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April 20, 2021 

With All Hell About To Break Loose In America, Prepare To Get Out Of The Cities And Into The 'Red Zones' In The Event Of A Worst Case Scenario

- Reports Of Martial Law In The Cities Are Another Reason To Avoid Them Like The Plague

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While thinking over this past weekend about the huge difference between the left and the right on how the two groups think about Covid-19, lockdowns, vaccinations and everything else now unfolding in America, (with reports of martial law already now coming out as we'll explore more below), I came across a 2008 medical study which helped put things into proper perspective.

With 45% of Republicans in 2021 saying they won't get 'the shot' while only 7% of Democrats say the same, even leftist comedian Bill Maher recently destroyed the left on their insane reaction to Covid as this 'Tyler Durden' story over at Zero Hedge points out (we also hear from Maher in the must-watch 1st at the bottom of this story). So it's easier to understand why the left thinks we all need to get vaccinated when we understand the situation many on the left have put themselves into. 

According to this 2008 study published at the National Institute of Health titled "Social Contacts and Mixing Patterns Relevant to the Spread of Infectious Diseases", the average human being (back then) had approximately 13.4 contacts with other people on the average day. 

With that number of 'daily contacts' obviously much higher for people who live in the cities or suburban areas due to public transportation, large office buildings and jam-packed grocery stores and other locations, while often being much lower on average for people who live out in the country or mountains due largely to 'population density', we see why there's such a huge difference in perception. 

For example, while living out in the suburbs of Washington DC over a decade ago, I could go out to run a few errands and run into 10 or 15 or even 1,000 different people or more during a normal day out, depending upon where I was going and what I was doing. 

And while I have always chosen to avoid public transportation, millions of people in the DC region, and many other 'population hubs', use public transportation daily, making for many more 'daily interactions' between people.

While out here in the much less populous areas, the 'red zones' across America, MOST people have many fewer interactions with others daily, though of course that depends upon one's line of work, etc, and is not an across the board assumption. 

So with me personally having only about 3 to 4 person-to-person interactions with others in any given WEEK here in 2021, much less in any day or hour, the chance of me being exposed to Covid-19, or most any other communicable disease for that matter, are much less than for someone who is mixing with others non-stop daily.  

With many people out in the area we live completely unconcerned about even wearing masks at all except for when going into a public store where it is mandated by the health department and refusal to do so could result in harassment or arrest, it's easy to see why so many people who live in the 'red zones' aren't as concerned as those in the cities who mix with the masses daily. 

So with that giving us all another reason to move out of the suburbs/cities if possible if we hadn't yet, as we'll explore in the next section of this ANP story, one US state is even paying 'remote workers' to move into their state, with 'Almost Heaven West Virginia' recently launching a program that will pay you to move into a location many will fall in love with due to it's incredible natural splendor. And in the final section we'll take a look at more signs the big cities in America are about ready to explode in the coming days, with reports of martial law already being instituted in the cities. 

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So if you're looking to move out of the cities/suburbs and are looking for a place to go,  you might want to look into a program such as 'Ascend West Virginia'.

With that program actually PAYING PEOPLE $12,000 to 'find a place in the hills', anyone looking to get away right now from their city habitat who can do 'remote work' might have their answer right here

With the Ascend West Virginia program featuring the cities of Morgantown, Lewisburg and Shepherdstown currently, this story over at Fox 59 in Beckley West Virginia gives us more details.  

Many people have been working from home since the beginning of the pandemic. So it leaves a big question: Will this be a permanent thing? 

A new program called ‘Ascend West Virginia’ is trying to do just that, and draw more people to the Mountain State. “We’re going to invite people to take a permanent vacation in the place John Denver dubbed ‘Almost Heaven’ 50 years ago,” said, Chelsea Ruby, Secretary of West Virginia Tourism. 

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice signed a bill that would modernize the corporate tax structure in the state, with the goal of attracting more remote workers. “Now this trend was alive and well heading into COVID when it was estimated that nearly 400 million people in the United States had permission to move anywhere they wanted while doing their jobs,” said Brad Smith, a Kenova native. 

The goal is to leverage one of West Virginia’s most appealing asset – its natural beauty – to stop population loss in the only state that has fewer residents now than it did in 1950. “We have these amazing mountains and these rivers and these trails that once served as walls but they now serve as welcome signs as rural becomes the new urban,” added Smith. 

Smith is throwing in incentives to get people to relocate. “If people choose West Virginia as their home, they will receive 12,000 dollars in relocation and retention incentives. They’ll get a free year’s worth of outdoor activities.” he said. 

And Governor Justice says with this opportunity, people won’t overlook West Virginia any longer. “Just sit back and wait and watch how the diamond in the rough is going to continue to be exposed to the world.” 

The program is now accepting applications for the first 50 openings in Morgantown.

So with the radical left in cities all across America likely to explode in rage in the coming days with a Derek Chauvin verdict expected very soon, possibly even today, even CNN had reported two weeks ago that crime rates were exploding in big cities all across America, with no signs of a let up in the weeks ahead.

With the threats of more leftist riots leading to the city of Minneapolis to be completely locked down once again, this time bracing for chaos instead of because of the pandemic, while law enforcement in cities all across America prepare for violence and the very real possibility that the radical left will once again burn down their own homes and businesses, if Democrats have their way, this Spring and Summer may bring us an endless cycle of riots and civil unrest. 

Because with soldiers forcing American citizens at gunpoint away from their cars for pumping gas past curfew, telling everybody 'this is martial law', while the globalists continue to push for our full enslavement, now claiming 'vaccines won't be enough' to end this 'scamdemic', as we hear in the final video below, the Democrats and the msm won't be happy until America and freedom are 'up in flames', giving everybody a reason to prepare for the madness ahead. From this SHTF story.: 

Mainstream media outlets are continuing their fear-mongering over new variants. They continue to tell us that the vaccines won’t be enough. Nothing short of your full and complete enslavement to the state will suffice.

Science Daily is calling for a global strategy of “maximum suppression.” And we should all know by now they don’t mean they want maximum suppression of any virus. They want maximum suppression of humanity.

It’s more than obvious this is all about control and has nothing to do with health.

This continuing narrative is being crafted this way on purpose and the goal is to “vaccinate” as many humans as are willing with the experimental gene therapy they are falsely calling a vaccine.

We are going to be propagated with the news that wants us tracked, traced, chipped, surveilled, and “vaccinated” at any cost.

All of this is a part of the larger New World Order agenda and it will never end until we are enslaved, or wake up to what is being done.

Yet as this 2nd SHTF story points out below, the sinister globalist agenda may very well already be too late to stop, with US cities already being used as 'guinea pigs' for the globalists plans of instituting tyranny throughout America. So please be prepared for whatever may be ahead, while working towards and praying for peace in the days ahead, fully understanding that things could take a turn towards a worst case scenario in a moments notice. 

With the curfew implemented and hundreds of protesters arrested for simply being outside too late, the unrest tapered off last week. However, videos have surfaced showing some rather shocking scenes unfold as Minneapolis and the surrounding areas turned into an outright militarized police state.

Even folks who were not involved in the protests have been rounded up under what many are saying appears to be martial law. Over the weekend, a video surfaced of the heavy-handed militarized tactics being used by both police and military who were called in to quell the unrest. It is nothing short of shocking.

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