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October 30, 2018

The Sheer Demonic Evil Is Palpable: The Globalists Plans To Kill Us And Our Families To 'Save The Planet' Might Be Derailed By A Planet-Ending Nuclear Holocaust 

- Perhaps What The Liberal Elite And Their Master Satan Have Wanted All Along

By William B Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Democide means mass murder carried out by a government, and the belief that the US and other governments are deliberately destroying Western Civilization and planning to exterminate most (and eventually all) of Humanity is becoming almost mainstream. More and more people are wising up.

Remember Hussein Obama’s “bitter clingers” comment? He clearly stated that he had nothing but contempt for a sizeable percentage of the American people. Remember that Hussein’s crony Bill Ayers advocated the extermination of millions of dissidents. More recently, we have the Witch Hillary calling most of us a “basket of deplorables” whom she considers to be “irredeemable.”

She should know about irredeemable. Grinning Joe Biden, who feels up little girls even on camera, said many conservatives (he implied that he meant all Trump supporters) are the “dregs of society.” And these elites, who clearly hate and despise us, have repeatedly stated the “desperate need” to suddenly and drastically reduce the human population of Planet Earth…to “save the planet,” don’t you know.


These are their words, but what about their deeds? Remember, these are the elites who have butchered over 60 million unborn babies in America, and a few have even taken the next incremental step, suggesting that infanticide is acceptable. And, urged on by the Glibetts (GLBTs), doctors have even drugged and mutilated older children, to turn boys into “girls” and girls into “boys.” The sheer, demonic evil is palpable.

And our glorious leaders have fluoridated the drinking water of some 70 percent of the American people. The “crackpot” and “extremist” John Birch Society first warned us of this mass poisoning decades ago. The fluoride compounds used are proven neurotoxins, and also do massive bone damage, and can cause heart disease and cancer and contribute to the onset of Alzheimer’s. The excuse for this?

There is some evidence that these compounds may reduce the rate of tooth decay in children, if topically applied to the teeth via toothpaste and mouthwash, although this does not reduce the risk of poisoning, and drinking fluoridated water has no effect on tooth decay rates. In other words, local governments and water companies, with the approval of the Deep State movers and shakers, are administering to us substances that they know will do us no good and are likely to do us great harm. How obvious do they have to be?


To “cure” various forms of cancer, the medical establishment and Big Pharma routinely inflict chemotherapy on sufferers. The drugs used cause nausea, weakness, hair loss, mental confusion, and a host of other symptoms…and some of them are themselves carcinogenic. Many, many patients have died, not from the cancer, but from the “treatment.” In fact, the doctors and nurses administering the drugs wear protective gear, including special gloves and masks. Yet most of these drugs are of little use against most forms of cancer. True, some patients now live longer (if you want to call it living) than before, but even this is due at least in part to earlier diagnosis of the cancer.

Suppose that Big Pharma and the Deep State have deliberately suppressed more benign and effective treatments? Suppose that they are directly and deliberately responsible for millions of children and others, hairless and vomiting and miserable, dying slow and unnecessary deaths? Could the elites be that monstrously evil? Ask the unborn they have butchered. At the very least, the medical establishment has ignored promising alternatives. One of these is simple…heat. Raising the overall body temperature, and, where possible, heating the tumor itself, can slow cancer growth and, within limits, shrink some tumors.

Yet, perhaps because this is not a medicine that can be patented and sold at an inflated price, Big Pharma and the medical establishment have shown little interest in the idea. G. Edward Griffin, in World Without Cancer, has told the story of laetrile, which he considers to be a vitamin, an essential nutrient, found in apricot pits as well as in the seeds of other members of the rose family, and, in smaller amounts, in many grains and other foods. Griffin suggests that the human body needs laetrile to prevent cancer and that, in higher doses, it can even cure cancer (and of course, there is nothing to prevent us from trying heat and laetrile in combination, along with other vitamins). We have been assured by the slimestream media that laetrile is nothing but a hoax, but many of us have finally learned never to trust the slimestream media. Griffin shows that Big Pharma, aided and abetted by the FDA and the Sloan-Kettering Institute, have rigged the studies to make laetrile seem ineffective.


