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December 27, 2019

Comprehensive List Of Events & Signs Pointing To A Satanic, Global Elite Pedophile Ring, Covered Up By The MSM & Deep State For Decades 

- The Leftists Mass Murder Of Children Proves They Are The Devils Destroying America


By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Our leftist overlords profess to love children…that’s why they were so outraged when, under Trump, ICE separated illegal alien children from their parents. Never mind that Hussein Obama did the same; facts don’t matter to the left. Leftists love children so much that they have aborted some 6o million of them in the US, and now openly advocate infanticide, killing newborns. They support selling baby body parts, which often involves delivering the child and then cutting her up (with no anesthetic) while her heart is still beating.

For children who survive abortion and infanticide, the leftists have multiple vaccines of dubious efficacy, often containing harmful additives. Often several vaccines are administered on one day, which can overwhelm an infant’s body. Children who survive this are forced into the indoc centers (formerly known as “schools”), where they are encouraged to mutilate themselves to turn into a member of the opposite sex, which is biologically impossible.

Impressionable, ignorant children often fall for this, and the left wants their parents to be kept out of the decision. If they fail to have themselves mutilated, children are encouraged to adopt a homosexual or lesbian “lifestyle” which usually leads to alcoholism, drug addiction, terrible diseases, and, often, violence and suicide. But even if they remain straight they are encouraged to be promiscuous, and, of course, they are deliberately dumbed down and brainwashed with leftist ideology.

Against this backdrop, what are we to make of the persistent rumors that many members of our self-appointed elite are involved with child sex, even rape and child trafficking, and even torture and murder of children and infants? What of the stories of Satanic rites and human sacrifice? Absolute hard proof is lacking; the deep state and their controlled slimestream media are very good at hiding the truth. But remember that courts can convict with circumstantial evidence if it is good circumstantial evidence.

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In the late 1980s many news outlets began reporting on a shadowy group called the “Finders.” In 2/87 Michael Houlihan and Douglas Ammermin, natives of Washington, D.C., were arrested in Tallahassee, Florida for holding captive six dirty, malnourished children. An informant claimed that these men were members of a cult called the Finders that conducted child sex orgies and even blood-letting rituals.

The group, led by one Marion Pettie, was based in D.C. and Virginia; the police seized documents showing that it was international in scope. The police confiscated photos of goats being sacrificed, and jars of human feces and urine were found in and around the cult’s Tallahassee warehouse. There was evidence that children were being transported back and forth between the US and Mexico. There were rumors that the Finders were a CIA front, and it is true that Pettie’s late wife had once been a CIA employee, and his son had worked for the CIA’s Air America. Then, in an all-too-familiar pattern, the charges against Houlihan and Ammermin were abruptly dropped, and the police classified the entire investigation.

In 1992 AWT Inc. published former Nebraska legislator John W. DeCamp’s book, The Franklin Cover-Up. The whole thing began with the investigation of the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska. It was managed by homosexual Black Republican Lawrence E. King, and $40 million dollars was missing. There were claims by several people familiar with Franklin that the credit union was involved in money laundering, drug-trafficking, child pornography and prostitution, and maybe kidnapping and transporting child sex slaves.

There seemed to be some connection with Boy’s Town, an orphanage near Omaha, where there have been persistent reports of homosexual child abuse, and a connection with Covenant House, run by an allegedly homosexual Catholic priest. NAMBLA, an organization devoted to the homosexual abuse of children, was connected, and the Anti-Defamation League, a leftist group masquerading as a Jewish civil rights organization, was involved in the cover-up. Ronald Reagan and George Bush (George I) praised Covenant House. Nebraska Governor Bob Kerry allegedly was at least indirectly involved in all this; his election campaign was supported by billionaire Warren Buffett (who supports population reduction and Planned Parenthood), whose wife greatly admired Lawrence King.

George I was allegedly involved in child sex, and there have been other indications that the Bushes, members of Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove, were homosexuals. And there were claims of child abuse and Satanic rites at Bohemian Grove and the involvement of the sinister Army Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, who had founded the Satanic Temple of Set at the Presidio Army post in San Francisco. There were claims of a snuff film produced by none other than “gonzo journalist” Hunter Thompson.

Witnesses also claimed widespread homosexuality among agents of the FBI in Omaha (as if the FBI’s reputation isn’t already bad enough), and at Offutt AFB in Omaha. Some 15 people connected with all this died mysteriously, as did former CIA Director William Colby, who DeCamp says was trying to investigate the operation. This is mostly just circumstantial evidence…but there is a lot of it.


Then there is the NXIVM sex cult, founded by one Keith Raniere and funded by Claire Bronfman, heir to the Seagram liquor fortune. Her sister Sara Bronfman is also connected, and their cousin Jeffrey Bronfman operates an ayahuasca “church” near Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch in New Mexico. NXIVM operated “day care” centers called collectively the “Rainbow Cultural Garden,” where children were psychologically abused. The cult has branches in Spain and Latin America, and former employee Frank Parlato claimed that they imported girls from Mexico as sex slaves, and branded many of their victims.

