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May 7, 2017

It Is About to Get Very Ugly In New Orleans On May 7, 2017 - Antifa To Face Off With Black Patriots And Oath Keepers In 'The Battle Of New Orleans'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

UPDATE - LiveStream added - H/T reader idontknow.

Original article below.

A major battle is brewing in New Orleans, Louisiana over the removal of four Confederate era monuments, one of which has already been removed, under the cover of darkness, by men in masks and vests while law enforcement snipers trained their rifles on Americans protesting peacefully.

The fascist group Antifa has sent out a call to supporters to show up en masse on Sunday, May 7, 2017,  to stand up to "white supremacists," and mainstream media pushing the narrative that "alt-right" militants are preparing for the "Battle of New Orleans."

Before getting into the groups that are expected to face off against each other today, lets take a quick look at who these "white supremacists," "alt-right" people are, starting with the call to action by one of those protesting the removal of the four monuments in an attempt by the Democratic Mayor, Mitch Landrieu, to erase history and has torn his community apart.

Meet the Black Rebel:

The Black Rebel along with others have been guarding the Jefferson Davis monument at night from the liberal mayor and communist Antifa protesters who have defaced multiple monuments already, as seen in the image below.

(Black Patriot Confederacy Monument Defenders Guard Jefferson Davis Monument)

Watch vandals deface the P.G.T. Beauregard monument

The black patriot monument defenders have been standing guard and have been harassed an attacked as described by witnesses, with visual evidence. 

Monday evening, as about a dozen monument supporters were on guard, an assault vehicle (which some have identified as a deuce and a half) full of so-called Antifa, or anti-fascist demonstrators showed up looking for a fight. A banner on the side of their vehicle read, “F**k off Nazi scum!” and they were waving the red and black flags of anarcho-communism.

Several protestors confronted the Confederate group with taunts like, “F___ you, nazi!” and “Your monument is coming down!” Several bottles and other small implements were thrown at the demonstrators including Andrew Duncomb, a black Confederate supporter.

Several sources confirm that another black Confederate supporter, Arlene Barnum was harassed by several Antifa until she was brought to tears. Despite being purportedly anti-racist activists, Antifa called Barnum a “coon”, “Aunt Jemima” and “house negro”. When she returned to her car later that evening one of her tires had been slashed.


Eileen Marcinkowski, a woman whose pelvis was crushed in a May 4th car accident and is bound to a wheelchair, was maced by an Antifa. "This woman comes across the road screaming and spraying mace. There was no provocation and she didn’t seem to be trying to spray anyone in particular. I felt an extreme burning that I never felt before in my life. My lips today are still tingling and swollen." Eileen went on to explain that one protestor also threw a broken glass bottle that bounced off the side of her wheelchair.

Where were the police? Where were the snipers? Where was Mayor, Mitch Landrieu????

In response, The Oath Keepers have put out a "call to action" for Sunday, May 7, 2017, "Defend Free Speech and Monuments in New Orleans."

They are calling on Three Percenters, veterans, bikers, and other patriots, to "help defend free speech and also to defend the Civil War monuments from illegal destruction by Antifa and other radical leftists, who have threatened to tear down the Robert E. Lee statue tomorrow, Sunday, May 7." 

They have already arranged to  send in the "most experienced retired police officers and military veterans from Louisiana, as well as some of the same Oath Keepers police and special warfare veteran leaders we sent twice to Berkeley, CA – men who are very experienced at shutting Anti-fa down."

In New Orleans tomorrow, we are focusing our effort on protecting the Robert E. Lee statue and the protesters who are supporting its preservation, but we will be keeping an eye on all of the monuments and all of the protesters, and we will be particularly focused on protecting people from assault and battery by the radical leftists. If you can make it, please rally at the New Orleans WWII Museum back parking lot (to the rear of the building) at 11:00 AM.

Details, rallying point, and recommendations, can be found at the Oath Keepers call to action page.

How s the MSM and Google "top stories" search results spinning this? Screen shot below for a Google search using keywords "Antifa, New Orleans."


The liberal establishment media doesn't highlight in their headlines that thugs from Antifa have been vandalizing and defacing the monuments, nor that they have been attacking those protecting the historical monuments, nor that Mayor Landrieu has torn his community in two, but they are spinning it as the "alt-right," and David Duke, are the troublemakers, while Antifa blames white supremacists, despite the fact that it has been black patriots standing guard and defending the monuments, being attacked and harassed.

While the New Orleans police are not protecting the black patriots guarding the monuments, they are quick to arrest the man shown in the video below, who is speaking to the police on the phone, being told to speak to the officers on site, yet when he attempts to speak with one, he is slammed into a fence, then the police converge on him and arrest him.

Welcome to New Orleans!

Below the chaotic scenes from New Orleans on May 1, 2017 as Antifa thugs attack monument protecters.

Description from the video above:

Violent neo-marxist domestic terrorists attack, antagonize and throw glass bottles at peaceful monument protectors in New Orleans who are trying to preserve American history. This disgusting campaign of communist historical denialism led by corrupt cuck mayor Mitch Landrieu aims to destroy every civil war monument in the city because it hurts his little feelings and Al Sharpton has offered him a position at one of his non-profit organizations where he can continue his career of embezzling money if the monuments are removed.

We are calling on all patriots and warriors to defend peaceful monument protectors from violent antifa paid agitators and show the cuck mayor that Americans are sick of his neo-marxist politically correct agenda and we will not let him destroy our history.

Note - ANP will be updating this throughout the day as images, video and witness accounts start coming in.

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