We are routinely prescribed statin drugs to reduce cholesterol levels in our blood and reduce plaque buildup in our arteries. But these drugs can have disastrous side effects, including muscle pain and weakness. And there has never been any hard proof that cholesterol buildup causes plaque. Certainly trans fats contribute to plaque, and being overweight increases the odds of heart disease, as do stress and negative emotions, and genetics plays a role. But there is no proof that statin drugs prevent plaque buildup.

Vaccines, some of which still contain potentially dangerous additives, including mercury compounds, are immensely profitable for Big Pharma, and, therefore, for Big Pharma’s friends in Congress and in the federal regulatory agencies. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, says that the People’s Republic of California requires some 50 vaccines before a child is allowed to attend a public “school” and be properly dumbed down, morally degraded, and indoctrinated. In fact, the idea of making vaccines mandatory for everyone is gaining ground. The rationale is that vaccine refusers will contract and spread the diseases to everyone else…but “everyone else” means the vaccinated. If the vaccines work, they should be immune; and if they don’t work, why make them mandatory?

Logic is lacking here, and respect for the Constitution we used to have. Some of the more extreme opponents of vaccinations claim that none of them are effective, not even smallpox and polio vaccines. The rest of us concede that some vaccines probably are very effective, but that there is a diminishing returns effect when we try to immunize people against virtually everything. The risk of adverse or even lethal side effects increases steadily, while the chances of any real benefit dwindle away. A good example of ineffective vaccines are those that supposedly prevent this year’s versions of the flu, caused by rapidly mutating rhinoviruses. These appear to be almost totally worthless…yet they are still sold.


The same elites and UIs (useful idiots) who want mandatory vaccinations and free abortions also support open borders (eliminating the US as a country). The left claims to support zero population growth, yet all of America’s population growth for decades has been caused by immigration and by the high birthrates of immigrant families, subsidized by welfare we pay for. Our population would have stabilized long ago at just over 200 million (we are now at about 340 million). Even if all our immigrants were law-abiding, spoke English, had job skills, and were eager to assimilate and become Americans, we would still be overpopulated and they would still be taking jobs that could have gone to our own people.

But in fact, most of the immigrants speak no English, are illiterate or semiliterate in their own language, and despise us and our culture. They have no interest in learning English or assimilating…they hate and despise us and come here to take jobs, collect welfare, commit crimes, and wage Islamic jihad against us. And yet the insane leftists clamor for the elimination of ICE, and the European elites have already virtually destroyed their own countries, orchestrating their invasion by hordes of diseased Third World Muslims. Paris is beginning to resemble San Francisco or Los Angeles, which resemble the filthy slums in Latin America and Africa. The leftists defile and pollute everything that they touch.

All of this is bad enough, but are the elites up to even worse? We know that “our” government tested germ warfare on US cites back in the sixties and seventies, and caused illness and at least a few deaths. We know that the mysterious Lyme Disease first appeared directly opposite Plum Island, where the US government researched biological warfare. Maybe that’s just a coincidence. Chem spraying from aircraft is a reality; valid photographs can be found on the web showing actual nozzles on large planes, separate from the engines and clearly spraying something. Is it for weather modification, to “save” us from the wholly imaginary danger of global warming? If so, why has the government not given us a clear accounting?

And, all the while, the neocons even Trump has appointed to important positions continue to stir up an irrational hatred for Putin and for Russia, and continue to involve us in unending foreign wars. We are edging inexorably toward an unnecessary war with Russia ending in a world-destroying nuclear holocaust. And perhaps that’s what the leftist elites have wanted all along…they and their ultimate master.

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