The cult supported the Witch Hillary in her campaign, and Kirsten Gillibrand, another leading Demoncrap, has multiple family ties to the cult, and Slick Willy Clinton’s crony Richard Mays is said to be a member, and Senator Chuckie Schumer. Allegedly former NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer aided Raniere. “Smallville” Actress Allison Mack recruited young women for the group. There is usually a Hollywood connection to anything evil.

And of course we mustn’t forget the Jeffrey Epstein saga. We know that various movers and shakers flew to his private island, including Slick Willy Clinton, to have at the very least consensual sex with teenage prostitutes, and they may have committed far worse crimes, perhaps involving pre-adolescent children of both sexes, not consensual (meaning rape), and perhaps even more terrible crimes.

We will never know for sure, because the elites murdered Epstein, and the murder was so blatantly in-your-face obvious that only the terminally brain dead could fail to see it. The FBI raided his island estate, making sure no evidence would come to light. And remember, he was killed while in a federal jail, run by the Executive Branch, which, last time I checked, was headed by some guy named Trump. And the FBI is headed by the sleazy Christopher Wray…appointed by Trump.

Comet Ping Pong Pizza in Washington, D.C. is owned and operated by a well-known homosexual, James Alefantis, who seems strangely well connected to the movers and shakers in our nation’s capital, and visited the Hussein Obama WH at least five times. Alefantis was the homosexual “lover” of David Brock a Witch supporter. John Podesta’s emails indicate his close connection to the establishment; Podesta was campaign manager for the Witch Hillary.

The store is adorned with Islamic star and crescent symbols. John Podesta’s brother Tony always has his birthday parties there, and John Podesta held fundraisers at Comet Ping Pong for Hussein Obama and then for the Witch Hillary. In his home, Tony has numerous paintings of near-naked children; let’s not even try to pretend that this is normal. There are even claims that Alefantis’ associates may have been involved in the disappearance of British toddler Madeline McCann in Portugal; police sketches of the suspects do indeed resemble the Podesta brothers and Anthony Wiener.

Wiener, you may recall, is the former NY politician whose computer showed him “sexting” with underage girls, although, when this leaked out, the good old reliable FBI sealed all the records. Wiener is the husband of the Witch’s intimate companion (there have been too many accounts of Hillary’s lesbianism to ignore) Huma Abedin, a Muslim with ties to the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. And there are reports that Alefantis, John Podesta, and Anthony Wiener were all involved in child sex trafficking.


An “artist” favored by Tony Podesta is Marina Abramovic, who engages in an occult ritual called “spirit cooking” involving human semen and breast milk. Some of her “art” consists of tediously long performances, usually involving self-torture, but she was always able to draw at least moderately large crowds of the glitterati, people eager to be seen as bold, daring intellectuals. And this is also a good example of the degradation of art, architecture, and music in the modern world; many patriots have long suspected that this is deliberate, a part of the elites’ Gramscian scheme to morally and intellectually degrade all the commoners. The Witch Hillary is reportedly a crony of Abramovic’s and likes her “art.”

And there have been multiple reports that the Witch is, indeed, a witch. It is a verified fact that she spoke before a NYC all female coven called “The Wing,” whose symbol is a Satanic inverted pentagram. The Wing advertised with a drawing of witches sacrificing babies (the definition of abortion, by the way) to a grotesque figure of Satan, and cursing Trump and the NRA. No Satanists here, just us loveable pagan Wiccans. Right. Kirsten Gillibrand (the same leftist politician who has family ties to NXIVM) also has attended a meeting of The Wing. And former Clinton employee (and possibly a hit man) Larry Nichols has always claimed that the Witch used to regularly fly out to California to meet with yet another coven.

And of course, many members of our ruling class are homosexuals or lesbians, which is perhaps part of the reason they are forcing pervert indoctrination on children in the indoc centers and having grotesque transvestites read to them in libraries. Aside from the rumors regarding the Bushes there is a fair amount of evidence that Hussein Obama and his husband Mike are homosexuals; Hussein did frequent the Man’s Country bathhouse in Chicago, along with Rahm Emmanuel. And there are more rumors about bug-eyed Adam Schiff.

As I have been pointing out for years, the way to find the truth is to see the way individual pieces of evidence form patterns and small patterns combine into larger ones. This is why so many people know that JFK was killed by powerful conspirators. It is how we have learned that the CIA and FBI are corrupt and evil beyond all possibility of reform. And the mass of evidence indicating that the elites are heavily involved in the sexual abuse of children, and possibly torture, murder, and even vampirism and cannibalism should not be ignored. Something else I have always said: the elites get away with committing horrific crimes by committing horrific crimes. That is, they do things so monstrous (Pearl Harbor, 9/11) that none of us want to believe it is possible.

But no matter what we want to believe, we need to confront the truth and do what needs to be done, if you know what I mean. And I think you do. 

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