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June 14, 2017

'Hate-Provoking U.S. Media' Guilty Of Inciting Shooting of Congressional Republicans In Virginia While Liberals Celebrate The Attempted Massacre

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

We awoke this morning to the news that  gunman opened fire on Congressional Republicans practicing baseball for their scheduled Thursday annual charity baseball game, with reports stating that anywhere from 50 to 100 shots were fired, with multiple people injured, including two Capitol Hill police officers and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, of Louisiana.


Via Grabien on the shooter:

The shooter, identified as James T. Hodgkinson, appears to be a Bernie Sanders fan. His Facebook page reads, "Democratic Socialism in Three Words: 'We the People.'"

One of his most recent posts says, "Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It's Time to Destroy Trump & Co." [sic]

"I want Bernie to Win the White House." he wrote Aug. 12th, 2016. "Bernie is a Progressive, while Hillary is Republican Lite. ... Bernie is the Only Candidate in Decades that Really Cares about the Working Class."

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According to preliminary reports, no one was killed in the attack (other than the shooter), due to the presence of Scalise's security that fired back, giving others a chance to find some cover during the 10 minute chaotic ordeal, as described by Michigan Rep. Mike Bishop, who told WWJ News Radio 950 " The only reason why any of us walked out of this thing, by the grace of God, one of the folks here had a weapon to fire back and give us a moment to find cover. We were inside the backstop and if we didn’t have that cover by a brave person who stood up and took a shot themselves, we would not have gotten out of there and every one of us would have been hit — every single one of us,” said Bishop. “He was coming around the fence line and he was looking for all of us who had found cover in different spots. But if we didn’t have return fire right there, he would have come up to each one of us and shot us point-blank."

Before opening fire the gunman approached Rep Jeff Duncan and asked "Are those Republicans or Democrats out there practicing?"

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While we will provide links as well as statements via interviews with those that were in attendance, saying they were "sitting ducks," we are seeing much discussion across the Internet on the fact that the gunman specifically targeted Republican congressional members, and why.


Make no mistake, the gunman is responsible for his actions, but over the last two years we have noted the consistent and deliberate actions on the part of the liberals and the establishment media to incite violence, encourage sick minds into rioting and violent actions and now into a mass shooting, and we have to ask when they will start to take responsibility for their overly partisan rhetoric, with headlines like "The House Passed A Health Care Bill That Will Kill People," or "The GOP plan for Obamacare could kill more people each year than gun homicides," or "Bernie Sanders, Democrats: Republican Health Care Bill Will Kill People," or "Republicans Are Waging A 'Coordinated Attack' On Women's Health."

The message is clear and deliberate on the part of the liberal media, the GOP wants you dead, they don't care, etc..................

Liberals over on social media are actually celebrating the fact that  a crazed gunman opened fire on Republican congressional members and shot Majority Whip Scalise, via Grabian News:

Anyone doubt that specific form of ideological insanity came directly from the lies the MSM and liberal websites regularly headline with?


Newsflash for good ole Leon there, as to his top claim about the gunman being a 2nd Amendment supporter. Had he been one, he would have been trained with his weapon, because safety, training and responsibility, are a large part of pro-gun support, and Mr. Trotsky, we are trained to hit what we aim for, so it is very doubtful that "middle aged white man" was a traditional Second Amendment supporter, since he was shooting for approximately 10 minutes, fired anywhere between 50 and 100 times, and managed injure only a handful and kill no one.

You can see much more of the same type of reaction on the part of liberals at Grabien.

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We have often spoken about how the MSM has targeted Trump supporters, police, conservatives and Republicans, where their biased reporting and "fake news," has incited riots and mass violence. Who can forget the members of the CNN panel, holding their hands up in the air promoting the now-debunked lie of "hands up, don't shoot," which had police across the country targeted by their crazed audience?


Who can also forget all those attacks against those "deplorable" Trump supporters after the media characterized them all as racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, anti-immigrant, Mexican hating, Islamophobic, sexist and a whole host of other lies the MSM, Democrats and liberals were so fond of calling us.


Who can forget how the MSM, including NBC News, USA Today, CNN, CBS, the Los Angeles Times, deliberately mislabeled Milo Yiannopolous, a gay man that publicly dates black men, a white supremacist and a racist, then were forced to issue corrections, that never reached the same amount of people,  yet look at the chaos their "fake news" incited in places like Berkeley:




The examples go on and on and on, but just the few examples above are all results of media lies. 


I will reiterate my assertion that the gunman that opened fire on Republican congressional members is 100 percent responsible for his own actions, not the gun that did not fire itself, and not anyone or anything else.

But the media is responsible for inciting these sick minds with their outright fake news and lies, their overly partisan "reporting" where they target Trump, his supporters, and conservatives across the nation.

When will they take responsibility for their "hate-provoking" coverage of news that they are supposed be objectively reporting? When will they be held accountable for the almost-daily lies that are inciting crazy people? 

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