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May 19, 2015

US Navy SEAL: Govt Prep For 'Big Event' Due To Return Of Planet X - More On Jade Helm 15, Martial Law And Govt Underground Food Storage Due To The Coming Return Of Nibiru


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

"Stones And Bones Are The Only Witness"

Are the government preparations that Americans across the country are now witnessing for a huge event due to the coming collapse of the global financial system as has been speculated on ANP and countless other alternative news websites or is this preparation due to the arrival of a mysterious planetary body not witnessed by the human race for thousands of years but since the beginning of time has heralded doom and end of times fears in those who've learned of its' last passing?

While ANP has rarely published stories about what has been called 'Planet X', after listening to the video below featuring Steve Quayle and Alex Jones on Infowars, we have to ask if what we've heard about government storing food underground while moving their military HQ's underground as well as the massive preparation we're all witnessing across America is REALLY preparation for the imminent return of "Gabriel's Fist" or "Lucifer's Hammer".

At the 3 minute 5 second mark of the new video below, Michael from Mississippi poses a question to Quayle on the The Alex Jones Show about the incoming heavenly body that researcher Bob Fletcher has staked his reputation upon and whether the incoming body would necessitate the government preparation for martial law that we are now witnessing across the country. Informing us that in the ancient world the name for Planet X was 'Nibiru', Quayle tells us that they know about all of the Earth changes that will be taking place due to 'Nibiru' including electrical discharges and talks about Velikovsky's book "Worlds In Collision" which proposes: 

Many myths and traditions of ancient peoples and cultures are based on actual events: worldwide global catastrophes of a celestial origin, which had a profound effect on the lives, beliefs and writings of early mankind.

"Worlds in Collision is a book of wars in the celestial sphere that took place in historical times. In these wars the planet earth participated too. [...] The historical-cosmological story of this book is based in the evidence of historical texts of many people around the globe, on classical literature, on epics of the northern races, on sacred books of the peoples of the Orient and Occident, on traditions and folklore of primitive peoples, on old astronomical inscriptions and charts, on archaeological finds, and also on geological and paleontological material." - Worlds In Collision, Preface.
After reaching the number 1 spot in the best-sellers list, Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision was banned from a number of academic institutions, and creating an unprecedented scientific debacle that became known as The Velikovsky Affair.

In 1956 Velikovsky wrote Earth in Upheaval to present conclusive geological evidence of terrestrial catastrophism.

"I have excluded from [these pages] all references to ancient literature, traditions, and folklore; and this I have done with intent, so that careless critics cannot decry the entire work as "tales and legends". Stones and bones are the only witness." - Earth in Upheaval, Preface.

We also learn that they understand Roche's Limit, the minimum distance to which a large satellite can approach its primary body without being torn apart by tidal forces. Several sources have confirmed that the government is piling food into underground bunkers in locations across America while also telling us that according to a US Navy SEAL source of his, the upcoming 'BIG EVENT' is just that, the forthcoming arrival of heavenly body 'Planet X', Nibiru. His warning to Quayle's readers is republished below video and shares the hidden reason why the US government and governments across the world are preparing for forthcoming chaos and massive destruction.

This video begins with Chris from North Carolina asking Quayle if he believes that Jade Helm 15 is due to the government's knowledge of impending doom from Islamic terrorists in the Jade Helm areas of the south leading to a response that we cannot say 'ISIS' and 'open borders' together with any kind of intellectual, moral or emotional integrity as orders have come straight down from the State Department to border patrol officers to let known terrorists go. Jones explains to us how ISIS can be real, despite being created BY our own government, and how they're being used to help a police state be put in place. The entire interview is in the 2nd video below.    

Navy Seal Explains the Big Event: I’m going to explain the big big event as condensed and as clear as possible. This is a subject that is very complicated and leads to an infinite number of questions

This is a loaded question I was hoping to put off as long as possible, there are events within events and this is very complex.
I’m going to explain the big big event as condensed and as clear as possible. This is a subject that is very complicated and leads to an infinite number of questions. I will provide basic key events and information, in layman’s terms, that will help those who choose to travel down the rabbit hole, to do so and research what I provide on their own.

