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July 25, 2015

Harbinger Of The Fall Of Mystery Babylon? †'Stand Strong Amidst †Rising Tide Of Evil'

(The Satanic Temple will unveil its pagan Baphomet momentum on July 25, 2015, in Detroit, Michigan)

By A Minute To Midnite - All News PipeLine

A Minute To†Midnite†- Episode 05 - Stand Strong Amidst† Rising Tide Of Evil

The July 24th edition of A Minute To†Midnite†begins with news covering the Chinese dumping of US treasuries, and the the fall in the gold price. They discuss the amassing of silver by an unknown party who obviously knows what lies ahead and wants to get their silver delivered before September. The guys also discuss the† ISDS parliamentary vote in New Zealand from during the week, and with this the ongoing sinister implications of theTPP agreement that will affect us all if it is signed into law.

After this Chris shares a powerful prophetic dream he had last week about a coming stock market collapse, and then discusses it's implications.

Following this, Tony talks about the plans of the New World Order for totalitarian control of every aspect of our lives. Whilst talking about the Luciferian agenda behind this NWO, the subject of Albert Pike and Guiseppe Mazzini's clever 19th century plans for the use of Freemasonry in the implementation of their Luciferian agenda is broached. These plans were what set the stage for many of the events playing out in today's world, including the unveiling of a Baphomet statue in Detroit. Tony mentions some Biblical implications of this, and asks whether this is a Harbinger ahead of the fall of Mystery Babylon?

Chris and Tony also discuss the rising tide of evil, and the need to stand firm in faith while earnestly seeking of God's guidance in order to stand up under the onslaught that is being directed against us. Whilst evil in the world is increasing and persecution against Christians is growing, the need for God's wisdom and strength grows with it.


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