled before it ever even began. First, we'll see one of the videos that was used to 'sell' Fyre Festival to 'the herd' of 'upper tier' millennials while the video directly below it shows 'Fyre Festival appearance vs reality', a reality that some called a real-life 'lord of the flies' for millennials. †

If being 'stranded' upon a tropical island for a few hours or a day is a tragedy and 'post-apocalyptic', what happens to these same people when the 'S' really 'hits the fan'? We also take a look at the final video below, a new video from Steve Quayle's video channel called 'Satan's Psyops: From Eden To Armageddon" in which we see those attempting 'bait and switch' sales have been doing so throughout eternity.†

This next video shows 'Fyre festival appearance' vs. what some called a 'FEMA camp' reality.†

According to the recent story over at Salon, Fyre festival turned into a real-life 'lord of the flies' adaptation with upscale millennials who'd payed thousands suddenly finding themselves in a food and housing shortage that ripped them out of their safe spaces. Taking to social media to send distress signals to the world from the island of Exumas,†unverified reports on the scene claimed that the festivalís organizers would not let attendees visit the camp site, which featured half-built tents that resembled a refugee camp. There was also a low supply of food and water.

Relix took great joy in the failure of Fyre, calling the Fyre festival Reddit page the best thing on the internet as the disastrous 'vacation' took the internet by storm with 'Hunger Games' and 'Lord of the Flies' memes. With food, water and patience in short supply among those who'd heeded the advice of those putting the festival on and neglected to bring cash to the gathering, what happens to these same people when the economy completely collapses, the US is hit by an EMP that totally shuts down our electrical grid and their smart phones or WW3 begins? Fyre festival will suddenly look like paradise to the completely unprepared masses.†


In the story over at Zero Hedge Monday they report 'Ja Rule' and Fyre festival have been slapped with a massive, $100 million dollar class action lawsuit alleging multiple accounts of fraud after "a millennial's worst nightmare of dying cell phones, cardboard sandwiches, burning tents, roving bands of thieves, feral dogs, and worst of all - anarchy at the bar" played out while they were expecting paradise.†

As we see in the 2nd video below, one group of people there took the lemon's they were dealt and made a nice big pitcher of lemonade with them. And while their 'plan B' didn't bring them in touch with rock stars or 'hollywood starlet' wanna-be's, they clearly made the best out of a not-so-great situation.

If some think what we see in their video are 'hunger games' conditions, they haven't seen anything yet. †

In the next video, our videographer shares with us his own thoughts on rich millennials 'suffering in paradise' and the 'lord of the flies' conditions that came along with the disaster that Fyre festival was. And while Fyre festival attendees will continue to complain about their 'nightmare in paradise', we shouldn't be the least bit surprised as we hear in the final video below from Steve Quayle along with Tom Horn on the Hagmann Report, 'Satan's psyops' have been ongoing for time on end. Turning dreams into nightmares, if those who think what happened on Exumas was a 'nightmare', what will they do should mass and widespread turmoil really break out in America and we really witness SHTF?†

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