For a number of years this event has been shown to us in movies, example Melancholia, and other mediums, if you do the research you will find them. This, associated with the combination of dead scientists, astronomers and bankers, is the biggest cover up secret in world history.

Many people believe asteroids will kick off a foreseen world calamity. Many have had dreams and visions of asteroids hitting the earth and hitting the oceans triggering off massive tsunamis and devastating earthquakes. In all probability, what they have dreamed and seen are correct, but there is a prelude, an event that begins all of this.

In revelation 8:8 we read a mountain of fire is thrown into the sea, a mountain, not something from outer space, clearly a mountain, or it would describe something from outer space. If this mountain is of fire, that indicates a volcanic mountain, something from earth. Asteroids, is something that would come shortly after, sporadically for a period of time, and increasing substantially later during what is referred to in the bible as “God’s Wrath”, you don’t want to be here for that.

Every several hundreds or thousands of years a planetary system enters earth’s orbital plane, when it does, it causes the earth to tilt, or rotate several degrees off its axes. When this occurs, it causes changes in the earth’s magnetosphere, ecosystem, and overall planet environment.

Much of this event is depicted at several locations around the globe on cave walls, with artifacts etc, so it has clearly happened before (Noah’s Flood). The calculated time for this planet, and its accompanying moons and other planets, to enter earth’s atmosphere is now, within the next few years, and I am being very conservative with this estimated time. The government actually calculates it to be here/visible at the end of this year, and the effects being felt by the end of the first quarter of next year. This is why you are seeing all the pre-staging of equipment.

Also, this is why you see CERN ramping up its activity, they actually believe if they alter time, they can hold things off or even possibly divert the event. Unfortunately, they’re going to make things much worse, adding a spicy sprinkling of hell creatures running around, a result from CERN opening the pit of hell. CERN is what I believe to be the key spoken about in the bible. In addition, CERN is being used to do other things, all extremely evil, but that is for another discussion.

Continuing, world governments have known about this big big event for a very long time, and they have calculated, what they believe to be the correct preparation time for this event. Before the event, the world powers/military’s monitoring systems, evaluation programs, joint logistic networks and currency exchange systems must all be connected, up to a certain level, before the planetary system enters earth’s atmosphere. This is the reason for the historical military exercises around the globe, emergence of the AIIB, BRICS, CHIPS, massive seed banks, state size underground storage facilities and unprecedented amount of FEMA installations, the powers at be are scared to death.

In addition, public control (martial law-via fanned civil unrest) must be implemented and working before the event, so when the first pass by of the planetary system occurs, creating total chaos, there is a manageable cohesive system in place to operate from after the destruction, and this is the New World Order, just as you have seen/heard about over the past many years. So, world governments are actually going to use the event to usher in The New World Order/world management system. It won’t go as everyone has agreed upon or predicted, they’ll be a lot of backstabbing and advantage taken of one another going on. Again, another subject in itself.

So, what is the big event?: A planet and it accompanying moons, planets and debris entering our atmosphere and creating massive destruction and chaos. This is the ultimate reason for all the preparations, civil changes and world restructuring. Would I believe me if I was someone who has never studied this, or been a part of this or seen certain things occur first hand?

The ultimate, and most important, answer to all your question is this: Have you accepted Jesus Christ of Nazareth as your Lord and Savior? Repent and Believe that Jesus Loves you!

Hope this helps,

Are the massive Earth changes that are taking place now across the planet due to the return of Nibiru?


In doing a 'Nibiru' search on Google images we found it strange that this photograph showed up. Notice the color of Jade featured prominently. We are allegedly witnessing Rameses III and ISIS in this beautiful ancient artwork. 



Out of curiousity we'd like to know, do you believe in the return of Planet X? There certainly appears to be much Biblical evidence of its' existence as well as much evidence in ancient artwork and mythology. If it really exists, do you think the powers that be know about it and are trying their best to keep its' existence hidden from the masses?


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