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April 5, 2019

Danger! Danger! With The Deep State On The Ropes, It's 'False Flag Season' In America! Watch Out For Unprecedented Trickery And Diabolical Cover-Ups In The Days Ahead

- The mainstream media see no evil, report no evil, and hear no evil…which is how they enable evil

By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Save for Fox News and the internet (so far), America has no free press, only a mindless chorus of lying, slandering Demoncrap supporters. As Tucker Carlson and other truth-tellers have pointed out, the media have always had a leftist bias, but now they are all the way out of the closet and make no effort to hide it. Now, if someone helps to cover up murder and mass murder they are enabling more of the same, for the killers and others of their like will be emboldened to continue getting away with it. And the media, all along for decades, have covered up political assassinations, the murders of people too close to the truth, and false flag operations that have killed thousands.

And not only the media, but, infuriatingly, some police and other local government officials have destroyed evidence, allowed crimes to happen, and, in some cases, apparently participated in the murders. Consider this: if we peasants were able to see through the lies surrounding Dallas, OKC, and 9/11, major news outlets, with their connections and resources, certainly knew that we were all being lied to, as did the FBI and CIA leaders and major political leaders.

Yet, save for one good series, The Men Who Killed Kennedy,” on the History Channel years ago, the media have been silent, and no sitting US President has told the American people the truth. The best Congress has been able to do was the half-hearted effort of the House Select Committee on Assassinations years ago, an effort that ended, not in a bang, but a whimper. And the slaughter and slow enslavement have continued. The people who could and should have stopped it are as guilty as if they had planted the bombs and pulled the triggers themselves.

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Consider Dallas, the day when many of my generation “lost our virginity” so to speak, and began to see the horrible truth. Of course, our parents remembered the betrayal at Pearl Harbor, and their parents read of the sinking of the Lusitania…the lies didn’t begin with Dallas. I remember sitting in the university cafeteria with a group of my fellow USAF ROTC cadets, and the growing silence in the room as words came from the radio, words we could never forget. Initially I had no problem with the idea that a “lone gunman” might be able to kill JFK. But then came the word that the Dallas Police had captured Lee Harvey Oswald on the other side of the city and were charging him with the assassination…how so? Why were they so sure? And the hit was a near-impossible shot by a man never noted for marksmanship skill, despite having been a Marine.

Days later, the most important prisoner the Dallas Police had ever held was shot dead in their custody by a strip club owner they all knew, killed with one stomach wound he should have survived. And, later, we discovered that Jack Ruby was a low-level Mob associate, from San Giancana’s Chicago, Giancana, who had dated a JFK lady friend and who had almost certainly helped JFK win the needed votes in corrupt Cook County. Film footage of the JFK killing seems to show that the shot came from the front, the grassy knoll area, and not from Oswald’s alleged “sniper’s nest” in the School Book Depository.

And the SS had changed the planned motorcade route at the last minute so that JFK would pass under the one building in the entire metro area where his alleged assassin just happened to work. And many people associated with Oswald died mysteriously, including White Russian émigré George de Mohrenschildt, an alleged “right winger” who had befriended alleged communist Oswald. And Oswald had served with the USMC on a U-2 base, defected to the USSR, and was allowed to return after becoming disillusioned with the workers’ paradise, yet continued to be a communist…how so, if he was so disillusioned? And de Mohrenshildt, "suicided" just before he was to be questioned about Dallas, had shadowy intelligence connections, and knew many major players in the US, including Jacqueline Bouvier and George (Bush) I. JFK was shot on 11/22, adding up to 33, and they shot him in Dallas, within a degree of the thirty third parallel…as in thirty third degree Freemason.


Investigative reporters like Danny Casolaro and Gary Webb die at an alarming rate here in the good old USA, and often under very odd circumstances. Casolaro began investigating the alleged theft of software by the US government, and ended investigating the Deep State in general and allegedly slashing his wrists multiple times. He had many documents but we will never know what, if anything, they might have proved…for they vanished when he “suicided.” Gary Webb claimed that the US government was selling drugs in US cities and was killed by two allegedly self-inflicted head shots…who shoots himself in the head twice?

Local police and coroners had to have been involved at least in the cover-ups in both cases. Investigative reporter Andrew Breitbart walked out of an LA bar near his home on 3/1/12 and suddenly dropped dead, allegedly due to a heart attack. Another conservative reporter, Michael Hastings, was driving his car down an LA street 6/28/13 when it exploded in a huge fireball after allegedly striking a tree at nearly 100 miles per hour…but Hastings was not known for such recklessness as driving at high speed on city streets. And the mass media see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil…which is how they enable evil.

