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January 5, 2017

Warning Goes Out 'The Elite Are Taking This To The Next Level' As We Get Another Sign They're Pushing For A 'Lights Out Scenario'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The new story over at CTVNews Canada reports the US Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have warned Ontario, Canada's main electricity distributor that they may have been a target of malicious Russian cyber-activity. While Russia has officially denied any wrongdoing, we see in their story an attempt to continue the globalists narrative - to keep the minds of the people of America and Canada on the claim Russia is hacking into 'the grid'.

While a recent report by the Washington Post that Russia had hacked into the power grid here in America was proven to be 'fake news', leading them to publish a pitiful disclaimer, the damage was already done - a 'bug' was placed into the minds of millions of Americans that Russia was hacking into 'the grid' and was capable of doing so again, a claim that the new story out of Canada appears to corroborate.

Setting Americans up for a 'lights out scenario' in which they now have their very clear 'fall guy' in Russia, we hear in the only video below from Dave with the X22Report why he believes America has never been in greater danger of the globalists pulling off the 'event of all events', warning us of all the different events happening now that show they're taking this to the next level.


Imagine awakening at 3 am to an almost completely dark and silent house, the heating system no longer working along with any and all electrical components such as alarm clocks and the ever-present lights on your TV set gone.

While a somewhat common occasion for those of us living here in America in 2017 when big storms come along, the outages rarely last for more than a few hours or a few days while in most really bad scenarios, a week or more might be the case. And while anyone living through such an outage knows that it comes along with all kinds of difficulties and headaches, when the power and the lights come back on, all is usually quickly forgotten.

However, as the X22Report tells us in the 1st video below, every day we're getting more indications that the globalists within the US government who hate America may be preparing 'the event of all events' to bring our country down. As has long been warned, any permanent shutdown of the power grid here in America could easily lead to a 90% population die off within the first 9 months afterwards with a huge proportion of them dying within the first week once it became apparent that the lights won't be coming back on. With alleged Russian power grid hacking attempts being tied to Canada now as well, possibly more 'fake news' and propaganda according to Dave, is there any reason to believe they won't go through with their 'kill shot'?


The new story over at the Daily Mail that Steve Quayle linked to on his website this morning reports that a 'zombie outbreak' could come close to wiping out humanity in 100 days while reporting that within 6 months, the human race would be history. And while this is just the latest 'zombie outbreak' story that we've heard the mainstream media pushing over the last several years, the fact that most people would consider a mobile phone a key survival tool in the apocalypse as they report also tells us why so many won't make it past the first day should such a scenario ever occur.

With the same scientists who crafted this 'outbreak experiment' actually claiming that NOT FIGHTING BACK would be a 'tip to survival' since zombies don't feel pain anyways, we have to ask, are they just setting up the sheeple for their fall? Not fighting back in that life or death scenario is the best way to ensure that the only outcome is 'death'. Not surprisingly, not fighting back led to a 100% mortality rate in their study after 6 months.

Imagine a massive hack upon our power grid that takes down electricity across the country or even a 'zombie apocalypse' happening in America. Hey millennials, how's that cell phone working out for you? If they were planning on calling the government to save them, we wouldn't advise that as in such a 'world ending' scenario, all of the smart folks who worked for any government agency would be long gone from their jobs, home protecting their own families.

As Mac Slavo tells us in this new story over at SHTFPlan, the future tends towards the path of greatest destruction, perhaps, because the system has been set up for such a fall. Nothing would hasten America's destruction more than our power grid somehow being brought down.


With the globalists who've long hated and been working towards the destruction of America still in power here until Trump gets into office, we wouldn't put anything past them as they sulk down the homestretch. Seemingly attempting to set up a false flag attack upon our power grid that they'll blame upon Russia, the still sleeping masses will believe it as they try to use their cell phones again and again for help, only to be met by crickets.

Last night we were awoken here at 3 am by the sound of silence and while we quickly broke out our LED lanterns to see, there's nothing like an unexpected, real-world power outage experience suddenly thrown in ones face to help show how completely dependent most of us have become upon it.

And while the power came back on, there is a very real chance that one day it won't. And with globalists seemingly preparing us for their 'main event' and the 'false flag of all false flags' as Dave tells us of in this video, we can use such experiences as a dry run for that 'future event' while keeping in mind, next time the power goes out, it might just be forever.

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