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March 2, 2017

Globalists Continue To Foreshadow Doomsday As 'Insider' Reveals Answer To The Question: 'Who Runs The World?'

Why Are The Globalists Continuing To Foreshadow An Apocalyptic Biological Attack?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The first video below from Infowars begins "right now, the global elite are preparing for something big. It looks like they're in the final stages of positioning themselves for a worldwide global pandemic - an event they say is not a matter of 'if', but a matter of 'when' it will happen". Before you proclaim 'fake news', let's take a look at the facts.

As we reported back on February 19th in an ANP story called "Bill Gates Chilling Warnings: 'The Doomsday Scenarios Are Real' - 'Could Kill Hundreds Of Millions' With 'Terrifying New Weapons'", when 'depopulation' Bill Gates talks, Americans should listen. As the Infowars video points out using Bill Gates own words spoken by him, vaccines are one of the best ways to depopulate and regain control over the growth of the human population. If knowing Gates huge ownership portion of Monsanto isn't bad enough, knowing his long-documented ties to eugenics and global health organizations tied to depopulation are another bright-red red flag.†

Within this story and the videos below we take a look at more emerging evidence that the globalists may be preparing something absolutely sinister to regain control over the world via a planned pandemic that could 'thin out the herd', a goal they've long expressed as seen at one of America's most sinister sites, the Georgia Guidestones.

With the election of President Donald Trump guaranteeing the globalists have, at least temporarily, lost control of 'their biggest prize', America, and the war against President Trump unfolding on all fronts as Susan Duclos reported today on ANP, we also see in a book recently released by Chelsea Clinton herself the globalists goal of regaining control over America and the world in her cryptically sub-titled "Who Runs The World And Why?"


According to the new story from the Independent Journal Review, Chelsea Clinton's 'bold new online persona may be prep for her own political career'. For those of us who truly believed that America was done with the Clinton's once and for all, their story may be evidence that an attempt at a new 'Clinton dynasty' awaits as 'Chelsea boldly goes where she's never gone before', attacking the Trump administration over and over again from her 'high seat' upon Twitter.

Also publicizing her attendance at a Muslim solidarity rally where she brought her own daughter Charlotte to her first protest, she's also taken on 'fake news', Trump's comments on Sweden (which were later proven to be correct) while also recently releasing a book called "Governing Global Health: Who Runs The World And Why?". As TruthFeed reports, not only was her book a HUGE FLOP but Clinton and her co-writer Devi Sindhar never do actually get around to officially answering that question: "Who runs the world and why?"

However, looking through the purposeful vagueness as well as reviews of the rest of the book, we see that question answered as: big banks and global health organizations across the planet who have purposefully positioned themselves into positions to rule over the world should a massive pandemic 'take down most of humanity'.

As the Infowars video argues, more and more such reasons are emerging for President Trump to get the US out global organizations and global health agreements that put the US's medical sovereignty at risk.

With Clinton seemingly arguing that 'global health partnerships' are the answer to the world's health problems, we'd have to disagree strongly as health care is a deeply personal issue like any other and govts and 'global partnerships' have never been 'the answer'. While a well-trusted and well-loved family doctor can offer amazing advice, those once beloved providers of healthcare and American values have largely gone away with the advent of big corporate medicine.†


Book reviewers over at Amazon have been absolutely brutal on Clinton with even the 'top positive review' of the book seen in the screenshot above absolutely shredding her despite giving the book 5 stars. Comparing the book to pepper spray to keep unwanted 'clingers' away, giving the book as a recent Valentines Day 'gift' has kept their 'clinger' away.†

As of this moment, 82% of book reviewers gave Clinton a 'one-star rating' on the disastrous book. As we see in the additional comments screenshot below, people aren't buying her obvious NWO propaganda and as the first comment mentions, "When you kill off one set of people who provide your income, I guess you need new ones from another set to take their place, right?"


So, is a global pandemic or epidemic heading our way? While we don't have the answers about what the global elite might do nor if another 1918 Spanish flu is on the way, we agree completely that it's very important to keep out eyes open for what might be harbingers of danger ahead. While we'll rarely agree with the World Health Organization, we'll agree completely that we should be paying very close attention to early signals of a pandemic or epidemic.

A recent visit to the 'Bird Flu Monitor' for the website RSOE EDIS as seen in the screenshot below shows Europe and the Middle East completely inundated with cases of bird flu along with massive cases reported in India and China while most of North America and Russia remain largely unscathed.

In the 2nd video below, for those who may have missed it previously, Bill Gates talks about what he believes is coming to the world with a warning that 100's of millions could die at the hands of terrifying new biological weapons.


In the case of a massive bird flu outbreak or virtually any other kind of deadly epidemic, one can always make the case that population density becomes a key to survival. If tens of thousands of your closest neighbors are becoming ill, the chances of you becoming ill increase greatly as more and more people around you become sick.

And of course once again, one's own immune system is absolutely key in such an event.

And while we're thrilled that President Trump has established a 'Vaccine Safety Commission' with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the helm, as we see from this story from the Minnesota school system, people are still being punished for refusing to get vaccines while the globalists continue to push for them here in America and around the world. Called by some the ultimate control mechanism, might Americans one day be forced to take their deadly poisons as an answer to a pandemic they themselves have created to 'thin the herd'?

Might the globalists intentionally cause a deadly and massive outbreak of some such disease? While we'd love to believe that anybody in such positions of power would never do such a thing, history proves to us such a thought is wishful thinking at best and a death wish at worst. In the final video below, Reluctant Preppers takes a look at many of the different disasters scenarios that we might face in the future and offers some sound advice about how to survive some of the sure events that we might face in a possible apocalyptic future.

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