Yet we peasants have learned to take note of any strange occurrences, like the two teenage boys found dead and decapitated on the railroad tracks in 1987 near Mena, Arkansas. Only later did we learn that cocaine was being flown into Mena, while George I and, later, George II ruled in DC and Slick Willy in Arkansas. So maybe Gary Webb was right all along. And no one has left a trail of corpses to match the achievements of the Demonic Duo Slick and the Witch. Vince Foster, Mary Mahoney and her co-workers, Ron Brown and a planeload of people, all these and many, many more who were too close to the Clintons, all died under mysterious circumstances, noted by us commoners and ignored by our masters. Seth Rich of the DNC was one of the latest.

And the political assassinations didn’t stop with JFK, RFK, MLK, and the George Wallace shooting. Ask Supreme Court justice Scalia, found dead in a hunting lodge with a pillow placed over his face.


It was the Clintons who sent the intrepid heroes of the FBI and BATF to root the dreaded Branch Davidians from their “compound” near Waco, Texas. About eighty people, including some twenty children and infants, were massacred, at Waco, mostly by being burned alive. The federales kept changing their story as to why they had besieged the “compound” to begin with, trying child abuse, for which there was no evidence and which is not the business of the federal government. Some of us think that burning children alive might constitute child abuse, but what do we know? The feds also floated illicit drugs and illegal firearms, but never bothered to produce any evidence, not even fake evidence. The media were mildly critical and soon moved on.

The bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, also on Slick’s watch, produced such charming details as a row of dead babies lying on broken glass, a woman who had to have her arm amputated without anesthetic to free her from the rubble, and a man who lost most of his close family members and was blinded for life. A USAF explosives expert has testified that the ammonium nitrate truck bomb, powerful though it was, could not have done that much damage…and a seismic center picked up the sound of two explosions.

The intrepid heroes of the BATF had an office in the building, yet, incredibly, no one was holding down the fort…they were all safely out of the building. Not only have they never explained this; BATF spokesmouths lied and claimed they were in the building saving lives, until they were caught in the lie…and they have never bothered to explain this. The government nearly lost their case against Timothy McVey because they refused to call all the witnesses who saw him in the company of a mysterious man of Middle Eastern appearance. And McVey had definite links to the Nazis of Elohim City, near the Arkansas border…and Mena. There’s more, much more, but the bombing provided an excuse for a further expansion of government police powers.


But, in fact, there are “unanswered questions” around every one of America’s bombings and mass shootings, all of which have served as excuses for increases of federal government power and attacks on the Second Amendment rights of us peasants, despite the fact that the shootings are usually in “gun free zones,” where the victims have been disarmed. At Columbine High School the police arrived on scene…and then just sat there, mighty warriors that they are, and let more students die. This pattern would be repeated at Parkland High School, where Sheriff Scott Israel was the chief law enforcement officer, and who is a friend of the 'Witch Hillary'. A mysterious man was taped running through the woods next to the Sandy Hook school where so many children were shot…or were they? This is but one of the odd facts that cluster around this event.

The Boston Marathon bombing photos depict at least one man with limbs blown off, but he is fully conscious, sitting upright, and has lost very little blood. This is no more believable than the rest of the scenario given us by the government and the media, but the bombing gave the police an excuse to kick people’s doors in without a search warrant and then drive whole families of innocent citizens from their homes and even to hold them at gunpoint. As for the Las Vegas mass shooting, there is no way one man with an inaccurate bump stock, given the distance to his targets, could have killed and wounded so many before the bulk of his intended victims escaped or found cover. And motive was lacking, and the police, as is their custom, took their own sweet time responding. There’s more, but google it and see for yourselves.

As for 9/11, in all the history of steel framed buildings, not a one ever completely collapsed due to fire…until 9/11, when both towers fell. And they fell straight down, a feat unattainable save though the controlled detonation of pre-placed charges. As for Building Seven, it had but a small fire, but the lease holder said they should “pull” the building, and pull it they did, with another controlled demolition, collapsing it straight down in its own footprint…three buildings in one day. The planes of NORAD did nothing while all these terrible events took place over a considerable period of time, and an airliner allegedly hit the Pentagon with mind-boggling precision, hitting the exact base of the first floor. The wings and engines would have hit the outside of the Pentagon, a building 60 years old to the day on 9/11, yet little damage was done, and the wings and engines vanished off the face of the Earth. But then, so did the rest of the disappearing airliner, its passengers, and its crew. No mention is made and no pictures were ever produced of wreckage and burned body parts.

I predict that the false flags and assassinations will continue, and the media lies and cover-ups, and the useful idiots will steadfastly continue to believe anything except the truth. If there is ever to be justice here in the ruins of our late, great Republic, it will have to be of the DIY variety.

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