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April 25, 2021

Massive Sticker Shock And More Shortages On The Way As Expert Warns 'Hardship Is Still Ahead' - Prices Will Continue To Rise For The Foreseeable Future

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The past few years has been devastating on the food supply chain with flooding, early freezes, and then COVID pandemic lockdowns causing food shortages as farmers and ranchers were forced to destroy their own crops and euthanize their livestock....and that all is just here in the U.S.

There are many of the same issues globally, bringing us to a point where simply, everyday household items, such as soda, breads, pizza dough, meats, soybeans, wheat, corn and much more have already seen massive price hikes in comparison to last year, and are expected to continue to rise dramatically.

Consumables are only part of the problem though, yet the most important part because without food and water, we die.

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What many are unaware of is that the shortages are not just for consumables as we see recent individual reports on a number of shortages that might surprise some of those reading this, including lumber, lab equipment, appliances, steel, semi-conductors, and containers, just to name some off the shortages that are rarely spoken about in conjunction with each other.

The trickling effects of those shortages are causing other shortages.

For example,  via Market Watch on the semi-conductor shortages, April 2021:

As the industry entered 2020, high demand was expected in the mobile chip area because of the rollout of 5G devices. That path was turned on its head when COVID-19 became a global pandemic, driving millions, if not billions, of people into the safety of their homes to work, go to school, be entertained and to socialize.

Demand for chips powering laptops, gaming devices and internet infrastructure skyrocketed, while chip demand for auto and industrial uses plummeted. When the factories that make basic computer components couldn’t make them fast enough, already-long customer waiting lists for those factories got even longer. With demand remaining high and little additional chip-making capacity expected in the short term, the shortage is expected to last into at least next year.

Other areas these shortages will affect include the, personal computers, smartphones, manufacturing plants, and more.

Refrigerators & Freezers search page.

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Interestingly the shortages in foods continues to change from one month to another, and the variety of options is far more limited than what they were just a year ago.

Now, we see reports that there is a chicken wing shortage, reported on by Newsweek on April 23, 2021:

Chicken wings are the latest food item facing a shortage in the U.S. Restaurants first began to see a lack of chicken wings in February, in the run-up to the Super Bowl, but operators are still struggling to get their hands on the popular appetizer.

Restaurant Business Online reported on the chicken wing shortage in February and said at the time that "operators should expect to see continued impacts of what is becoming a major chicken wing shortfall."

Restaurant Business expands:

The current cold storage stock of chicken wings is at its lowest in a decade, said Isaac Olvera, a commodities and data analyst with supply chain firm ArrowStream, citing United States Department of Agriculture figures.

“In 2018, we saw wing supplies really grow,” Olvera said. “Those cold storage stocks really have been whittled away. It’s the lowest wing stocks we’ve seen since 2011.”

Time for those that favor ordering already made and sauced chicken wings to learn how to make them at home. Grocery stores, so far, for the most part, still have some in stock, but when we see these shortages in restaurants, it is coming for us all.

The best deals right now are at local grocery stores, but they can also be bought for delivery. 

Note: If your grocery stores has these items in bulk, get them now, don't wait for the prices to rise even more.

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Notice how much the prices have already risen, and just imagine what those prices will look like by th end of the year.

Other food expected to see a massive price hike, large enough to cause sticker shock, is explained by Bloomberg:

Those include corn, wheat, soybeans, vegetable oils, bread and pizza dough, meat and even soda.

This week, the Bloomberg Agriculture Spot Index — which tracks key farm products — surged the most in almost nine years, driven by a rally in crop futures. With global food prices already at the highest since mid-2014, this latest jump is being closely watched because staple crops are a ubiquitous influence on grocery shelves — from bread and pizza dough to meat and even soda.

Soaring raw material prices have broad repercussions for households and businesses, and threaten a world economy trying to recover from the damage of the coronavirus pandemic. They help fuel food inflation, bringing more pain for families that are already grappling with financial pressure from the loss of jobs or incomes. For central banks, a spike in prices at a time of weak growth creates an unwelcome policy choice and could limit their ability to loosen policy.

“There seems to be sort of a bullish force behind the prices internationally,” Abdolreza Abbassian, senior economist at the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, said in an interview. “The indications are that there is very little reason to believe prices would remain at these levels. It’s more likely they will rise further. Hardship is still ahead.”

These are items that should be stocked up on, as much as possible, so when the prices continue to rise to levels where it almost isn't worth using them, you already have what is needed.

I repeat, if your grocery store has the items listed below in bulk... buy them now, you will be happy you did later.


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Pizza And Bread Dough:

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Since everyone seems to love different types, here is the "soda" search link to choose whatever you prefer.


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Vegetable Oil:

Pure Wesson Vegetable Oil - 1.25 gal

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Augason Farms Hard White Wheat Emergency Food Storage 24 Pound Pail

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As always, readers are encouraged to share information, links, etc.... to other resources where readers can get the best deals possible.


There were shortages from bad weather events even before the pandemic lockdowns, which became exponentially worse after the lockdowns began.

Over a year later and we see not only a lack of options to select from in our grocery stores, but the prices have risen to the point where people living pay-check to paycheck are having a hard time feeding their families as they did before the lockdowns began.

It is clear that the experts are accurate when they predict "hardship is still ahead." 

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