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April 9, 2016

Giant Waves Of Trouble, Men's Hearts Fail With Fear


Submitted to All News PipeLine by Minute To Midnite

I think most of us have an inbuilt sense that something is just not right in the world at present. There's a knowing that we have something major coming very soon. Many signs are converging all at once that point to us being in the End Times, and significant new developments seem to occur daily, and in fact almost hourly at times.

We watch as the global economy teeters on the edge of a potential collapse.  Most of us here are aware of the threat of bank bail-ins, a derivatives meltdown and a move towards a cashless society that will see greater control given to Large Banks and Central Governments. We sense a surveillance state with increasing powers encroaching on our lives. We see new technological developments that give central governments and local governments more powers to spy and control the population being spoken of in various sectors of the media regularly . New restrictive environmental laws that curtail long held freedoms of land owners come into effect state to state and country to country year by year. The introduction of Agenda 2030 ensures that this trend will continue.

We get baffled by new bullish laws that seek to enforce the acceptance of the Transgender and LBGT practices on us all with no regard to historical morals and traditional values. We see those that expose the corrupt practices of Planned Parenthood and the abortionists being vilified and facing law suits while the real criminals go on virtually unchecked in their law breaking.

The increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity gives rise to additional concerns, and we face a disastrous situation in the Middle East with a potential for nuclear war ever in front of us. To top that off there is unprecedented persecution of Christians on a global scale, while at the same time the threat and spread of radical Islamic terrorism grows. We also have many warnings of the potential approach of the mysterious  Planet X that could kick the great Tribulation off and send the world into complete chaos. Is it any wonder that there is a growing sense of fear and despondency among many people?

These are the birth pangs, or the beginning Of Sorrows spoken of in Matthew 24:8. We don't know for sure what is ahead of us in terms of the specifics and timing, but we all sense something REALLY BIG is just round the corner so to speak! But none of this is news to God, and he has a plan in this all. If we have ears to hear the leadings of the Holy Spirit, and if our lives are right with God, then we have no need for fear or panic. The following episode of A Minute to Midnite brings both a sobering reminder that what is coming will be incredibly difficult and terrifying for many, and a reassurance that in the midst of it all we can still have internal peace and hope.

Giant Wall of Water & Impending Destruction - Prophetic Dream

Episode 034 of A Minute to Midnite sees Matt, Tony and Joanie team up to discuss a prophetic dream Joanie had recently, where she saw great destruction coming suddenly and unexpectedly upon America. People will not be ready for it because it will be so severe. In the dream Joanie heard the following words spoken, "The gospel is no longer being preached. The fishermen have abandoned their boats long ago".  She then had feeling of horror, and then the ocean began to swell and rise and what she saw is unlike anything the world has ever seen before. Following this Joanie recounts more of what she saw in the dream.

Matt, Tony and Joanie then unravel the significance of some parts of the dream, and sound a warning to people of the need to be spiritually prepared for what is coming. It will be unlike anything anyone has ever seen before, as it comes in three waves simultaneously affecting EVERYONE. Many people will be swept away and perish. Their will be massive disarray for a period of time as a result of the sudden destruction. We will see terrifying things. It won't only affect America; but all the nations of the world. However, those who hear the leading's of the Holy Spirit of God will find guidance and safety amidst the devastation. The A Minute To Midnite team discusses some of the many voices who are leading the people this way and that with words that are supposedly of God, and yet they can't all be right. We mustn't be distracted by those voices. God is not just going to tell a select few Christians in some special group or corner, the important things of his plans, what's happening and what to do. No, he will reveal his plans and give guidance to "His People" - that's you and I.!!!!. Any who have ears to hear and a willing heart to receive. It's not just for "super spiritual" some elitist group!

The focus of the interview  shifts to encourage people to seek God by spending time in prayer, and by putting God first place in their lives. Though the organized church may be asleep, and many Christians may be in a stupor, there is a remnant who are not, and these will find great joy rather than the terror that others are experiencing. It will take faith to follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit, and yet in doing so we will find that God is faithful. Even though there are stark warnings in this discussion, the overall tone and content should bring much comfort and a quiet confidence rather than fear, for those who put their trust in God. More than half the episode consists of encouragement. For "God has not given us a spirit of fear". It's a positive message of hope for us who are in Christ, amidst the tribulations.

The complete written version of the dreams that are discussed in the interview can be found on the website.

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